ava's demon update spoilers


“Jotun Modir…”

What seems to be happening is Odin is speaking in his native language after being woken up, which seems to be a mishmash of anglosaxon runes and english letters. (headcanon confirmed nice) 

Jotun is the ancient Norse for giant, and Modir was the mythological figure who gave birth to the Jarls, so Odin’s saying Giant Mother??? 
EDIT: It’s PROBABLY Odin saying it like an exclamation i.e “mother of god…” or something like that, you know aye, he’s had a rough week to be fair.

okay but lets not forget that ava is actually embracing this. michelle also confirmed that the vial ava stuff wasnt wrathia directly controlling her, so that WAS all of her pent up rage and hatred. considering her previous condition im p sure ava actually enjoyed that rush of power and destruction all caused by her. she’s saying it herself she found it incredible. wrathia didnt say what the vial would do, she just gave it to ava. like yes there are uncomfortable themes w abuse and manipulation but remember that ava has literally a lifetimes worth of pent up anger and spite, and channeled her own hatred through this. she wasnt an innocent everloving baby before the vial either.

my absolute favorite things about this update, in no particular order

-Odin’s weird belly flop as he attempts to slide under the door.

-Maggie slamming the button down with such force and such effort she uses her plant arms, despite the fact that she just talked how exhausted she was from using her powers.

-Despite being the only two known survivors, trapped in an area with, as far as they know, a dangerous mass murderer lurking, Gil still frets about hopping onto a ship in an attempt to get away from the carnage and get help.

-Maggie’s face on page 1677. Just. That is the face of someone who has had it up to here with this bullshit and wants no part in anymore.

And my favorite part of the update:

-The fact that when Gil hears Odin’s voice, he immediately goes like this:

Not even a “who could that be?” or “what was that?” beforehand, he goes straight into “oh jesus christ it’s Odin, not this shit again