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I See the Light - TREI


SUMMARY: When an opening for your favorite Disney Princess is posted backstage, you take your chances and audition. To your surprise, you got the part. But there was always a catch. Your Flynn Rider was none other than Bucky Barnes, the womanizer of the entire Disney cast. Will you two be able to play it off as a couple when there’s tension between you both?




Mary was completely right about the 5 days being vigorous training for the part. You don’t know how many times you were put to watch Tangled but every time you closed your eyes, that was the only thing you saw. It was burned into the back of your brain and all to be the best Rapunzel in the park.

In those 5 days you also learned Rapunzel’s mannerisms, voice inflection, her autograph and how to do your makeup just like the other 2 Rapunzel’s that would rotate with you throughout the week. You were super excited about starting but also sad that you would leave Pepper alone at the Emporium.

On one of your normal days off before your new schedule you went to the park and looked for Pepper. She was currently restocking a shelf of ceramic mugs. You walked up to her and made sure she had set down the mug before scaring her – she was quite clumsy even though she looked gracious as hell.

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Interruptions (J.A)

Request - Jack Avery imagines about meeting his family, please ?? I love your writing and had this idea ages ago
Request - Hey, could you maybe do a jack one where Isla or Ava walks in on you pls xxx

Combined the two, didn’t see any harm in doing so, hope you enjoy!
Warnings: swearing i think?

Jack’s hands grip the steering wheel as his eyes stay on the road ahead of his. You sat in the passenger seat beside him, your leg lightly bouncing up and down as you nibble at your bottom lip anxiously.

“They’re going to love you. There’s nothing to worry about,” Jack places a hand on your left thigh, squeezing tenderly.

“You don’t know that. What if they don’t like how I dress?” you throw your head back with a sigh.

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anonymous asked:

i really want TITAN to have their own generals based on the seven virtues, cause i never seen sin vs vritue in a series before and i want how the virtues are presented in a cult environment

I’ve had the same thought! Especially as the antagonists would have the seven virtues and the protagonists would have the sins, it would make for an interesting dynamic. Ahh, I love this kind of symbolism in stuff and it’s pretty clear Michelle does as well.

halips  asked:

What's Ava's demon???? Theres a cute guy I'm interested lmao

It’s a webcomic! I really, really like it, and it’s updating regularly now as well so it’s the perfect time to get into it. You can read it here. There are LGBT characters, so far a bi girl, a lesbian and a gay guy, and those are just the ones that have been confirmed. Just a warning: it’s quite intense and has a lot of blood and stuff, but it’s super interesting.

give me avas demon actors au thats really all i want. 

give me actor wrathia whos actually the sweetest person on set and brings in cakes and is constantly apologizing to actor ava for how mean her character is 

give me actor ava whos totally a diva but in a joking manor. shes a social butterfly but her characters anxiety is based off real life experiences.

give me actor odin who actually has a stutter but was always up for hour long debates about literally anything. who brings candy to the actor arrow twins because they remind him of his little sisters back home. 

give me actor gil who is a problematic shit who is openly Bi as Hell and who sometimes arrives on set with a hangover. who is always cracking jokes

give me actor maggie who has trained herself to speak with an american accent even though shes lived her entire life in australia. who makes puns 24/7 and is behind all the pranks in the studio.

give me actor nevy who is married to actor pedri and they act all lovey dovey on set and it was her who helped get him his role

give me actor pedri who scared the shit out of everyone at first but then saw how he also brought sweets to the arrow twins because goddamn those two are going to go through a lot this season and they deserve all the chocolate they can get

give me actors crow and raven who are the youngest on set and who constantly switch between their roles and no one can really tell the difference and they laugh about it in their dressing rooms later that day. who were on broadway when they were ten but left as soon as possible because the moment they read avas demon they knew they had to be the twins.

give me avas demon actors getting in dance battles

give me vines of odin doing parkour and failing and the phone falls out of gils hand because hes too busy laughing at odin. 

give me avas demon actors who make it their personal goal to prank pedri because that fucker just wont fall for anything and honestly its pissing maggie off she WILL hit him with this goddamn pie if its the last thing she does so help me


Heat Wave
Well I suppose it’s officially summer now? At least in my corner of the world and so, my muse is feeling the heat as well. Little future Jeller fluffy drabble thingy…

“Do we need anything else?” Kurt asked, the phone pressed to his ear as eh rounded the corner into the next aisle.

“No, that’s it,” Jane replied on the other end.

“Ok, great. I’ll see you in about twenty minutes,” Kurt said.

“Aright,” Jane said, “I’ll give Ava her bath in the meantime.”

Just less than thirty minutes later, Jane heard the door open and Kurt announce his arrival.

“Daddy’s here,” Jane cooed as she turned to the little girl sitting in the bathtub.

Ava squealed in excitement, smiling widely to expose those four adorable teeth. “Da-da!” she said, and slapped her chubby hands on the surface of the water, splashing water everywhere.

Jane chuckled, “yeah, it’s Dada,” she said.

“Da-da! Da-da!!” giggled and continued to splash at the water, enjoying making her mother laugh.

“Jane?” Kurt’s voice got closer as he made towards the bathroom. He opened the door and a warm smile immediately found its way to his lips at the sight in front of him; Ava in the middle of the bathtub, surrounded by her favorite toys, splashing at the water, and Jane in a sports bra and underwear sitting right next to her, soaking in the water as well.

“I thought this was Ava’s bath time,” he laughed.

