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Black Honey: Pt. 6 [conclusion]

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Summary: Starfire and Robin are officially an item, but what does that mean when the resident empath is stuck living between their respective bedrooms? Finding a new bunk buddy in Beast Boy was certainly not her first choice, and when she engages in a strange, night time activity, how long before the changeling notices what she’s up to?

His first instinct was to stop her.

There were so many questions running through his hazy mind, it was staggering.

Nonetheless, it was pure impulse that he acted on, knowing that he had to get to her before she vanished. He needed answers, and they needed to work through this, neither of which would happen if Raven fled the scene, like he knew should would.

“Raven, wait-” His voice was choked up and distant, even as he tried to reach out to her.

The expression on her face betrayed the horror she was no doubt experiencing, the numbing fear. She’d been caught, and so had he.

Beast Boy was shaken, but no where near as jittery and paranoid as the cowering empath. The earth beneath them seemed to come to life, the objects in his room skittering across his floor. The frame of his bed moved, his oak dresser creaked against the tiles in response to an otherworldly force, his toys and figurines clattering to the floor. A few candle jars smashed to the ground in pieces, the glass shards splaying out like dangerous, glittering gems. The candle wax would no doubt stain the wooden panels.

None of it mattered.

He couldn’t bring himself to care, not when the girl responsible for so much chaos was so violently distraught. The blood seemed to have drained from Raven’s already pale face, all the while she clutched at the sides of her skull, her fingers digging into the roots of her violet hair.

Even now, he could hear the others rushing to his room, the heavy, echoing footfalls of both Cyborg and Robin as they raced down the hall.

The lights in his room flickered on and off, until she burnt them out entirely, the bulbs bursting into an ear-splitting smattering of glass.

He tried to get to her, but some invisible force was stopping him, pushing him back.

The Titans banged on his door, their voices muffled by the whirlwind of catastrophe now contained in his bedroom.

She was spinning out of control, and the more damage she did, the worse it became. Bit by bit, she was overwhelmed with a surge of emotion and, thus, her powers raged on in an endless storm of electricity and malevolence.


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in Avengers 4, I need a montage of all of them suiting up and getting ready and during the process, each of them glances of something that reminds them of someone who died, or who they’re going to fight for.

e.g. Tony looking at footage of Peter fighting off bad guys

another one bites the dust e.g. Steve looking at old pictures of Bucky and him

nymallura high school au
  • nyma and allura have the same bio class but allura has a C because ever since nyma turned around and asked what time it was the first week of school, all allura can focus on is the back of this girl’s head
  • nyma is on the varsity soccer team and the team had been doing really well that year
  • allura: i’m going to go see the soccer game this friday, do you want to come?
  • lance, her best friend who knows very well that allura has never showed interest in a single sport in her entire life and has no idea what a soccer ball even is: who’s the girl
  • on the day before the big game, nyma and allura were paired up for their biology lab which nearly killed our resident useless lesbian
  • allura: so um, i was thinking about going to your game tomorrow night
  • nyma: oh really? well i hope you end up coming, i’d love to see you cheering me on in the stands
  • allura
  • it was really windy once they got up to the bleachers so allura tied her hair up into a ponytail and put on one of those headbands that covers your ears so they wouldn’t get cold. when nyma looked up for allura the first time she nearly died
  • nyma got the first goal of the game but instead of pumping up her arms and hugging her teammates excitedly, she made direct eye contact with allura and gave her a little half smile
  • nyma made two more goals in the second half which she was super happy about because she really wanted allura to be impressed. she even made sure to pour water on herself during a timeout just to mess with her
  • allura: lance, you have to teach me how to flirt right now. before the game ends
  • lance: just be yourself and relax! you’re great and she’ll love you
  • allura
  • allura: that’s the worst idea you’ve ever had lance, teach me some fucking pickup lines you pompous slug
  • allura doesn’t work up the courage to talk to nyma after the game but the next monday, she starts rambling to her about how amazing she was and nyma just sits there listening with a fond look on her face
  • allura: and that third goal! the goalie looked so scared right before you shot the ball at her. you’ve gotta tell me how you kicked tha- what?
  • nyma: nothin, you’re just really cute
  • after that, allura will come to nyma’s soccer practices after school sometimes and when practice is over nyma will wait on the field for allura to come down and she teaches her how to play, but it’s no use because she never gets better. well i mean, she’s not going to get any better when nyma just spends the whole time putting her arms around allura to “fix her stance” but it’s not even that bad. she likes holding her though, you can’t blame a simple butch
  • nyma promposed by handing allura a sign from the sidelines up to the bleachers’ railing that said ‘it is my goal to kick it with you at the prom’ during her senior night game’s halftime a few weeks later. allura set the sign down, jumped the railing, and they made out in front of everybody. the crowd cheered
Black Honey: Pt. 1

