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black cherry?

Do you have any pets? 

I actually have one beautiful cat. 

Like look at her???

She is the most beautiful thing in the entire world

Just look at this little loaf what have I done to deserve her

She is such a little helper my heart can’t handle it. I have been blessed with the cutest cat in the world

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I had to go look to make sure, but Saix’s claymore is a little similar in shape to Ira’s keyblade too. Mostly considering the tip with all the spikes, but the rest of the blade is a bit similar too if you look hard enough.

You know that whole reincarnation theory

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Ava’s eyes sparkle in interest as she leaned closer to the young man. She’d never heard of such a story before–sure, the Master used to tell her, Luxu, and Gula ghost stories sometimes to freak them out (though Ava had only ever been interested in learning more) but he’d never mentioned a story like that. Maybe she should ask some of her own union members and the dandelions about some other stories…

“Is there any more? Perhaps a way to rest her soul or maybe any of her victims?” Ava asked, bouncing on her heels. “Oooh, did you ever see her? Or did someone else tell you the story?”

give me avas demon actors au thats really all i want. 

give me actor wrathia whos actually the sweetest person on set and brings in cakes and is constantly apologizing to actor ava for how mean her character is 

give me actor ava whos totally a diva but in a joking manor. shes a social butterfly but her characters anxiety is based off real life experiences.

give me actor odin who actually has a stutter but was always up for hour long debates about literally anything. who brings candy to the actor arrow twins because they remind him of his little sisters back home. 

give me actor gil who is a problematic shit who is openly Bi as Hell and who sometimes arrives on set with a hangover. who is always cracking jokes

give me actor maggie who has trained herself to speak with an american accent even though shes lived her entire life in australia. who makes puns 24/7 and is behind all the pranks in the studio.

give me actor nevy who is married to actor pedri and they act all lovey dovey on set and it was her who helped get him his role

give me actor pedri who scared the shit out of everyone at first but then saw how he also brought sweets to the arrow twins because goddamn those two are going to go through a lot this season and they deserve all the chocolate they can get

give me actors crow and raven who are the youngest on set and who constantly switch between their roles and no one can really tell the difference and they laugh about it in their dressing rooms later that day. who were on broadway when they were ten but left as soon as possible because the moment they read avas demon they knew they had to be the twins.

give me avas demon actors getting in dance battles

give me vines of odin doing parkour and failing and the phone falls out of gils hand because hes too busy laughing at odin. 

give me avas demon actors who make it their personal goal to prank pedri because that fucker just wont fall for anything and honestly its pissing maggie off she WILL hit him with this goddamn pie if its the last thing she does so help me


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Did Chris Reilly admit he was guilty? I noticed Ava's dad replied to his FB comment saying something like "I don't like to comment before hearing both sides but now I can..." and then goes on to say that Chris fucked up.

bet he’s fucking humiliated now that he stood
up for a pedophile

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window of opportunity is one of my absolute favs from sg1 *scoots closer with blanket and popcorn*

In the middle of my backswing?! :D:D

You might have to make more popcorn because I messed up on my mental schedule and have had to put off watching the episode. :( 

I did however outline that winterhawk fic I wasn’t supposed to work on with the time looping in it. Oops? I just need to find the time to write it because I think it might end up being my mini bang fic please excuse me as I laugh until I cry 

Wow, hi guys! I know some of you, but only a small few – so hello! I feel like a new kid once again, but I’ve got to say, I’m enjoying being on the West Coast once more. Much more closer to my hometown, which is great. And now I’m rambling without introducing myself. Anyway, hi again – I’m Kennedy. Kennedy Johnston. It’s nice to meet you all, and even more so to see those of you that I already know. I missed everyone, and I’m excited to meet more people! 

“It’s a heart. I am literally holding a heart. And I’m not even surprised by this development. This is what my life has come to. Jesus Christ, Alexi is the worst human being I have ever met. It’s a heart!” He held it up for the other to see in order to really drive his point home. God, he needed a new job and family. He was a cat and this was outside of his job description for sure.

{ ofviolentdeath }

You know what’s worse than that heat wave? Fucking sweaty Santas! And you know what’s worse than sweaty Santas? Sweaty Santas who think it’s cool to go around hugging people against their will, leaving their freaking sweat all over my new dress… and that goddamn smell!! Completely ruined a fine Saturday of shopping.

Family BBQ II Chase & Avalynn

It was bright and sunny day in Colorado as the Parker family was grilling outside of their house. Normally, every 4th of July, Chase’s family would have a BBQ, followed by fireworks later on at night. It was a tradition of the sort. Chase’s Dad was at the grill, cooking up some hot dogs. Meanwhile, the rest of Chase’s family all sat outside on their chairs, awaiting for the food to be served. There were snacks on the table as well; bowls filled with chips, cheese and crackers and then watermelon as well. Chase sat down at the table though, his eyes landing on the sight of his girlfriend. Who seemed to have been welcomed so easily by the family. He leaned over for a moment. “What kind of food do you want, babe?” He asked, one hand tapping on his chair while the other held Avalynn’s hand in return.