“It was,” Jane said, “but it is so hot, and the water was too tempting, I had to join her.”

Kurt laughed and moved towards the bathtub. He kneeled down by the edge and ran a hand over his daughter’s wet curls before stealing a quick kiss from Jane. “I agree,” he said, “it is unbearably hot. You did the right thing.”

“Oh, yeah? Wanna join me after we put the little one to bed?” Jane said playfully.

Kurt grabbed Ava’s BB8 towel and pulled her out of the water. “I’d love to,” he said, smiling when Ava reached over and slapped her wet palms over his stubble, giggling at the tickling sensation, “but I bumped into Roman at the grocery store and invited him over to dinner. He’s in the living room now.”

Jane sighed and then quickly smiled. She knew how important it was to have Roman back in their lives, and back to adjusting to a normal life. She stood up and accepted the towel he offered her. “I’ll get Ava ready, you take your time,” Kurt told her as he carried their daughter out of the bathroom.

“Are you excited to see uncle Roman?” he told the little girl as he walked to her bedroom.

“Da-da! Da-da!” Ava continued to say, her hands still on his cheeks.

“That’s right, baby, I’m Dada,” he said, kissing the top of her head.

Kurt was still getting Ava dressed when Jane walked in, dressed in a pair of short and a t-shirt, hair wet and in a messy bun.

“Are you guys ok?” she asked.

“Yup, all set,” Kurt replied, picking Ava up and showing off her outfit, a brand new pajama; a custom made one which was a gift from Tasha, that said “FBI: Fabulous Badass Infant”.

“Perfect,” Jane laughed, reaching to take Ava from him, “let’s go say hi to uncle Roman and let daddy change out of that wet shirt.”

Jane had made it as far as the door when Kurt called after her. She stopped and turned around.

“Just wanted to ask if the offer to share a bath is still on for later tonight?”

Jane smiled, “the offer is always there,” she winked at him and walked out.

Fierrochase Week Day 1: Historical/Royalty

Title: The Adventures of Magnus, Marvin, and A Stranger Named Ava

Words: 1,983

Rating: Teen and Up

Summary: Becoming engaged to Alex Fierro isn’t hard. All you need to do is ride an untrainable horse through a field of poison gas to an orchard where a golden apple grows, pick the apple, bring it back, and somehow not die in the process. Easy.

Read it on Ao3.

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It’s worth noting that in the USA, where the comic is made, it is not illegal to draw small-breasted, naked cartoons. Still, this whole thing about assuming aging up characters is just an excuse to be a pedo is bullshit; real pedos don’t age up characters, that’s why they’re pedophiles (attracted to CHILDREN, not teens or young adults)!

Ah, fair enough, the laws differ from country to country. As I mentioned to someone else, when researching for my response I found out Scotland’s laws differ from England’s, since they have their own legal system and what not, so cartoon images representing children are legal. Go figure it’d be Scotland.

You’re too right my friend, you’re too right. Actual paedophiles don’t want to age up characters, if anything, they want to deage them to fit their paedophilic fantasies. I do understand that Ava being 15 in comics cause the whole nsfw content situation to be cast in a grey area, but 1) everyone ages her up appropriately, 2) any nsfw content I have personally seen has been safe and consensual, and 3) people treat Ava as if she’s a child instead of a teenager. There are girls her age who have sexual relations, this is not new information.

And I can’t reiterate enough how this is all fictional. None of this is real. Why is there so much aggro over a non existent person. 

Anyway, long and short of this, you’re right and I agree with you. 

#198 - For vcentgogh & anonymous

Filling the prompts “Van is dating a bad girl. Not naught bad, but rebellious bad. Tattoos, smoking, etc. She’s tough and mean and he softens her.” and “the reader likes kpop but van does not know about it, and one day she’s watching a video or something and he sees and teases her about it?”

The blender smashed to pieces on the concrete sidewalk, but there was no time to mourn that lost. The security guard was only a couple of seconds behind you. You looked up at the person you’d collided with. He looked confused and his lips formed a lop-sided smile.

“Fuck, you’re a babe. Ah, I gotta go though. Tell him I went the other way, yeah?” you said to the guy, kissed his cheek, and ran to catch up with your friend, who was waiting on the corner yelling your name. When security didn’t round the corner after you, you knew the babe had done his job. Bless his pretty freckles and long eyelashes and bright blue eyes.

“Okay, so, we couldn’t steal a blender from a bar, but I mean, we definitely did our best,” you said to Ava, taking stock of the situation.

“Yeah. But it’s not good enough. How we gonna make our margaritas now?”

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Proud Dad

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Reader, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie,RDJ, Chris Hemsworth ( you get the idea, basically everyone who’s been in an Avengers movie) 

Summary: Sebastian is your husband and while he’s on a press tour with the Avengers cast,he gets to talk about your daughter.

Disclaimer: I made up the details about the movie being promoted. It does not really exist. Also I might make this a series. Message me if you want more parts.


Sebastian stood slightly offstage behind a cameraman, patiently waiting for his cue. Today, the cast of the newest installment to the Avengers franchise was making an appearance on the Ellen Show. He slipped his phone out of his pocket to check the time, smiling when the smiling face of his three year old daughter graced his screen. Her pigtails were lopsided and she was wearing a Captain America tutu, a Christmas present from her ‘ uncle’ Chris Evans. She loved that thing and it took a lot of convincing to get her to take it off so they could wash it. A tap on the shoulder from the stage manager prompted him to slip his phone back into his pocket and make his way over to the talk show’s host. 

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