Summary: Starfire and Robin are officially an item, but what does that mean when the resident empath is stuck living between their respective bedrooms? Finding a new bunk buddy in Beast Boy was certainly not her first choice, and when she engages in a strange, night time activity, how long before the changeling notices what she’s up to? 

The Titans were happy for Robin and Starfire.

Genuinely happy.

It had been a long, long time coming, after all. The couple had been dancing around one another for as long as anyone could remember, neither ever bold enough to act on their genuine feelings for each other. Robin had been too thick headed, and Starfire apparently too subtle and unsure. So, when they had finally established their new, romantic relationship, every other Titan had been thrilled with the news.

That is, until their incessant romping sessions.

No one could blame them; something vague about teenagers, hormones, and pent up sexual frustration while living in close quarters. Not to mention, the bubbling sexual tension that had finally culminated into one hot, passionate affair after all those years. It was well earned, well deserved, and perfectly understandable that both the Titans leader and the alien beauty couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Once they’d tasted that forbidden fruit, it was near impossible to go back to anything else.

When the ‘sleepovers’ grew in frequency, and often throughout the wee hours of the early morning, the other Titans put up with it. They dealt with the lust filled cries, the sound of the creaking bedframe, of the steady banging against the thin walls while the mattress springs squeaked beneath their weight. It was all sweet in the beginning, and it was always nice to see the usually tense boy wonder unwind and relax after spending a relaxing evening with his girlfriend.

However, eventually, it became grating.

Most especially for Raven.

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I am not as powerful as you think.

Your prayers grant me prestige but not presence. I am a shooting star—wanted everywhere except where I land. There, I burn.

My elder cousins are Fate and Destiny. They change lives. I am just Luck, both good and bad. The shiny penny on the sidewalk. The black cat in the shadows. I change nothing, except what you say I do.

Your belief grants me breath but not boons.

Still, you pray to me, lay uncontrollable things at my altar. My cousins are sometimes irked. (You should always worship the more powerful god.)

In numbers and mirrors and canceled classes I slip by. I try to help, really, but so many of my kin crave the salt and bitter of your scar-stained stories. It is usually safer to let them feed. Your belief grants me influence, not interference.

Still, though, sometimes I can have an affect. Mortal upon mortal, picking apart the threads of a particularly twisted happenstance. If I appeal to my cousins, they might forge a path, and I will pave it.

In stumbled steps and absent A’s and wild weather, we can work Coincidence into being. Retribution, Retaliation.

Boom. Karma.


golemxiv  asked:

StarRae. Starfire is touchy-feely, and Raven usually hates physical contact, except when the one touching her is Starfire. These two are my 2nd OTP and there's just not enough good fics about them.

Starfire eyed the people in the mall with an insatiable curiosity. She examined them the way a curious artist studied their muse. 

“Star, you do realize people know you’re staring at them, right?” Raven sighed next to her.

After the boys had opted to stay in and marathon a videogame for the next twenty-four hours, Starfire had somehow managed to get Raven to agree on a girls only adventure. 

To the shopping mall. 

Had it not been for the annoyance of her other team members, the empath may have declined, but after twenty minutes of listening to them argue over what to do next in the game, each one inspired by their own ego, Raven had figured she could use some space from her male counterparts. 

“Is it rude? I am merely observing,” Starfire answered.

Raven nodded once. “Some people don’t like it, yeah. They might find it offensive.”

Starfire stared at another couple that walked by them, and then at a group of young, teenage girls giggling with their arms linked.

 Without warning, Starfire’s fingers found Raven’s, and she laced them through hers in an attempt to mimic the other couples around them.

Raven’s first instinct was to recoil at the unwelcomed touch, but one look at Starfire’s crestfallen features, and she hesitated. “What are you doing, Star?” she hissed, a crimson blush colouring her otherwise pale cheeks.

“Friends hold hands, do they not? It’s a sign of affection on Earth. I am merely showing you affection, friend Raven,” Starfire explained nonchalantly.

