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women of deltora- part iii

I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship. — Mary Louise Alcott

Animal Instincts Pt 1

Fandom: The Flash

Rating: G

Summary: Barry’s younger sister was also hit by particle accelerator explosion while helping take care of the animals at the animal preserve. Now, she has the ability to communicate with any animal.

A/N: This was an idea that has been playing about my brain for a while. I’m not sure how many parts this will have, but I love the idea of a meta having a connection with animals. This is also going to be in third person and the OC is named.

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A year and half ago…

    “Animal symbolism is prevalent throughout many of the world’s cultures. While some are revered as sacred symbols, others are seen as mischievous and cunning, bringing chaos wherever they go. The Coyote is one such animal that is a trickster in Native American lore, though the Raven, Crow, Spider, Blue jay, Rabbit, and Bear among others have appeared in similar trickster lore in some tribes. One animal can mean different things to different groups. While Malaysians said monkeys possessed artistic abilities and introduced writing and sculpture, Chinese legends state they perform brave deeds…”

    “Hey, whatcha up too?” Ava startled as her older brother, Barry, leaned over the back of her chair at Jitters, quickly reading the article she was studying. “Animals in mythology? Interesting. What’s it for?”

    “A small assignment in my animal behavior class. We got to talking about how certain animals behave and how it correlates with how they are perceived in different cultures. While there are differences, some animals are portrayed the same way in different myths and lore. The assignment is to prove whether this is due to how humans have observed animal behavior in the wild, either by hunting or just observing,” she answered quickly, barely sparing her brother a glance as she wrote down a couple notes. She did steal a small peek and smirked at the impressed look he was giving her.

    “I didn’t realize how interesting animal behavior really was,” Barry replied. She shrugged and smiled humbly.

    “Mr. Baxter likes to think outside the box on occasion.”

    “Sounds like you have an awesome teacher, Ava.”

    “He really is. Hey you going to that particle accelerator thing with Iris tonight?”

    “Nah, it’s not really her thing.” Ava couldn’t help but hear the disappointment in his voice; her brother had been in love with Iris since childhood. Barry was her favorite person in the entire world aside from Joe and Iris. It was hard watching him pine after someone who was oblivious to what was right in front of them the whole time. “You want to come?”

     “I would, but I already promised Diane I would help feed. After Mark fired Jack for drinking on the job and harassing the animals, we’ve been short-staffed at the preserve. Sorry.”

     “No problem. I’ll take lots of pictures to show you later. Bye, Short-stack.” He kissed her cheek as he grabbed his things. 

   “Love you, Sasquatch,” she teased, grinning at her brother. Even though there was a four-year difference, the two of them were always close, practically in each other’s back pockets. Ava didn’t know what she would do without him. Having lost their mother and their father go away for murdering her at the tender age of six, she didn’t want to even consider the thought of not having Barry at her back, protecting her as only big brothers could. He was her hero, best friend, and confidant all rolled into one giant pain-in-the-ass package she couldn’t live without. The world just seemed darker without Barry Allen in it.

    After a bit more research, Ava packed up your things and headed out to the rescue preserve she volunteered at. Hopefully, in about two years’ time, she would be graduating with both a Computer Science degree and Veterinary Technician, both of which would be used at the preserve she loved so dearly. The owners/managers, Mark and Diane, rescued domestic and exotic animals from situations such as abandonment, neglect, etc. It was also a rehab center for animals that were brought in injured or blown in from storms. It happened quite often during tornado season. 

    Ava and Diane worked seamlessly in tandem, feeding and cleaning up after the big cats, horses, llamas, birds of prey, macaws, African Grays, foxes, snakes, and the huge tortoise Diane lovingly nicknamed “Crush” from Finding Nemo. It was dark when both finished. Ava were going through the final check when a large explosion echoed in the distance. Looking up, she was shocked and frightened to see a mushroom-shaped gold halo surrounding the middle of Central City…right where STAR Labs was. The particle accelerator was exploding and the effects were catapulting across the city. Soon, it would hit the preserve. 

