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It’s worth noting that in the USA, where the comic is made, it is not illegal to draw small-breasted, naked cartoons. Still, this whole thing about assuming aging up characters is just an excuse to be a pedo is bullshit; real pedos don’t age up characters, that’s why they’re pedophiles (attracted to CHILDREN, not teens or young adults)!

Ah, fair enough, the laws differ from country to country. As I mentioned to someone else, when researching for my response I found out Scotland’s laws differ from England’s, since they have their own legal system and what not, so cartoon images representing children are legal. Go figure it’d be Scotland.

You’re too right my friend, you’re too right. Actual paedophiles don’t want to age up characters, if anything, they want to deage them to fit their paedophilic fantasies. I do understand that Ava being 15 in comics cause the whole nsfw content situation to be cast in a grey area, but 1) everyone ages her up appropriately, 2) any nsfw content I have personally seen has been safe and consensual, and 3) people treat Ava as if she’s a child instead of a teenager. There are girls her age who have sexual relations, this is not new information.

And I can’t reiterate enough how this is all fictional. None of this is real. Why is there so much aggro over a non existent person. 

Anyway, long and short of this, you’re right and I agree with you. 

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oh no idk what to request hhhhhh maybe some flaming arrow cuddles cause im garbage?

AH YES this one is extra fluffy because i am trash as well

also: more scientifically accurate draw

    After having a heart-to-heart with Scarlett, Ava came to the conclusion that she has nothing exciting going on in her life. Lately, her life revolved around raising her daughter and working at the clinic; she realized that this is what her life consisted of. She couldn’t remember the last time she enjoyed herself for once. Granted she was drinking — alone. Though she was drinking, being alone was the worst thing for her and who knows what will happen within the next few hours. Drunk Ava was a wildcard.

    “Hhe—hey! Bartender!” Waving her hand around, she finally flagged the bartender down as she smiled victoriously. “Can I have another one of these, please?” Unaware of who showed up next to her, he sighed. “Think you can get her to stop drinking? She’s disturbing the other patrons.” Really, the bartender was annoyed with her. Furrowing her eyebrows, she turned her head to the side and smiled brightly. “Don’t listen to him! He’s such a fuddy-duddy. Have a drink with me!” She sipped on her new drink.

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How long is the comic going to be?

It’s difficult to say for now, but the current page count itself is already over 30 pages. However, this is only due to the “form” I’m making it in and it would probably have less pages if I used more traditional paneling.

I’ve never committed to a comic project in this caliber but I have confidence in myself–

give me avas demon actors au thats really all i want. 

give me actor wrathia whos actually the sweetest person on set and brings in cakes and is constantly apologizing to actor ava for how mean her character is 

give me actor ava whos totally a diva but in a joking manor. shes a social butterfly but her characters anxiety is based off real life experiences.

give me actor odin who actually has a stutter but was always up for hour long debates about literally anything. who brings candy to the actor arrow twins because they remind him of his little sisters back home. 

give me actor gil who is a problematic shit who is openly Bi as Hell and who sometimes arrives on set with a hangover. who is always cracking jokes

give me actor maggie who has trained herself to speak with an american accent even though shes lived her entire life in australia. who makes puns 24/7 and is behind all the pranks in the studio.

give me actor nevy who is married to actor pedri and they act all lovey dovey on set and it was her who helped get him his role

give me actor pedri who scared the shit out of everyone at first but then saw how he also brought sweets to the arrow twins because goddamn those two are going to go through a lot this season and they deserve all the chocolate they can get

give me actors crow and raven who are the youngest on set and who constantly switch between their roles and no one can really tell the difference and they laugh about it in their dressing rooms later that day. who were on broadway when they were ten but left as soon as possible because the moment they read avas demon they knew they had to be the twins.

give me avas demon actors getting in dance battles

give me vines of odin doing parkour and failing and the phone falls out of gils hand because hes too busy laughing at odin. 

give me avas demon actors who make it their personal goal to prank pedri because that fucker just wont fall for anything and honestly its pissing maggie off she WILL hit him with this goddamn pie if its the last thing she does so help me


Animal Instincts - Part 2

Fandom: The Flash

Series: Part 1 / Part 2

Summary: Ava still struggles with how she is going to tell Barry she can communicate with animals and begins to have some suspicions with his new connection to Star Labs.

