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fav sugar pine 7 episodes  we’re actually screwed.

“i never used to worry about the future but now that i have people who directly rely on me, my willful disregard has transitioned into more of a ‘holy shit, if i don’t do this right, we’re all fucked


More Moondog. Recorded New York City, 1956:

- A Duet - Queen Elizabeth Whistle and Bamboo Pipe
0:56 - Conversation and Music at 51st St. & 6th Ave
2:39 - Hardshoe (7/4) Ray Malone
3:57 - Tugboat Toccata
6:25 - Autumn
8:35 - Seven Beat Suite (3 Parts)
10:53 - Oo Solo (6/4)
13:19 - Rehearsal of Violetta´s “Barefoot Dance” (a) Portrait of Ninon, a Cocker Spaniel
16:08 - Oo Solo (2/4)
17:57 - Ostrich Feathers Played On Drum
18:26 - Oboe Round
19:36 - Chant
20:26 - All Is Loneliness
21:29 - Sextett (Oo)
23:02 - Fiesta Piano Solo
24:52 - Moondog Monologue


fav sugar pine 7 episodes  fake friends

“[i don’t want a friend] where you sit on a ridge and form a secret handshake for about 20 minutes. those friends suck because they always have your back.





Written by Al Cunniff, April 21, 2002 [long but very cool]

A visit to Paul McCartney’s house wasn’t exactly what you’d expect. Then again, neither was I. A young Baltimore reporter and Beatles nut, in London to research a few feature stories, I was standing in the kitchen of the ultimate singer / songwriter, in a telephone company jacket, holding the back end of a ladder, and in a tizzy.

It’s a long story … one untold until now.

In the late summer of 1975, songwriter and producer Tony Macaulay agreed to an interview at his home in St. Johns Wood, a comfortable upper-middle-class suburb of London. Macauley was super-hot then, with the hits “Build Me Up Buttercup,” “Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again” and “Baby Now That I’ve Found You” to his credit.

St. Johns Wood was an attractive place to visit for two additional reasons. Abbey Road recording studios, where the Beatles had recorded throughout their career, was in the neighborhood. And just a few short blocks from Abbey Road was McCartney’s house.

A friend had provided McCartney’s address. This was in the dark ages, before personal computers and the Internet, so you had to have “connections” to get a celebrity’s home address.

It would be a St. Johns Wood three-fer: interview Macaulay, visit Abbey Road studios, and research a story on what it’s like to be a neighbor of Paul McCartney. The Beatles had broken up only a few years earlier, and unless you lived through those times, it’s hard today to describe how hot McCartney was as a news item then.

McCartney’s home, No. 7 Cavendish Ave., was a big, three-story brick and white-stone house, comfortable but unassuming. The only tip-off that the occupants weren’t entirely conventional were the bright yellow columns, red door and blue window trim that contrasted with the plain white stone.

The first neighbor to chat was Gillian, a friendly teen-ager who lived next door to McCartney. She said she enjoyed sipping tea in the bay window of her living room as she listened to Paul – a few feet away near his bay window – playing “Yesterday” or composing a new song on his piano.

In the village center, local merchants told of McCartney often stopping in their stores. Employees in the wine shop, restaurant, grocery store and other village businesses all said Paul was a regular customer, a real down-to-earth guy.

A wave and a talk

Then the interviews were finished, and it was time to catch the train back to London. Cavendish Avenue is not directly on the way to the station, but it was worth walking a couple of blocks out of the way to get one more look at McCartney’s house.

On the walk along Cavendish Avenue, a red Lamborghini appeared and slowly approached McCartney’s home. The Lamborghini turned into the driveway and stopped at the green metal security gate. The passenger door opened and Paul McCartney stepped out. Linda McCartney was behind the wheel.

He walked up to a security speaker-box mounted next to the gate, pushed a button and asked someone inside the house to buzz the gate open. As the gate slowly swung open, Linda McCartney drove the Lamborghini into the small courtyard … and then the unimaginable happened.

Paul McCartney waved across the street, motioning with his arm for me to join him. The notepad and the camera around my neck made it not too difficult to see that I wasn’t a local.