Raven tried to calm her quick beating heart, fully conscious of the looks the two girls were receiving in such a crowded space. 

“You can’t just - you don’t just…there’s implications that…,” Raven stumbled over her words, unable to correctly phrase what it was she wanted to convey to the alien princess while still sparing her feelings.

“Do you wish for me to let go?” Starfire pouted. “I know you do not like it when friend Beast Boy hugs you, nor do you participate in the group hugs after a successful battle. Is the hand holding…too much, as well?” 

As if reading her thoughts, Starfire dropped her hand away, averting her gaze to the ground. “I apologize. I did not mean to make you feel…uncomfortable.”

Raven could have sworn she heard someone say that they made a cute couple, but decided she had more pressing matters to attend to at the moment. 

As Starfire started to walk away, shoulders slumped and head low, Raven rolled her eyes and sighed deeply, knowing that what she was about to do would forever change the way the young, alien beauty would view their relationship. She chased after her and wound her fingers with hers again, doing her best not to stare at the surprise that coloured the girl’s youthful features. “Raven…?”

“Tell anyone about this and I’ll never come out to the mall again,” she muttered under her breath.

A bright smile then erupted on Starfire’s face, and she hung on a little bit tighter. “I will not! Does this mean…hugging is acceptable, too?”

“Only from you, Star. Only from you…”

Sorry this took long! Been…distracted and busy and. Yeah. Hope it’s good? :)

Day 771 - The cheerful tunes of Lelianas lute filled the air as they sat by the fire, and in that moment it was dangerously easy to forget the threats they were constantly facing. Ava stared wistfully at the dexterous movement of the bard’s fingers, allowing the familiar music to take her back to Highever and the dances her parents had hosted. It all seemed so long ago now. 

She hadn’t realised she’d been smiling until Alistair glanced at her and asked: “What are you thinking about?”
“Mmm. Dancing.”
“Dancing! So can you dance?”
She paused for a moment and scratched her mabari between the ears. “I… was taught a dance or two back at court.”
“Right, court. Because you’re… a teyrns daughter.” He rubbed his face in frustration. “That was stupid of me to ask, I’m so sorry.”

Leliana switched to an upbeat tune and started singing in Orlesian. Her clear voice was quickly joined by Zevrans slightly cruder one, first humming the familiar melody, then taking up a verse in Antivan. Her mabari’s ears twitched in reaction to the sudden shift in sounds.
“I hated it.” Ava said softly. She could feel Alistairs eyes on her but kept her own firmly on the singers. “I had no talent for it. I was awkward and clumsy and lacked the grace that was expected of me as a noblewoman. I never minded the politics, but the dances… All I wanted to do was stand in the corner with the musicians and watch them play.”
The memories of those nights tasted strange, as if they weren’t even hers. As if someone else had been living that part of her life, maybe still was. How long had it been since she last felt all those noble eyes on her on the dance floor, stumbling through the patterns with the sons of Arls, counting beats, counting steps, counting the seconds until she could become invisible again. 

She was suddenly pulled back into the present when Alistair stood up, turned towards her and extended his hand. He smiled that little pouty smile he had whenever he was up to something, and she felt her heart skip a beat, despite her wariness.
“Oh no, Alistair, I really don’t-”
“I’m sorry? Did I just hear you turn down a dance with the actual Prince of Ferelden?” Alistair said, mockingly.
“Hey, you can’t keep playing that card if you don’t intend to become King!” Ava laughed. “And also, you bet, because I just told you I hate dancing.”
“Ah, but you see,” he said, raising his eyebrow in suspense, “you haven’t been taught the Official Royal Ways.” He made a fluttering hand gesture to emphasize.
He held her gaze intently. While every muscle in her body felt like tensing up and curling into a ball, she also wanted to enjoy this rare evening of carelessness without the weight of those memories dragging her down. She wanted to let go, to only keep the fond memories of home. And Maker did she want to be close to Alistair. His amber eyes asked her the one silent question it all came down to. ‘Do you trust me?’

He let out a small sigh of relief when she finally took his hand and allowed him to pull her up on her feet. Alistair placed his other hand on her back and held her close for a second.
“Now during the dances at Redcliffe I, of course, wasn’t actually allowed into the main hall.” He lifted their joined hands slightly. “But from the storage room I could just about hear the music. And I imagined the dances to go somewhat like this.”
He took a sudden step backward. Ava tripped over his feet and burst into laughter while Alistair took her other hand and started waving them around awkwardly.
“Yes! Excellent!” he shouted, swaying her randomly from side to side, backward and forward, without minding the rhythm of the song.Ava let him ‘lead’ her in this ridiculous display, stumbling and stepping on each others toes, laughing all the while. She couldn’t have counted the beats if she’d tried. 