Warnings: There aren’t any in this part, but as I get further into the plot, I am going to start tagging anything with potential animal abuse. It will mostly be mentioned or anything that happens will be stated after the fact, but Ava does work at a rescue sanctuary. It’s a part of the job. I myself am a volunteer trainer at an equine rescue/training facility, so I hear a lot of abuse and neglect cases and deal with the ramifications of it nearly everyday. This is what Ava will deal with as well.

I just wanted to let you all know what will be going down in future parts of this series. If you have any questions on it or what I do, feel free to use the ask box or message me.

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           Ava sat in the outdoor patio of Jitters, smiling at the flock of sparrows chittering in the tree next to her. As soon as they realized she could understand them, they immediately began barraging her with news of nestlings, mates, where the best food was, and general gossip of competing flocks in the park. Ava listened as she idly doodled in the notebook in front of her and sipped her coffee. A few of the more trusting sparrows fluttered down on the table, looking for a treat from her half-finished orange-glazed muffin.

           “Now listen, bread is terrible for you and your young,” Ava murmured, both out loud and through her connection. Reaching into her backpack, she pulled out a small bag of birdseed. Opening it, she poured a small pile onto the other side of the notebook. “Eat this. It’s better and tastier than any scraps you’ll pick up around here.”

           “Careful, sis. You keep that up, people will think those birds actually understand you,” Barry joked as he walked up. One of the females, the flock leader Ava had named Crown because of a crown-like marking on her head, whistled angrily at the rude male. Ava hid her wince and managed to smile up at her older brother.

           “They just like that I occasionally have birdseed with me. It’s better than bread scraps.” She smiled more genuinely when he leaned down and kissed her head. She noticed Cisco was standing behind her brother, both with coffees in their hands. “Hey Cisco.”

           “Hey Ava. How did we pass by without noticing you?” Ava shrugged.

           “This table is tucked away more. I like it cause its quieter than inside.”

           “Can’t argue with that. Wish we could hang out a bit more, but Dr. Wells is waiting for us back at the lab, Barry,” Cisco reminded. Barry nodded and hugged Ava again.

           “Everything okay? You’ve been hanging around the labs a lot since you woke up,” she asked, idly sipping her coffee. The question may have been innocent, but Barry wasn’t fooled; Ava was tenacious when it came to mysteries and secrets. On the rare occasion he was hiding something from her, she had a way of wheedling it out of him. Fortunately, he also had experience in dodging her, at least for a while. He reached to grab a piece of her muffin.

          “No more than you hanging around the sanctuary until after dark,” he fired back. She moved to smack his hand away, but he had already grabbed a small chunk. “Missed me,” he taunted around the bite. “Dr. Wells is letting me help with some of the projects in my spare time.”

          “Maybe on a day off you could come by and check it out?” Cisco asked.

           “Maybe. With the sanctuary running on skeleton crew, I’m on call more often.” It was a half-truth; Diane and Mark did let her pick up more shifts, but the crew was hardly a skeleton anymore. Cisco shrugged.

           “Whenever you get the chance. Caitlyn’s been asking about you too,” Barry answered. He kissed her head again. “We gotta go. Love you.”

           “Love you too.” She called out as the boys walked out of the patio. She leaned back in her seat, staring at her muffin. She suddenly didn’t have an appetite for the rest of her muffin. Instead, her thoughts were consumed by the conversation that just took place.

           Your flock mate wasn’t truthful, Crown peeped, hopping towards her hand. Is that normal for your flock mate?

           No more than me doing the same, Crown, Ava replied. “But it’s still odd.”