For the next 20 minutes or so, Paul McCartney offered an impromptu one-on-one talk on the grounds of his home. He apologized for not offering a look inside the house, saying he had just finished a band practice and that Linda was picking up the kids so they could go out to dinner. But he chatted as long as he could before they had to leave.

Believe it or not, the specifics of the interview I don’t remember. I didn’t have any hardball questions ready – just stuff like, ‘What songs are you working on? How are preparations for the Wings tour going? Yadda, yadda.“ McCartney was slender, about 5-foot-10, dressed mostly in black. He was friendly and polite to a fault.

Here was a living piece of history, someone who might be remembered a few hundred years from now for the mark that the Beatles made in the timeline of our music and culture. And he was worried about the comfort of his starstruck guest.

“Are you gonna use that?” McCartney asked as we walked to the gate.

“Use what?” I asked.

“That,” he said, pointing at the camera.

Duh. My hands were shaking a bit, so it wound up being among the poorest celebrity photos ever taken, but hey, I got the shot. Still forgot to ask for an autograph, though.

The story got even more amazing from there.

The next day, hoping that lightning would strike twice, I again visited St. Johns Wood. On Cavendish Avenue, in front of McCartney’s house, sat a phone company truck. A phone worker in a white lab jacket was lifting a metal plate from the sidewalk.

Asked if he knew whose house it was, he answered, “McCarthy, innit? In the music business?”

“Would you like to have a look inside the house?” he asked. “Tell you what, pop ‘round the back of the truck, put on one of these coats and grab the back of the ladder. Just don’t muck around with anything once we’re inside the house.”

So I put on the coat (with my camera not too well concealed under it), and walked into McCartney’s house holding the back end of a British phone company ladder.

Children’s artwork hung on the walls and above the doors. He was a guy who could afford Picassos, but chose to display his kids’ finger-paintings. A big jukebox shone from his sitting room.

*On the bulletin board in the kitchen were personal photos of McCartney with John Lennon, on what appeared to be the back porch of a Liverpool rowhouse. McCartney looked about 15, so the pictures must have been taken shortly after he and Lennon met for the first time in 1957.*

Rose, McCartney’s housemaid, was stern-faced at first, and probably couldn’t figure what to make of the guy in the ill-fitting phone company get-up. Still, after a while she agreed to ignore the picture-taking as long as I didn’t, well, muck about. (Beatles trivia: red-haired Rose was said to be the inspiration for McCartney’s album Red Rose Speedway.) McCartney’s kids were watching TV, and the family’s sheepdog Martha (who inspired the song “Martha My Dear”) wandered about. It was a warm, happy domestic scene.

This is where the guilt comes in. Seeing as how entrance to McCartney’s house wasn’t gained totally on the up-and-up, it immediately seemed out of the question to reproduce the photos or publish the story of how I got them. It still doesn’t feel quite right. But with McCartney coming to the area and with so much time having passed, it seemed time to let that skeleton out of the closet.

Linda died a few years ago, I’m not sure whether Rose is still living, and I doubt dear Martha has made it this far. But the pictures I have from a 1975 visit have preserved a warm moment from what was a very happy time in Paul McCartney’s life.

And a dizzying, special moment in one fan’s life as well.

—  Paul kept *personal* photos of him and John on a bulletin board

We celebrated the beauty and power of street art that lies at the heart of the Shadowshaper Cypher series by shooting Shadowshaper and Shadowhouse Fall bookstagrams at some of our favorite street art spots in NYC and Brooklyn. 

Stop 1: North 12th and Berry Street in Brooklyn
Stop 2: North 10th between Driggs Ave and Roebling Street in Brooklyn
Stop 3: 229 North 10th in Brooklyn
Stop 4: Berry Street in Brooklyn between North 12th and North 13th
Stop 5: Corner of Mott St. and Kenmare St. in Manhattan
Stop 6: Corner of North 8th and Bedford Ave in Brooklyn
Stop 7: North 13th and Berry Street in Brooklyn

During the past months I did a lot of research regarding Richard. The things I found I saved in a kind of “working timeline” , that I want to share with you today. It is far from being complete and it contains also events regarding other people in Richards life and details which maybe are not very relevant, but I saved them anyway, bc. they helped me to structure my research. This timeline contains also crimes, Richard was suspected to have committed them, but was never charged of them, or charges were dropped bc. of lack of evidence. These crimes are written in cursive. The sources for this timeline are mostly old newspaper-articles. I tried to avoid the known documentaries and Philip Carlos book.

