ava gregory


Ava Lavinia Gardner (24 December 1922- 25 January 1990 )

[on why she acted] The answer I usually gave was, “For the loot, honey, always for the loot,” and there was more truth than poetry in that remark. I had to do something and I didn’t know how to do anything else.

She had this natural poignancy and her feelings ran very deep. To my mind she developed into a fine actress. I’ve been telling her that for years, and she always waves it off.”- Gregory Peck

She was a real good dame.”- Lena Horne

“What I liked about Ava was that we had so much in common it was like we were two young people from the same hometown. We both were products of middle-class, small American towns where everybody knew everybody, and it was on that basis that we struck up an immediate friendship. Ava was also outspoken, and there was something refreshing about that because sometimes she’d be outspoken when other people would be afraid to. That to me shows a strength of character and the kind of grass-roots, middle-American honesty she has. Sometimes I’ve thought that except for that out-of-the-world beauty—that sensational bone structure, those eyes, and that figure—she was typical of dozens of girls I knew in high school and college. But that beauty shaped and changed her, and she became an object of pursuit, adulation, and attention such as few girls ever know.”

-Gregory Peck