           “What’s odd?” For the second time that morning, Ava was startled by one of her siblings. This time, it was Iris who was sitting down in the empty seat. “And aren’t you jumpy?” Ava chuckled.

           “Just talking with Crown here.” She giggled when the bold sparrow hopped towards Iris’ bag. “She wants to know if you have that granola you usually have with you?”

           “You spoil them, Ava,” Iris chastised in her best “big sister” voice. Regardless, she had reached into her bag and pulled out the bag of granola trail mix, adding a small handful to what was left of the birdseed.

           “Yeah, Barry said something similar,” Ava muttered. Iris’ calm demeanor never changed, though Ava still caught her shifting slightly closer. “He and Cisco apparently spotted me on the way out. He said I needed to be careful or else people will think they understand.” She gestured towards Crown and couple sparrows who were pecking at the new treat.

           “You do need to be careful,” Iris agreed. “You have a bad habit of speaking out loud what you can tell them telepathically.”

           “But Barry doesn’t know that!” Ava slouched in the chair with a slight pout. Iris ignored it.  

           “Even more reason. I think you should work on that more than the shared mind thing. Where was Barry going today?”

           “Star Labs.” Ava stared at her muffin and the missing chunk Barry took. That was a pretty quick snatch ‘n grab. Usually, I can graze his hand. “Hey Iris?” Iris looked up from checking her email. “You get the feeling Barry is hiding something?”

           “Sometimes, yeah. Why?”

           “I don’t know. He’s been going to Star Labs a lot in his spare time. Something about helping with projects.” After a thoughtful moment, Iris shook her head.

           “Listen, we are all still adjusting to what happened and Barry realizes you’ve pulled back a bit. He’s just giving you space until you want to tell him about your ability. You did the same thing after you came to live with us.” Ava nodded, remembering that terrible year.

           “Yeah, probably. I still don’t know how I’m going to break it to them.”

           “Well you better figure it out, girl, before one of them interrupts one of those conversations you have with the tigers or they see you mind-meld with Regan.”

           “Nah, we set him free a couple days ago. I think he went off to Star City. Speaking of which, I saw you wrote that PSA about dogs going missing from yards. Any more information on that?” Iris shook her head.

           “No. Eddie mentioned he might’ve had a lead or two, but nothing substantial.” Ava hummed softly.

           “Diane’s talked about it too. She thinks there may be a dog fighting ring trying to get started and people are kidnapping potential bait dogs.” The thought of what that meant for those family pets hurt Ava deeply. Sensing her depression, Crown fluttered up onto Ava’s shoulder and began preening her red hair soothingly, peeping softly. She raised a finger and stroked the little sparrow’s head gratefully. “Mark was talking about knowing a couple guys who might have intel on that. Maybe Eddie could talk to them?”

           “I’ll tell him. Since we both have the day off, how about we go do some shopping? I feel like treating my little sister to a girl’s day.” Iris smiled as Ava grinned. She knew some well spent sister time would distract Ava from her current problems.

           “I’ve got no plans. Let me take this plate to Dani and I’ll meet you up front.” Iris nodded and left. Putting the napkin with the birdseed and granola near the bushes, Ava reached for the half-eaten muffin. Just as she was about to grab it, a spark of electricity jolted her. Yelping, she snatched her hand back, cradling it against her chest. The hair on her arm and neck stood on end as a prickly feeling raced up her arm and down her spine. Looking, she could already a small welt forming on her palm. Had she really gotten a first degree burn from static? Near the spot where Barry had grabbed a piece?


           You okay? Crown was still on her shoulder and had seen the whole thing. I felt that all the way up here!