I have a lot of feels about Kingdom Hearts Back Cover and the foretellers okay so here have a compilation of headcanons

  • Ava (to Luxu): “if I run and jump at aced, he will most certainly catch me in his arms.” Ava: “Incoming!” Aced:  "No, I’m holding coffee!“ *catches her anyway*
  • (this probably works with Ira too.  Master would just watch you fall and laugh)
  • They sometimes just start… sitting on Aced. I mean have you seen this guy’s shoulders he’s gigantic. And no one comments. Hes just chilling, there in the library, with Ava sitting on his shoulder. And then Luxu was sitting on the arm of the chair but ended up in Aceds lap. And Invi appeared sometime and she’s leaning on his leg. Master takes pictures.  they prob have the best cuddle piles on top of Aced.  Master also has     pictures of that
  • Ira’s the type of guy who’s gonna make up his mind about something and stubbornly refuse to let it go. He once decided the East wing was haunted b/c of the door that creaked. And he literally will never walk in the East     door to the castle. Aced fixed that door a year ago. Just get over it, Ira. No, he says stubbornly, leaving the shop five minutes before everyone     else so he can make up the time wasted by going to the west door
  • Gula isn’t allowed in the barber shop anymore. No one knows why. Invi might sell the secret for a strawberry tart but no one dares ask her
  • He’s probably also banned from the weapons shop but that’s no secret. If he didn’t have a keyblade he could summon on demand no one would let him near a sharp object.
  • You probably guessed that Ava picks up strays everywhere and Ira gives her a weekly “no pets in the castle” talk
  • But I bet you didn’t guess that this also applies to heartless
    • No Ava we can’t keep the little soldier heartless
    • I get that it’s a new kind we haven’t seen before ava
    • Yeah I know that one looks like it’s got a hat on ava
    • It tried to kill you ava
    • Invi literally almost died fighting that one ava plus it’s bigger than your room
  • Aced has, like, no idea how to talk to people (who aren’t his friends). None. He can make vague overtures of polite conversation but it’s pretty much just a rehearsed line about the weather that Invi taught him.  It’s a wonder he got anyone to join his Union when he has the conversational skills of a caveman.  
  • That being said, Aced can write a mean speech 
  •  Like, they’re all really shocked at how good he is.  give him time to prepare and he can beat     Ava in the ‘impassioned cheesy speech’ department 
  •  Okay so Ira hates blood, just can’t stand it.  Invi once got a papercut and he had to leave the room before he fainted.  and thus he freaks. out. anytime he gets even like, a nosebleed.
    • “invi am I dying” “it’s called a skinned knee, ira” “tell master thank you, for teaching me” “you’re not dying” “and, and let luxu know that i’m the one who stole that brownie from him” “ira” “a-and, don’t let gula think that i hated him. tell him i trust him.” “ira” “tell ava i love her, and she’s gonna be a great master someday, i, i just wish i coulda seen her grow up” “ira
  • but when he gets majorly injured, like, broken ribs? a stab wound?  no. he’s not gonna tell anyone. ‘tis but a flesh wound.  take care of yourself first.  i’m fine. *passes out* 
  •  Invi on any given day: “guys I think you should think this through" 
  • Luxu, looking up from the thing he’s about to set on fire: "what do you     mean?" 
  •  Gula, standing out of the blast zone, smiling: "yeah what do you mean     nothing’s gonna go wrong" 
  •  okay so aced and ira prob got in a lot of fights esp when they first were apprentices together, because they were both strong-willed and did you see how disappointed aced was that he wasn’t gonna be leader? like? they totally fought.  but every. single. time they did at some point they’d look over and ava would just have these big tears in her eyes like some ghibli protagonist and the argument would just.. stop.  None of them could ever knowingly let her cry. not even master. if she started to get that wobbly lip, boom, subject over, we’re never doing it again. none of them knew when she was faking it though, since they all know she can fake-cry on command

I have more but I shall wait to post them until I am more coherent, when it’s not like, 1am in the morning
(EDITED 7/8/17)

BBRae Week: Day 1

Unorthodox Sleeping Arrangements vs Pining

Get out.”


It was in the way she enunciated every syllable.

