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“Can’t Stop The Beat” - West Coast School of the Arts, mini musical theater large group, 2nd overall, Competitive Level, Showstopper Anaheim III, May 2017
★ Choreography by Brynne Becker, Paula Kessinger
☆ Dancers ☆ Audrey Antoyan, Bryar Boynton, Casey Cheung, Janelle Chin, Presley Edwards, Kiara Galvin, Brooklyn Hamilton, Ava Kendall, Morgan McCormick, Emily McMills, Alexis Nakatani, Maddie Nguyen, Gabriela Perez, Ella Sheppard, Sophia Thayer-Pham, Alexa Perez, Nicolette Durazzo, Jovie Leigh Ugerio, Gabi D'Ambra

You Can’t Stop The Beat ~ Ariana Grande, Dove Cameron
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Junkrat/Roadhog:: Voyages Ch 1

Buckle up, guys and gals and nonbinary pals, because I’m finally following up Origins with a sequel. If you haven’t read Origins, I really really recommend that you do – this first chapter is kind of a prologue with some refresher details, setting us up for the bulk of this story, but there is defs the occasional reference that kind of requires an understanding of the first fic to fully get it. I know it’s a bit of a slow start, but I hope you’ll stick with it, and thank you so much for reading! (This can also be read on AO3 but I guess Tumblr hides posts if you put links in them so??)

Title: Voyages

Characters: Junkrat, Roadhog

Rating: R

Summary:  After a rocky start and some ups and downs, Junkrat and Roadhog are officially partners, even if things haven’t progressed quite as far as Junkrat would like. With his treasure at the heart of their grandiose plans, they take their adventures overseas and leave their mark on the world, for better or worse. (Mostly for worse. They’re criminals.) Sequel to “Origins.”

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Lokis Bahamas

TITLE: Loki’s Bahamas



ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine sitting next to on a plane. It’s a long flight and you eventually fall asleep with your head on his shoulder.



Warning: Nuttin’ now but smut to come. (No pun intended)

Notes: Scyuze is slang my kids use for ‘excuse me.’ Pronounced skee-use.

Jasmine sat in the airport bar with her friends Ava and Grace toasting her trip to the Bahamas. Grace was the D.D. and wasn’t drinking. They frequently teased her for being the ‘mother hen’ but she didn’t mind. “To Grace” Jasmine exclaimed! “For driving me here cause my dumb ass car broke down.” After downing their shots, Ava put her glass down a little too hard drawing a glance from the bartender. She smiled and winked. “Sorry! Butterfingers!” Jasmine leaned across the bar and whispered.“Liar! It’s more like tequila fingers.” “Be quiet ya silly slut or I’ll have to come over there.” Grace sat between them smirking. “It’s a good thing somebody watches over you clowns.” “Listen, Chickie, we do alright when you’re not around,” said Ava. Jasmine raised her chin with a half furrowed brow playfully eyeing Grace. “That’s right. There’s no spongy red noses or big floppy shoes in our wardrobes.” 

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“Friend Like Me” - West Coast School of the Arts, mini musical theater small group, 2nd overall, Competitive Level, Showstopper Anaheim III, May 2017
★ Choreography by ?
☆ Dancers ☆ Ava Kendall (lead), Casey Cheung, Janelle Chin, Presley Edwards, Brooklyn Hamilton, Morgan McCormick, Emily McMills, Maddie Nguyen, Ella Sheppard
Friend Like Me ~ Ne-Yo
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“Any time, any place, or anywhere you know that I’ll always be there*.” One choice, one decision, one wish from deep in her heart at Christmas time has led Riley to this time and place with Lucas. *This Gift, 98°

Past Chapters | Cross Posted to FF

Author Note: So yeah, I thought this was going to be the last chapter, but it’s not. So much still is left to happen. I should really learn to stop estimating how long stuff will be, I’m like always wrong.

Chapter Ten

Auggie leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees as he stared at his sister, unconscious after getting knocked over by a police horse. If this had happened to anyone else he wouldn’t believe it, but it happened to his sister and she was the only one it ever would.

Ava came in handing him a cup of coffee, “I called your parents, they’re on their way. I called Maya and she was so drunk I don’t think she even realized that Riley wasn’t with her.”

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Juliet from Fascinasians.

I didn’t learn about Vincent Chin until after I graduated high school and attended an OCA Convention. I still remember the storm of emotions it triggered: anger. bitterness. despair. frustration. fear. 1982 was the year my dad came to the United States, Vincent was only a few months older than him. This could have been my father, this could have been me. This was the unjust and cruel world my parents arrived at – one where a 27 year old man could be viciously beaten to death and the killers could walk away with a $3000 fine. 

Olicity: Five Minutes

Originally posted by tanyak312

“Ava. Ava, look at me.”

Daddy’s hurt.

Daddy’s got blood on him.

She thinks it’s coming from his arm because it’s all on his jacket and he really likes this jacket because it was a gift from Mommy and he’s going to be really mad that the Bad Man got blood all on his favourite jacket.

“Ava, look at me.”

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Closed RP [goodbyeconformity]

A young girl in a ragged red dress pushes her way through a crowded street. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that’s she close to freaking out, sadly, none of the alien citizenry gave her even a passing glance. She doesn’t have any particular path in mind, simply hoping to get out of this terrifying press of people. Her skin glows a soft orange and her temperature is well above feverish.

Suddenly out of the press of bodies, she’s free. Visibly shaking, she feels a tremendous heat in her throat. Dashing for a nearby ally, she falls to her knees retching. Molten lava like bile splashes across the ground in front of her, eating into the paving stones and scorching any debris it touches. Getting to her feet, she wiped her a tiny dribble of magma from her chin. Ava really hoped no one had just seen that.