Date              Event

02/29/1960  Richard was born in El Paso TX

1962/63       hit by a dresser, forehead laceration, 30 stiches, scar still visible

1966            hit by a swing, unconscious for hours

1966           Head start programm

1966           Cooley School

1968           Richards brothers were molested by a teacher, who also came to their house, where he probably also had contact with Richard

01/31/1970 Roberto, 18  (?) and Julian (19) arrested, „auto burglary“

12/02/1970 Julian (20) arrested, auto theft  (out on bond on three similar charges)

1971/1972  epileptic seizures at school,

04/22/1973 gas explosion / Miguel Valles, 23, Josefina Valles, 22 critical condition, Miguel Valles jr., 5, dead (born Sept. 21, 1967), Jose (?Pablo?) Valles, 2, injured

1974-1977 Jefferson Highschool, El Paso

05/04/1975 Cousin Miguel Ramirez Valles (25) shot his wife Josefina in front of Richard and the two children of Miguel (Pablo, 6, and Oswaldo, 3) 

05/15/1975 Josefina Valles died at Thomason General Hospital

1977           dropped out of school (early 1977)

1977           was sent to half-way house for delinquent youths

12/07/1977 arrest on suspicion of marijuana possession (first entry in El Paso police records)

1978           pretrial intervention programm (marijuana possession)

1979           charge of marijuana possession dismissed (insuff. Evidence)

1979           Richard went to LA and lived there with his brother Julian Jr during  the first year. After a fight over who should pay for a car repair Richard moved out.

1979           met Donna Myers when she went down to El Paso with Armando   Rodriguez and Tony Reys, two friends from the San Francisco area. Richard was a friend of Armando’s in El Paso

1980          spent summer in SF, lived in Richmond with Earl Gregg for 4 months (May to October) and later in other parts of the Bay Area (until 1983)

10/07/1980 death of his best friend, Nicholas Nevarez, in a gruesome traffic accident. Richard was in the back seat when a van, driven by another friend, crashed into a fence. His friend got impaled, the pole went right through him. Richard saw the whole thing.

1981          Pasadena, petty theft charge, first arrest in California

1982          pleaded guilty of marijuana possession, 50 days suspended sentence and fined 115$

1983          moved to LA  (in late 1983 acc. to Earl Gregg), in LA started injecting cocaine

1983          imprisoned in LA for nearly five months on an auto theft conviction

March 1984 acc. to Earl Gregg his last meeting with Richard, who told him that he had broken off a needle in his arm while trying to inject cocaine

03/25/1984 medical record on which Richard listed his address as Coronado Hotel, 373 Ellis Street, SF

04/10/1984 Mei „Linda“ Leung murdered / 765 O'Farrell Street, SF (TL Hotel)

May 1984   in early May Richard was back in LA and stayed until August

06/28/1984 Jennie Vincow, murdered in Glassel Park (stabbed repeatly, nearly decapitated)

11/13/1984 Masataka Kobayashi is found dead in his Nob Hill apartment at  1111 Pine St. (SF)  later (first in 1987, again in 2016, SFPD said that they suspect another man, who molested a relative of Kobayashi, but they have not enough evidence to charge him)

12/1984     Richard met Felipe Solano at the bus depot, where Solano was waiting to take a trip to tijuana and started to sell him stolen goods (until August 1985)

12/12/1984 arrested (mugshot) car theft, 36 days in LA County Jail (75 days ?) (used alias Richard Munoz Moreno) Richard had apparently lived several days in the stolen car.

01/23/1985 released from LA County Jail (?? +/-)

01-07 1985 acc. to Sandra Hotchkiss about 25 nonviolent daytime burglaries in Atwater, Los Feliz, Pasadena, Silverlake, Glendale, West LA, Montrose and Santa Monica

02/20/1985 Mary and Christina Caldwell, ages 70 and 58, respectively, are stabbed dozens of times in their Telegraph Hill (SF) apartment.

02/25/1985 a 6-year-old girl was abducted from Wilcox Elementary School in     Montebello

03/11/1985 a 9-year-old boy was abducted from his home in Monterey Park between 9 and 10 p.m.