          I’m fine. Go eat the rest of the seed. Tell your flock I’ll come back Tuesday before work. Crown chirped, preened a strand of blue-tipped red hair, and flew off her shoulder. Ava hardly noticed, still staring at the spot. Hesitantly, she reached for her food but nothing else happened. She’d have to puzzle it out later; Iris was waiting and her palm was burning. Hopefully Dani had some burn cream in the first aid kit, otherwise, the first stop on the shopping trip would have be CVS.

yup, that hoe. the one who:

•claimed she hated the comic SO much but made fan edits

• made multiple hate accounts such as “uh-what-the-fuck”

• made accusations towards michelle about her being acephobic and a pedophile

• used her mental illness and youth as a fucking crutch when SEVERAL people including THE CREATOR HERSELF called her out on her bullshit

• did the same thing when michelle threatened to sue her after MONTHS of harassing and stalking her

i cannot STAND this bitch and im SO glad shes not an active part of the fandom anymore

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:( I hope you feel better! Feeling ill is never fun.

— i feel a bit better now yeah! less sick but still just as exhausted woo p :)

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You’re great, Ava! I mean, I know I only communicate with you through Tumblr Notes, but I enjoy your posts and tags and whatnot. Sara’s also always talking about how much she loves you :’)

— aah honestly this was more aimed at ppl i know irl, i usually feel wayy more welcomed on here but sometimes….i’m just in One Of Those Moods. so thank you for this, it means a lot to me ♡

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*butts in* and sam making hulk laugh by play-flying around him with the wings. and little birdy getting tired too soon but no worries hulk will carry him back *skitters back out*

*grabs your arm and drags you back in*

Sam would also be so kind and respectful with the Hulk? Although it would definitely take him awhile to separate Bruce and Hulk as different entities, especially since he sometimes sees the rage simmering within Bruce, or the gentleness with which Hulk handles him when he’s injured in a fight.

Sam definitely grows to love them both. Even if Hulk is terrifying sometimes. 

Also, sometimes the Hulk laughs so hard at Sam’s flying antics that it’s enough to bring Bruce back to the surface. But on occasion Bruce will let Hulk stay and watch, because it’s the first time he’s ever gotten an impression of anything other than rage from The Other Guy. 

Proud Dad

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Reader, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie,RDJ, Chris Hemsworth ( you get the idea, basically everyone who’s been in an Avengers movie) 

Summary: Sebastian is your husband and while he’s on a press tour with the Avengers cast,he gets to talk about your daughter.

Disclaimer: I made up the details about the movie being promoted. It does not really exist. Also I might make this a series. Message me if you want more parts.


Sebastian stood slightly offstage behind a cameraman, patiently waiting for his cue. Today, the cast of the newest installment to the Avengers franchise was making an appearance on the Ellen Show. He slipped his phone out of his pocket to check the time, smiling when the smiling face of his three year old daughter graced his screen. Her pigtails were lopsided and she was wearing a Captain America tutu, a Christmas present from her ‘ uncle’ Chris Evans. She loved that thing and it took a lot of convincing to get her to take it off so they could wash it. A tap on the shoulder from the stage manager prompted him to slip his phone back into his pocket and make his way over to the talk show’s host. 

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Proud Dad: Con Crashing

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Read the first piece in the “Proud Dad” series 

I’m looking for anyone willing to make a cover graphic for this series! please let me know if you’re interested!

Summary: Sebastian is attending press conferences and conventions. You can tell he’s tired and grumpy so you bring your 3 year old daughter to surprise him.

- This is really long, jsyk


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“Ava, are you home?” he said from downstairs. She sighed and sat on the floor of her closet frustrated.

“Upstairs!” she replied. Ava heard Massimo’s steps on the staircase on the first floor, then the second floor, and finally the bedroom.

“You okay?”

“I’m exhausted, and I can’t pick a dress for Levi’s wedding ceremony.”

Massimo knelt smiling.

“This one looks fine.”

“I can’t wear this one to his wedding. I’d wear this one if I wanted to bang a groomsman.”

Both chuckled and he offered a hand.

“How about you get this off, put on something comfier maybe? Did you have dinner?” She nodded and he shrugged. “Let’s go to bed, okay?”

Ava nodded again and took off her dress, then put on her pajamas.

“Maybe I can visit Martino’s atelier later. I’m sure he’s got something in there that could fit me.”

“I can go with you if you want.”