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Because we, collectively as a fandom, need these.

*watching Back Cover*



Me: Ohhhh Gula is the traitor!

Me: Aced was the traitor all along!!

Me: Invi’s the traitor!

Me: Ira’s the traitor!

Me: I see, Aced’s the traitor!

Me: Duh, Luxu is the traitor!!


Me: MoM’s the traitor?

Me: …….Ava’s the traitor…???

Me: …Gula… is… the…



Character Analysis of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Back Cover

The Back Cover of Kingdom Hearts feels like a giant miscast. I don’t mean that in a bad way. Rather, the Master of Masters set everyone up to fail by giving them the roles they weren’t suited for.

Ira the unicorn is the best fit for discerning the prophecy, but makes for a lousy leader.

Invi the snake makes an amazing right hand woman, but she is a terrible intermediator.

Ava the fox is the best intermediator by a long shot. She could be the glue that holds everyone together, but her role of not getting involved with politics and instead focusing on the next generation forbids her from being the glue.

Gula the leopard and Aced the bear have the best leadership qualities. They would be best for leading the five and preparing the next generation. Aced has a lot of natural charisma and can rally people, and Gula is really good at making tough decisions on the snap.

But again, Aced is an awful right hand man. And Gula can’t discern the prophecy (and the Master of Masters removes Luxu to ensure this doubly so) and makes for an ineffective assassin.

Given further consideration, Gula is the ideal head honcho. He listens to his fellow union leaders and does what he can to make their plans work. And if things aren’t looking so great, he has enough humility to say he messed up, let’s rewind or try plan B. He’s present minded and a decision maker. Gula wants results.

Aced would’ve loved Ava’s job. Most likely, he would have been better at it, too. Although similarly to canon, he would’ve been initially disappointed to not be the leader, but in his own way, he still would be, just in a different operation. The right capacity. Since he’s a natural rallier, he would take a lot of enjoyment in gathering up candidates, training them up, and sending them off after he saw that they were ready.

It’s funny in a way. This last Sunday’s sermon was about destiny, listening to your heart, and God given patience for the things we were called to do. And that no one but you can fulfill your own destiny, and nothing but trouble will come of trying to carry out someone else’s destiny. Then, here’s this hour long story about a bunch of people assigned roles that conflict with who they are and the destinies they have, and when they listen to their hearts and do what they’d do best, it conflicts with their role.

Basically, they’re all carrying each others’ destinies and not fulfilling their own because they’re relying on the bad advice of someone they respect.

Nonetheless, they all naturally gravitate towards their real purpose.
Ira, when left to his own devices, wants to do nothing more than study the prophecies all day. This is where he excels, even managing to figure out that something is missing from their books and going so far as to have a fair guess at what it is.

Invi makes for the best second hand a leader could ask for. She always ready and willing to carry out his will.

And Ava’s heart is for everyone to just get along.

I think they could’ve been a successful and functional unit if it had been Ira in the books, Gula at the head, Invi as the right hand, Ava the bridge, and Aced the rallier for the future. These are their true strengths.

… Haha, and now I want to do a body analogy. Which is a little different, actually, but portrays who they are at their best, I think.

Ira’s the head, the mind, the deep thinker.
Gula’s the spine who listens and inspires everyone to get it done.
Ava’s the heart, keeps the peace and offers encouragement.
Invi’s the hands that carry out their bidding.
Aced is the feet that walk into the future.

In the ideal world that obviously didn’t happen. And wouldn’t unless Gula stormed Ira’s office, stuffed the lost page under his nose and told him they were switching then and there.

One of the things about Back Cover that just gets me is how Gula tells Ava about the lost page of his own accord and asks (though it sounded more like “practically begs”) her to help him summon Kingdom Hearts.

Gula clearly trusts Ava, despite his “trust no one but myself” mantra.