03/17/1985 Maria Hernandez, Dayle Okazaki, Rosemead / Tia-Lian Yu, Monterey Park (shot .22)

03/20/1985 an 8-year-old girl was abducted from her home in Glassel Park

03/27/1985 Vincent and Maxine Zazzara, Whittier (shot, .22, Maxine Z.: eyes gouged out)

April 1985  shortly after Easter (April 7th), Richard tried to sell a .25 (?) automatic to Earl Gregg and showed him also a black small-caliber revolver. He had also a couple of rifles for sale (acc. to Gregg, source Carlo – source says too, that Halpin during the trial showed Gregg the pistol recovered in Tijuana. And Gregg said that it looked similar . The gun was missing when the jury began deliberations.) However, Richard apparently was in SF in  April 1985.

05/09/1985 burglary Clara Hadsall, Monrovia (not charged bc. Victim died before trial began, but fingerprints and Avia-footprints found in her house, were used as evidence)

05/14/1985 William and Lilian Doy, Monterey Park, 1586 Trumbower Avenue                        (shot .22), Lilian Doy survived

05/17/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/21/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/23/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/29/1985 Mabel Bell and Florence Lang, Monrovia (bludgeoned with a Hammer)

05/30/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/30/1985 Carol Kyle, Burbank (raped,threatened with gun)

06/02/1985 Edward Wildgans, 29, is shot through the right temple by a late-night intruder. His girlfriend fights off the attacker.

06/05/1985 an 8-year old girl was abducted at 7 a.m. from Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School in Rosemead

06/15/1985 stopped by police in Northeast division, suspicion of driving a stolen car, fled on food (business card of dentist Dr. Leung was found in the car)

06/27/1985 a 6-year-old girl was abducted in the early morning from her home in Arcadia (between 1:30 and 3:00 a.m.)

06/27/1985 25 Patty Elaine Higgins, Arcadia, West Naomi Street (throat cut)

07/02/1985 Marie Louise Cannon, Arcadia, East Haven Street (stabbed with   10- inch-kitchen-knife, which he found there)

07/03/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

07/05/1985 Whitney Bennet, Sierra Madre (bludgeoned with tire iron, strangled with telephone-cord, survived)

07/07/1985 Joyce Lucille Nelson,  Monterey Park, 340 E. Arlight (beaten to death, fists, kicks)

07/07/1985 Sophie Dickman, Monterey Park (raped, threatened with gun, silver pistol)

07/20/1985 Max and Leila Kneiding, Glendale, 1431 Stanley Ave (shot, .22, machete)

07/20/1985 Chainarong Khovananth (shot, .22), Somkid Khovananth (raped) , Sun Valley

08/06/1985 Chris and Virginia Petersen in Northridge, shot in temple/face, both survived (released from hospital after 31 hours) (.25)

08/08/1985  Elyas and Sakina Abowath in Diamond Bar, (.25) (stadia shoeprint found)

08/13/1985  Richard stayed at Bristol Hotel, 56 Mason Street, SF

08/15/1985  burglary at 3637 Baker Street, SF ( Jack Saroyan), ring and bracelet were given to Deleen Gregg, who went to the police with them (29.08.)

08/16/1985  Richard visitied Donna Myers and gave her an octagonal jewelry box to hold

mid08.1985  Richard stayed briefly with Armando Rodriguez in El Sobrante

08/17/1985  Peter and Barbara Pan, Lake Merced, SF (shot, .25)

08/21/1985  Earl Gregg and his wife bought a ring and a bracelet from Richard

08/23/1985  Richard came to Donna Myers (with Armando Rodriguez) to retrieve the jewelry box

08/24/1985  orange Toyota (license plate 482 RTS) stolen

08/25/1985  Bill Carns, Inez Erickson, Mission Viejo (call 911 at 2:40 a.m., shot, . 25) – at about 1:30 a.m. he was seen at the house of James Romero.