Beast Boy wanted to retaliate, to have one more word before his fate was sealed, but Raven had made it vividly clear that she was no longer interested in talking. She threw his pillow at his face, followed shortly by a makeshift blanket.

Out,” she repeated herself, this time with more fervor, pointing an index finger at the door behind him. Just in case he’d thought she wasn’t being serious.

He hadn’t expected the impact, and the soft fabric hit him square in the nose before flopping into his open arms.

It was true; he was still annoyed and maybe a bit angry with her, but the thought of sleeping apart from her for the night terrified him.

He wanted to apologize. He wanted to swallow his pride, take back everything he’d said, and make things right with them again.

Anything so that he didn’t have to spend the night wondering if he’d sullied such a good thing that they had going. Knowing and lingering on the fact that he’d hurt her so deep, she couldn’t even stand the sight of him anymore, was tearing him to pieces on the inside.

[follow the cut for the rest!]

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Character Analysis of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Back Cover

The Back Cover of Kingdom Hearts feels like a giant miscast. I don’t mean that in a bad way. Rather, the Master of Masters set everyone up to fail by giving them the roles they weren’t suited for.

Ira the unicorn is the best fit for discerning the prophecy, but makes for a lousy leader.

Invi the snake makes an amazing right hand woman, but she is a terrible intermediator.

Ava the fox is the best intermediator by a long shot. She could be the glue that holds everyone together, but her role of not getting involved with politics and instead focusing on the next generation forbids her from being the glue.

Gula the leopard and Aced the bear have the best leadership qualities. They would be best for leading the five and preparing the next generation. Aced has a lot of natural charisma and can rally people, and Gula is really good at making tough decisions on the snap.

But again, Aced is an awful right hand man. And Gula can’t discern the prophecy (and the Master of Masters removes Luxu to ensure this doubly so) and makes for an ineffective assassin.

Given further consideration, Gula is the ideal head honcho. He listens to his fellow union leaders and does what he can to make their plans work. And if things aren’t looking so great, he has enough humility to say he messed up, let’s rewind or try plan B. He’s present minded and a decision maker. Gula wants results.

Aced would’ve loved Ava’s job. Most likely, he would have been better at it, too. Although similarly to canon, he would’ve been initially disappointed to not be the leader, but in his own way, he still would be, just in a different operation. The right capacity. Since he’s a natural rallier, he would take a lot of enjoyment in gathering up candidates, training them up, and sending them off after he saw that they were ready.

It’s funny in a way. This last Sunday’s sermon was about destiny, listening to your heart, and God given patience for the things we were called to do. And that no one but you can fulfill your own destiny, and nothing but trouble will come of trying to carry out someone else’s destiny. Then, here’s this hour long story about a bunch of people assigned roles that conflict with who they are and the destinies they have, and when they listen to their hearts and do what they’d do best, it conflicts with their role.

Basically, they’re all carrying each others’ destinies and not fulfilling their own because they’re relying on the bad advice of someone they respect.

Nonetheless, they all naturally gravitate towards their real purpose.
Ira, when left to his own devices, wants to do nothing more than study the prophecies all day. This is where he excels, even managing to figure out that something is missing from their books and going so far as to have a fair guess at what it is.

Invi makes for the best second hand a leader could ask for. She always ready and willing to carry out his will.

And Ava’s heart is for everyone to just get along.

I think they could’ve been a successful and functional unit if it had been Ira in the books, Gula at the head, Invi as the right hand, Ava the bridge, and Aced the rallier for the future. These are their true strengths.

… Haha, and now I want to do a body analogy. Which is a little different, actually, but portrays who they are at their best, I think.

Ira’s the head, the mind, the deep thinker.
Gula’s the spine who listens and inspires everyone to get it done.
Ava’s the heart, keeps the peace and offers encouragement.
Invi’s the hands that carry out their bidding.
Aced is the feet that walk into the future.

In the ideal world that obviously didn’t happen. And wouldn’t unless Gula stormed Ira’s office, stuffed the lost page under his nose and told him they were switching then and there.

*stumbles in* yes I heard some of you wanted more foreteller headcanons?

