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Gay 'dad dating' game is a surprise hit - BBC News
Dream Daddy topped the best-sellers chart on games store Steam shortly after its release.

If you have doubts about Dream Daddy I suggest you watch this interview with the creators: Vernon Shaw and Leighton Gray. 

in it they discuss representation, the LGBT community, and what they wanted to achieve with the game. Some people’s views of the game on here are so negative and warped just by second-hand knowledge that I feel it’s worthwhile just to watch and see what the actual creators thoughts and viewpoints are on the game. Even if you don’t end up agreeing with them maybe check it out! 

The Signs As Things In My AV Club

Aries: A very detailed drawing of a penis behind a “Be quiet while filming” sign. The teacher still hasn’t realized. It’s been weeks.
Taurus: A stash of water bottles from several years past in a bin. Sometimes we confuse it with the leftover bottles from the musical. It’s not fun.
Gemini: The “Things you cannot say” list. Includes words and phrases like jont, 420 blaze it, and kanye west. (We defy it often)
Cancer: A disk that is taped to the wall above the “Be quiet while filming sign”. Deemed as “interior design”.
Leo: A hole in the wall that wires go through that my friend calls “The glory hole”.
Virgo: Our unicorn collection. Contains a plush unicorn, a broken ceramic unicorn, a unicorn speaker, and a unicorn doll.
Libra: Neon duct tape on the wall. Also deemed as “interior design”.
Scorpio: Homemade calenders for every month. Include a picture that is either too strange to fathom or a pun.
Sagittarius: The bloopers folder on the computer we do the morning anouncements on. There is a lot of funny shit there.
Capricorn: “Snarfalophagus” a plastic square with a face on it that is our mascot.
Aquarius: A red desk lamp that we call Timmy.
Pisces: An app we downloaded onto the computer that has Shia LaBeouf yelling just do it whenever you click it.

Aulas para secundaria tecnica, Instituto Tecnológico Regional de Michoacán (hoy Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia), av. Tecnológico 1500, Lomas de Santiaguito, Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico 1965

Arqs. Enrique Cervantes Sánchez, Carlos Rodríguez, Guillermo Domíguez y Gonzalo González

Technical secondary classrooms, Michoacan Regional Institute of Technology (now Morelia Technological Institute) av. Tecnologico 1500, Lomas de Santiaguito, Morliea, Michoacan, Mexico 1965