ava breathe

Very few times did Kalani not enjoy swimming. Being dunked in water and suffocated five times definitely made him reconsider his love for swimming and surfing. As he sat there on his knees in the quad, he let out a few loud coughs, trying to catch his breath. Ava had done as best she could to get him free, he wasn’t even sure how quick she had done it, relative to everyone else, he had closed his eyes for most of it. That fact didn’t matter to him, he was just lucky to have her assist him like that. Kalani ran his hand through his sopping wet hair, and pulled it back behind his ears. He heard someone approaching him. It could have been Ava, but his guess was she was going to get him a towel.


introducing my favourite theory ever.
ava and maya are half siblings. same dad, different mom. back when maya was five, her dad left her and her mom for ava’s mom. maya and katy went from ‘the morgensterns’ to ‘the harts,’ katy’s maiden name. maya didn’t know ava’s last name until she was sixteen and ava was ten. auggie had forced her to take him to ava’s fifth grade graduation. it only took a few days to figure it out and one day maya shows up with auggie at ava’s house. when a 5'11, green eyed blonde man with a smile that looked broken opened the door, maya actually stops breathing.
ava’s parents divorce when she’s twelve and maya is right there for her, bonding over how their dad was an idiot and woman turned into bigger idiots around him. they get closer and closer, so when ava’s art teacher in high school asks how she knew maya hart, ava just shrugged and said, “maya? she’s my older sister.”