  • Do you ever think about their training? Because I do
    • who do you think was best at magic? Inv–no
    • no, actually. Ira was the mage.  He knew six ways from sunday to cast a barrier spell.  could probably make a bigger explosion than luxu. figured out the complex spells that master was using to keep his box closed but didn’t open it cuz he’s got standards, Gula
      • and i mean, ira can fight, he just?? doesn’t like to??  he instead gets in verbal debates with Master about alternatives to fighting and tho he isn’t a pacifist he sure doesn’t like physical conflict
    • Invi was really, really good at magic tho. easily second best of all of them.  she focused a lot on history and classwork too, with a fair amount of magic on the side
      • and let me tell you she could be pretty brutal when she got in a Mood™ no one would fight her when she was having a bad day
    • Aced of course is the powerhouse but he’s surprisingly good with like, acrobatics.  how is he that flexible he’s giant. plus he’s really good with rift/time/portal magic.
    • and like i mentioned in his solo post, Luxu is this jack of all trades kinda kid… but he ROCKS w/ Glider moves
    • Ava, she’s this sweetheart who will smile as she ducks under your wild swing and flips you without breaking a sweat because she just?? moves so fast?? doesn’t fight much but man can she do some airbender stuff when she wants to and half her matches end with one of the others on the floor with no clue how she got them there
    • and gula, my child, he’s got a great head for facts and knows all the basics really, really well, but isn’t quite up to par in the fighting area.  prefers to out-think you.  
    • but lemme tell you he can identify every single flaw in everyone’s (including his own) technique.
  • Ira, after a mission: “You know, guys, I think we actually did really well! Master will be proud.” *distant explosion* 
  • Master: “What is your biggest weakness?”  Gula: “I’m uncooperative.”  Master: “Could you give me an example?”  Gula: “No." 
  • *someone swears* Ira: *gasp* "Not in front of the children!” he covers Ava’s ears, who nods solemnly, and then stands on a chair to cover Aced’s ears
  • related:
    • ira, alone in a room, after stubbing his toe: *guiltily looks around, makes sure no one younger than him is in the room*
    • ira, very quietly: gosh darn it
    • gula, appearing out of no where: IRA SAID A BAD WORD!!! OHHH!!!!!
  • Ira: *explains the plan for the mission*  Any questions?
    • *everyone’s hands go up*
    • Ira, sighing: That /aren’t/ about whether or not I noticed the ‘Kick me’ sign Gula stuck on my back?
    • *invi’s, ava’s, and aced’s hands go down*
    • Ira: or aren’t suggestions about how we could add more explosions
    • *gula and luxu’s hands go down, sadly*
  • Gula: “when have I ever lied?” Invi: “you hid the fact that you had the missing page for months?? how is that not lying??”

The foretellers’ current concerns:

  • Ava’s current concern is that someone will find the Heartless she’s taming and get rid of it
  • Gula’s current concern is that he’ll never grow taller (spoiler: he won’t)
  • Aced’s current concern is what Master meant by “chill out”.  Is he talking about standing in a refrigerator?? Should Aced go to a cold world?? Is there a new kind of Heartless with ice powers?? Can one chill IN?? What’s the difference?? What does Master want????
  • Ira’s current concern is that someone is using his conditioner and he keeps having to buy more (either that or he uses A LOT more than the recommended amount and goes through it really fast but he doesn’t want to think about that possibility)
  • Invi’s current concern is, Everything. Mostly that her fellow apprentices will never give her time to water her plants but still Everything
  • Luxu’s current concern is that he can’t remember if the fire that’s currently destroying the library was started by him or not. he just can’t remember. he’s set so many things on fire today.
  • Master… Master doesn’t really HAVE a current concern.  He’s too busy causing the others concern

I’m bored so how about bbrae lime?

Strangely enough, it was Starfire who noticed it first.

During an epic showdown with Doctor Light, Raven and Starfire had teamed up to take him down. The empath kept him at bay as the alien princess fired starbolt after starbolt at their enemy while their other teammates were currently out of commission.

Only once they had him in custody, and the Titans decided to go for some celebratory pizza, did she finally bring attention to it.

”Friend Raven, have your injuries not yet healed?” The flame haired princess voiced her concerns, her brows furrowed in worry. 

“What injuries, Star?” Raven looked down at her own body, scanning for any dried blood or bruises she might have missed.

Starfire then pointed at the empath’s long, bare, shapely legs. “There are many discolorations on your skin, as well as…bite marks?”

Every other Titan at the table paused in what they were doing, looking up to survey Raven with curious expressions. Meanwhile, the demoness knew exactly what her friend had implicated and, as a result, felt her face go aflame from the neck up, all the way to the tips of her ears. She immediately used her cloak to cover her legs.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Raven stammered, narrowing her eyes at the table while trying to ignore the heat from the stares she received.