    Ahead of her, Diane was already screaming for the employees to head inside for the tornado bunker. “AVA, COME ON!!” She bolted for the entrance. About halfway there, a tall figure bounded out of nowhere and shoved violently aside. Ava hit the side of the tiger enclosure with enough force to knock the wind out of her. Dazed and crumpled on the ground, she caught a hazy glimpse of a man bounding for the bunker. It was Jack Morgan; the guy Mark had fired two days prior. She wasn’t sure why he was back and right now it didn’t matter; she needed to get inside. Dazedly getting to her feet, she stumbled a few steps before crashing to the ground. Ahead, she heard Diane screaming, Jack shouting, and then the worst sound you ever hear: the bunker door locking shut. Jack had forced his way inside, possibly hurt Diane, and shutting Ava outside. 

    Bastard, Ava thought. Looking up, she saw the gold halo of dark matter hurtling towards her, making impact in possibly five seconds. “Barry, Dads, Iris, I love you,” she whispered, tears streaming. She barely had time to curl into the fetal position when the dark matter hit. 

    The world turned gold, then red, then white with pain. There was screaming all around: the tigers, the horses, the foxes, the wolves, hell even Nemo was somehow screaming. She could barely hear herself screaming with all the panic and chaos. Then, the roars and the screams and the whinnies turned into a cacophony of panicked voices, all screaming nonsense and words all at the same time. Her head was exploding with so much pain, she barely registered the panicked animals escaping. Gates busted open, fences came down, hooves stampeded, wolves howled, and a tiger roared a challenge from above. 

    Before Ava fully lost consciousness, she heard a deep, regal voice shout, “LEAVE THE CUB BE!” 

Present Day…

    A falcon soared across the dark skyline of Central City. It dodged around the skyscrapers, gracefully catching the air currents that blessed it with its unhindered freedom. Flapping a couple times, it looked around and caught sight of a few pigeons roosting on a nearby ledge. Gleefully, it tucked its wings and dove for the small flock, catching a current back up above the skyline as the smaller birds scattered, squawking angrily. Settling into the last leg of its flight, it peered back down at the ground. It caught sight of the red blur that had been so prominent the past three months. It belonged to a meta-human named by various bloggers and conspiracy theorists, The Flash. The Flash was a speedster, one of the first meta-humans of many to come out of the particle accelerator explosion nearly a year ago. There had been a few others who used their powers to create trouble, but The Flash was only one able to take them out and protect the city. Of course, those same metas were never heard from again, so anyone who was affected and not evil were keeping quiet, afraid of the retribution that might rain down. 

   Mentally shaking the dark thoughts from its head, the falcon caught a warm updraft and turned south. Within minutes, the falcon caught sight of a clearing, bordering a chain link fence. In the middle of the clearing sat a young woman, legs crossed and hands resting over her knees. The falcon tilted his wings back and dropped with a screech. He landed in front of her as she opened her eyes with a smile, easily pulling her consciousness back into herself.

   “Did you enjoy the flight with me?” a soft, melodic, male voice echoed in Ava’s mind.

    “I did. Thank you for allowing me to fly with you, Regan."  Ava stretched the stiffness from her back and legs; she and Regan, an American Kestrel Falcon, had been flying for close to three hours, the longest she had ever gone from her body. "I think it’s about dinner time now, if you would like to return.”

    “Will there be any of those nice fat rats again? Seemed a shame to waste them on the snakes.” Ava snorted as she allowed the falcon to hop onto her shoulder.

    “I’ll see what I can do.” Silently, the two of them walked back to the preserve. Dropping Regan off at his enclosure with the promise to bring him something special, Ava headed towards the building. A lot had changed in the year and half since the explosion. When the dark matter hit her that night, she was given abilities she only read in myths and fantasy books. While she hardly remembered anything that happened that night, Mark and Diane said they’d found her in the tiger enclosure with the breeding pair protecting her. It had taken some coaxing, but Chakrii, the male, had allowed Diane to get Ava and take her to the hospital. It wasn’t until a few days later, what she thought was a hallucination from the concussion was the ability to understand animal language. A few months later, while her older brother was still in a coma from getting struck by lightning that same night, she realized she could also enter an animal’s consciousness to use their eyes and ears. Mark and Diane, bless them, had taken the changes in stride and allowed the preserve to be a haven to explore her new “talents”. And if it improved the wellbeing and happiness of the animals, well then, that was a perk.

    Ava told Iris after Barry had woken up. She handled the news with her usual grace, quickly becoming your confidant and the person to keep you grounded. But when other metas started popping up and causing trouble, she froze at the notion of telling Joe and Barry. What were she supposed to say? “Hey Barry, so I got hit with the same matter and even though you didn’t get any abilities, your little sister can talk to her favorite animals now?” Yeah, that would go over well. For now, it was better to let things flow.

