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Telekinesis covering my favorite Belle and Sebastian song “Like Dylan in the Movies” while they were in Chi for AV Fest

Day 1 @ AV Fest, Elston and Wabansia

Chicago, Illinois  |  September 2011

Was anybody else here for this?  There were two songs Hum played that I couldn’t recognize.

Suicide Machine, The Pod, Iron Clad Lou, Little Dipper, _____, Green To Me, I Hate It Too, Comin’ Home, Afternoon With The Axolotis, Stars, _____, The Scientists, (encore) I’d Like Your Hair Long.

Bucket list, check.  Also, Maritime was awesome.

Tokyo Police Club played such a great show tonight at the A.V. Fest.

Only heard the last 3 songs of Telekinisis! but glad i saw them play Coasts of Carolina

Then Maps & Atlases came on and they played a good set and then Tokyo came on and welp, they just played a great set. i wished they closed with Citizens of Tomorrow but instead it was Your English Is Good which was also a good decision! haha

Good way to end this crazy weekend.



I totally forgot that Saturday I am seeing Hum. I am excite.

I love this video because it reminds me of hanging out in frigid Illinois forest preserves talking exclusively about nerd things with no girls for miles. Can it be that it was all so simple then?