“They are there, on your thighs, all along the inside and around to the back. I saw them during our battle today,” Starfire pushed, gazing pointedly at the empath’s pale legs.

“Did you say bite marks, Star?” Cyborg raised an eyebrow.

She nodded in response. “Yes. They appear to be in small, red crescent moons, as if done by teeth. The bruises are not unlike the ones Robin enjoys leaving on my neck when we are doing the making out.”

The Boy Wonder’s cheeks reddened. “S-Starfire!” He exclaimed, eliciting a look of confusion from his girlfriend.

“You sayin’ Rae’s got hickeys on her thighs?” Cyborg leaned forward, using his cybernetic eye to zoom in on a very uncomfortable Raven.

“Are they not battle wounds?” 

Starfire gasped suddenly as realization dawned on her, and then her eyes flitted towards the changeling who was currently stuffing his face with so much pizza that his cheeks had puffed out. 

Beast Boy pretended his teammates didn’t exist, and ravenously attacked more food so that he couldn’t make more than a muffled sound when he spoke. All but Raven were gawking at him in shock. 

“You know you’re gonna run out of slices eventually, right?” Cyborg informed his friend in a deadpan manner.

The changeling shrugged, still munching on the food in his mouth. 

Robin sighed and brought his fingers to his throbbing temple. “Of all the things I didn’t want to know about over dinner…”

“Is he being the rough with you, Raven?” Starfire shot Beast Boy a glare while comforting her friend. 

Raven rolled her eyes, disgruntled, and muttered under her breath, “More like, not rough enough…”

Beast Boy gulped his food down and scratched the back of his head, choosing to stare out the window rather than at any of his other teammates. He refused to comment.

Cyborg just chuckled and shook his head. “You sure you’re still a vegetarian, B?” He quipped, nudging the shapeshifter suggestively while wiggling his brows.

If Beast Boy were capable of turning other colors, he’d have been cherry red instead of green. 

Always with a weakness to Cyborg’s taunts, Garfield wasn’t able to take it anymore, and he had remained silent for as long as possible. However, he couldn’t let this stand, even if it did go against Raven’s wishes.“I can’t help it, okay?! She’s got these great legs, and where her legs meet her back…”

He trailed off reluctantly as Raven fixed him with a flabbergasted glare, her pale face flushed red from heat. Was the pizza parlor always this hot?

“You’d do the same and you know it!” He barked at Victor helplessly, his eyes darting from the empath to the smug, cybernetic man. 

Raven stood up abruptly. slamming her hands against the table. “That’s it,” she said through gritted teeth, opening up a portal. “I’m leaving.” She then vanished within it, and the portal closed.

“We have upset her…,” Starfire pouted, guilt ridden.

“I’ll go check on her,” Robin surmised, standing up.

Beast Boy slammed his forehead repeatedly against the table, groaning miserably. “No. I think you guys did enough damage. I have to handle this,” he informed them coldly.

He then morphed into a green hawk and took off. 

“You think he’s gonna cheer her up?” Robin asked skeptically.

Cyborg patted his leader on the shoulder. “Did you see those teeth marks? My guess is he’s gonna plant his face between her legs, and that cheers up plenty of people,” he explained, taking Robin by surprise with his sudden vulgarity.

Starfire sighed, slumping forward as she cradled her chin with the palms of her hands. “I must admit that, for the first time in a long time, I am quite jealous. May we go home now, Robin, so that I too can be cheered up?”

Cyborg threw his head back in an uproar of laughter, all the while Robin sputtered on the spot, his tongue seemingly tied in knots.


A quick little thing from @byesweetheart’s lovely 1k ficletfest (congrats!!) ficlet Scruff + Stuff prompted by @tolhinata ( >u<)

Morning stubbly glasses tobio and smitten hinata - i couldn’t get this image out of my head 

anonymous asked:

I love your blog! Anyway, I was in tap class today and just,,, harry finds out his s/o has a cool unconventional talent (ex. tap, violin, figure skating, etc.) and he's just,,, so in awe and in love??? ok I've made a fool of myself bye

uh you absolutely have NOT made a fool of yourself???? tf?????