    She quickly got started on the feeding routine, checking in with the animals as she went. Regan got his special treat - a live rat she had managed to negotiate the boa constrictor in the reptile house out of - and were getting ready to go home when she saw Iris talking to Diane. “Hey Iris!” Ava called out, hugging her foster sister. “How was your first day as a big-time journalist?" 

    "Nerve-wracking honestly, but it went well,” she replied. “You want a ride home?” Ava nodded, grabbing her backpack and clocking out. Both girls chatted about each other’s day, Iris telling Ava everything about her new job as she drove. About halfway to the house, the conversation eased into familiar territory.

    “So, Diane told me you were at the clearing for three hours today.”

    “Regan was due to stretch his wings after that hit he took. He allowed me to tag along and we flew over the city for a bit. His wing is fully healed. He should be able to be released soon enough,” she answered, fiddling with a hole in your jeans. 

    “You know at some point you’re going to have to tell Dad and Barry,” Iris said softly, turning onto the street. Ava sighed, leaning your head against back against the seat. This was an old argument that wasn’t even an argument. It was more of a disagreement of how stubborn they were being. She knew she had to come clean about this. There were aspects of her powers she didn’t understand, such as how she could talk to the animals in the first place and how far her powers could even go. But she was scared at how her family, more importantly Barry, would react to their baby being a meta. She wanted to remain as Ava in their eyes: stubborn, energetic, and mischievous with a restlessness and independence that ran for miles. She was Barry’s baby sister. It would crush her to see the pain and fear in their eyes. 

    She also knew that deeper part of her, a part connected directly to her powers, was uneasy at the idea of telling. They might shackle her, out of fear and over-protection, and not let her fly anymore. Oh, how she loved to soar. 

    “How? You know Barry’s new friends work at STAR Labs, the whole origin point of all this. And they work with The Flash. How am I supposed to tell them about this?”

    “They could help you better understand what is going on!”

    “Or they could try to cure me of it. Or lock me away wherever they’ve got those other metas. Don’t lie and say you haven’t thought of that.”

    “Okay, I have, but this is Barry we’re talking about. Your big brother. You two have been in each other’s back pockets for as long as I can remember! He’s not going to let anything like that happen to you!” Ava sighed and stared out the window, feeling tears prick at the corners of her eyes. The car turned into the driveway and stopped, though the engine continued to idle. Iris reached over and took one of her hands, squeezing gently. “Ava, talk to me, what is going on?”

    “I don’t want to lose this, Iris. This power…this gift. Being able to finally soar above the clouds, above the skyline, it’s the best feeling in the world. I can’t fully describe it and I know that I don’t want to lose it. This is who I am. I can’t lose that, Iris.” After a moment, Iris reached over and drew Ava into a tight hug. She hugged her back tightly.

    “You won’t, Ava. I’ll make sure of it, even if I have to go and yell at Wells and his team myself.” Ava chuckled at that, already feeling better about it. 

    “You are the best sister I could have ever asked for, you know that, right?” her voice muffled slightly. 

    “So are you,” Iris replied, smiling. Both glimpsed the curtain in the window moving and knew they needed to head inside before questions were asked. “Come on. Dad said he was making lasagna. After dinner, we can go upstairs and watch a movie. Your tips look like they could use a refresher.” She tugged at her blue tips cheerfully.

    “Cool. Legally Blonde?” Ava asked.

    “I was thinking of The Mummy Trilogy.”

    “Brendan Fraser kicking mummy ass? Even better.” Both got out and headed towards the front door. Hooking an arm around hers, Ava leaned her head-on Iris’ shoulder. “Thanks Iris.”


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Whenever Sally and Paul's daughter gets sick Percy is the first to offer his help because he doesn't want his parents catching what she has

Percy holding a snotty little Ava and making silly fish faces to distract her as he gives her medicine while Sally and Paul stand off to the side smiling gratefully

so i went out a bought all of the material to make my ava cosplay with c: not to mention my wig is coming in soon and im going in to get my eyes sized in a few weeks for contacts. I just.. im sO EXCITED.

I also decided i’d do a Just Be Friends version of Flaky from Happy Tree Friends. It seemed easier and cuter, so JBF Flaky it is! <3 I can’t wait for summer.