ava (iter)


This has to be a really big update! Mostly, it covers most glitches from the first release and expands the D-Dimension greatly.

This update includes

  • 8 new areas
  • improved coding and graphics for the old worlds
  • remade music for the Neon Shapes world and Murmuring Trees
  • additional new music (most of it are done by Felix aka TheJudge)
  • fixed sound effects
  • all the glitches from v0.00 are fixed

Also, big thanks for the people who glitch-test the game

If we miss any glitches, don’t hesitate to leave an Ask or PM with a screenshot of the glitch.

EDIT: fixed some of the maps


I had this dream last night where I found this comic book, and one of the pages had what my dream had depicted about Ava’s origins. Her past, blond-haired self got covered by this pink slime (which in reality, it was green, but that’s my dream’s doing). When Ava came out of it, she was this mutant redhead we know and was in a trance and muttering a strange language. It was pretty cool and I wanted to add that in a future flashback.

You're a Little Too Close, but Too Far Away (Ava x Reader) | Sweet Dreams (Various!Dreamer x Reader)
TW for mild body horror, blood, and possible alcohol mention. Reader discretion is advised. "W-What?" The Ava you saw just a week ago was blonde and had blue eyes, but the Ava you were looking at now had red hair and green eyes! Her story sounded impossibly fake, however, Beatrice was actually nowhere to be found You crossed your arms and continued staring at your friend, who was smiling...

Somebody made a really good fanfiction with my character, Ava. It’s so well written and I love how cutesy they made her.

I am just the happiest thing ever right now!