i can just imagine it’s fairly new in the relationship, and maybe she’s left the little bag she packed for an overnight (what? it’s not their first date or anything. sure, he only invited her over for some dinner and netflix, but she knows harry and she knows herself and she knows where laying together on his spacious couch is inevitably going to lead and she knows that that is definitely going to lead to him flinging a warm arm over her bare waist, still breathing heavily, and burying his head in the crook of her neck and asking in his sweetest voice if she’ll stay the night, please, pleeeaaassseeee? and harry almost always gets what he wants (especially when he’s just spent so much time between her legs) from her so, better to just have a bag packed for the inevitable right?) on the floor next to his dresser, neatly zipped and tucked away as not to take up much room.

and now they’re on the couch and they’re sharing a blanket and he’s got an arm around her shoulders, and he’d normally just be pretty focused on notting hill, but he can feel her shivering, just slightly, against him.

he turns to look at her. “you cold?”

she sort of scrunches her nose, hesitating a bit. “yeah, kind of. sorry.”

he shook his head as he pushed himself up off the couch, grabbing the remote to pause the movie. “no problem— want a jumper?”

another nose scrunch. “please? there’s one in my bag— it’s gray.”

(she nearly asked for one of his, nearly— were they even at that point yet? she’d ended up with his coats and such before when they’d been out and she’d gotten chilly, or when he’d had something of his laying around in situations like this before, but flat out asking was different. a conscious acknowledgement of transfer of ownership. maybe too much for a casual sleepover— maybe next time.)

he headed up the stairs to his bedroom in an endearing little jog; she could hear him a few moments later in the room above, rummaging. she took her phone off the table, thumbing through twitter absentmindedly.

“hey,” he said, stopping part way down the stairs, holding the satin pink shoes she’d tied together by their ribbons. “what are these?”

she looked up at him, setting her phone to the side. “pointe shoes. i have class tomorrow afternoon.”

“tomorrow afternoon?” a small smile appeared on his face.

she raised an eyebrow— they never actually talked about it. maybe he had plans. “is that…okay?”

the corner of his mouth lifts higher, pronouncing his crooked smile. “yeah, no, that’s….good.” he looked back to the shoes in his hand. “wait, since when do you do this?”

she rolled her eyes, sitting up on the couch more. “for like, years.” she paused, thinking about it— it really had been a while. had she not brought it up before? “it takes a while to get en pointe, it’s not like a new hobby.”

he walked down the stairs, turning the shoes around in his hand, tapping at the hard, flat toe box, a curious look on his face. he came to sit next to her on the couch, lowering himself onto the squishy cushions slowly, still tapping at the hard toes. “so you just…stand on your toes like this?”

she laughed, just barely— he was so in awe. it was nice to have the tables turned for once, to have the international rockstar be looking at her like she was something incredible. “yeah. i mean, i wear pads, but yeah.”

he was beaming at her. “how did i not know about this?”

she shrugged. “it never really came up, i guess? it’s just a hobby, i don’t, like, perform or anything.”

his shook his head. “doesn’t matter. that’s…that’s amazing. can i— can you show me?”

(oh. so this was how he felt all the time— like he was on display. the difference was, he enjoyed it.)

she felt her face redden slightly. “uh— maybe not here. or not right now, anyway. maybe tomorrow i can…i don’t know, warm up here, or something.”

he nodded slowly. “that’s…that’s amazing. do you know how amazing that is? it must take so much practice! i can’t believe you never told me…”

she felt her cheeks get warm again at his rambling— he was so in awe, of what? the thing she did a few times a week for fun? “it’s not that awesome, plenty of people do it…”

he set the shoes on the table, throwing his arm back around her. “you’re the only person i know of that does.” he smiled at her. “i think it’s awesome.”

she huffed, leaning back into him and hitting the play button on the remote. “thanks. let’s just watch this, yeah?”

a beat or two passed before he turned to look at her again. “that makes you pretty flexible, yeah?”

she frowned. “i guess. why?”

he nodded, looking back to the tv. “definitely keep that up then.”

she blushed at the boyish insinuation— sometimes the regular twenty-four year old in him showed.

she elbowed him. “that’s gross.”

the arm around her tightened as she saw him grin in her peripheral vision. “you like it.”

(she liked him, that was for sure. she’d be willing to put up with his dumb, pervy comments for a very long time as long as it came with everything else, all the pet names and adoring looks and arms around the waist and gentle kisses.)

(there was maybe another word that crossed her mind sometimes when she thought about how she felt, even if he was acting like a boy, but she put that away for another time, somewhere in the maybe not-so-distant future.)

“yeah, maybe.”