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Support the girl meets world cast!

Yo so our show may be over but our favs are still doing awesome things that you should totally go support!
. Rowan has a reoccurring role on the goldbergs as a super cute, nerdy girl who’s also the main character’s love interest. She also has a role in the new adaptation of a wrinkle in time that comes out this year
. Sabrina’s album is popping and full of crazy awesome songs and she has a main voice role in the Disney animated series Milo Murphy’s law
. Corey has a role in the upcoming film #squadgoals and has a role in the play ‘dog sees God’ at the Hollywood fringe festival
. Ceci has been doing multiple theatre projects that you can find out more about on her Instagram
. Amir just dropped a bunch of new music that I highly recommend listening to (shit is fire) and is going to attend college in the east coast in the fall (Boy getting that higher education I’m so proud y'all)
. Ava has a role as young Elise in Insidious: chapter four that’s slated for a 2018 release
. Cooper (Doy) has a bunch of roles lined up, including a reoccurring role on Colony
. Nathaniel Potvin AND Kamran Lucas (Two of Farkle’s friends from season one) BOTH have lead roles on the Disney XD series Mech X4 (which is so dope btw everyone needs to check it out)
. And Peyton is…
. Peyton is uh….
. Well Peyton is…..
. Oh, Peyton is on celebs react!
. And Uriah is busy being a flop bye


GMW Writers tweets on May 4th, 2017.

You taught us to dream, try and do good in the best possible way. Thank you for the lessons, stories, characters, and the friendships that we made because of this TV show. 💕🌎

It still hurts. . .

Everyday I take a moment and think about how Girl Meets World wasn’t given a fourth season (even though 4 seasons was the agreed upon amount and the cast deserved to have their last season. *I need a moment, please 😢😭*

But that’s okay because the cast of Girl Meets World seems to be doing pretty well.

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