08/26/1985  stopped by police in Central Division on a motorcycle for a minor violation (driving without license), they cited him and let him go

08/26/1985  Donna Myers called the police, saying that Earl and Deleen Gregg 5 days before had bought a ring and a bracelet from an old aquainstance, whom they knew only  as Rick

08/27/1985  the stolen orange Toyota (license plate 482 RTS) was found in Wilshire (parking lot near Alexandria Ave/6th Str.) at 7 a.m. / Detectives watched the car from hidden positions until after dawn Wednesday

08/28/1985  car was taken to Orange County early in the morning and searched with laser/superglue etc., a fingerprint was found on the rear view mirror, it was fed to database and produced about 100 fingerprint sets bearing similarities, which had to be looked at by hand, they also got hints from persons who knew Richard (Donna Myers,

08/29/1985  Deleen Gregg went to the police with a gold bracelet (engraved with a CA driver licence number) and a pearl ring, saying that she got them from a certain Rick, who sometimes stayed with her mother

08/29/1985  police staked out the houses of Donna Myers and Armando Rodriguez

08/30/1985  Tucson, AZ, Richard visited his brother Robert (by Greyhound bus)

08/30/1985  fingerprint match found / mugshot released

08/31/1985  mugshot published in newspapers / capture, Hubbard Street, LA

08/31/1985  on Saturday afternoon, four officers arrived at the bus depot and confiscated a large brown tote bag, that Richard had left there

09/03/1985  Richard was arraigned on a single murder count (William Doi) and seven other charges (Doi: burglary, robbery, rape, sodomy and forced oral copulation; Clara Hadsall: burglary, robbery)

09/05/1985  line-up and presentation of about 2000 items, recovered from Felipe Solano, Donny Myers and from the house of Richards sister (about 300 pieces of jewelry)

09/10/1985  Police is searching (again) the house of Richards sister for Maxine Zazzara eyes, they are also looking for clothing that may have been splattered with blood anf for weapons like handguns, knives, double- edged daggers, carpet knives, also for handcuffs, binoculars and ammunition that might have been used in the killings and assaults

10/09/1985  Richard fired Adashek and engaged  Joseph Gallegos as his attorney

10/24/1985  Richard pleaded „not guilty“, also the day he showed his hand with the pentagram and shouted „Hail Satan!“ Richard also switched his attorneys again. Gallegos was fired and Arturo and Daniel Hernandez were engaged

12/02/1985 Richard was arraigned on eight charges in Orange county (one count of attempted murder, two counts of rape, two counts of forced oral copulation, two counts of robbery in a dwelling, one count of burglary)

01/10/1986 Richards former attorney Joseph Gallegos died of a heart attack at age 56

03/03/1986  begin of the preliminary hearing in LA

01/30/1989  the trial in LA starts

09/20/1989  convicted of all charges: 13 counts of murder, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, 14 burglaries

11/07/1989  19 death-sentences (gas chamber)

12/04/1989  Richard is taken to SF’s Hall of Justice

01/05/1990  first day of SF-pre-trial

06/07/1991 December 9 1991 was set as date for the trial of the Peter Pan case in SF, Richard pleaded innocent to the 6 counts connected with this case

08/19/1991 Richards father, Julian Tapia Ramirez died of bone cancer (64)

09/21/1993 Richard was returned to San Quentin after a court ordered him out of SF County Jail, where he still was awaiting his trial in the Peter Pan- case. When he came back to San Quentin, the metal detector went off and they found a metal canister in his rectum, containing a part of a handcuff key, a ball point pen, a hypodermic needle and a sticker, saying ‘I love chocolate’.

04/08/1995 death of Miguel Angel Valles (heart attack)

10/03/1996 marriage, Doreen Lioy

07/25/2003 Prosecutor Phil Halpin died on his 65th birthday from cancer

10/22/2009  Richard was linked by DNA to the 1984 killing of Mei Leung in SF

05/28/2013  Richard was taken to the Marin General Hospital

06/01/2013 Richard was released from hospital and brought back to San Quentin

06/05/2013  Richard was taken again to the Marin General  Hospital

06/07/2013  died of complications secondary to B-Cell-Lymphoma, Marin General Hospital, Greenbrae CA

03/14/2016 SF-police released information, that a second suspect was linked to the murder of Mei Leung (10.04.1984 in SF Tenderloin)

04/12/2016 Richard’s mother Mercedes died  


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Chicago Marathon Training, Week 8
  • Monday - 40 min biking + strength training
  • Tuesday - 4.01 mile easy run, 9:27 pace + 25 min biking
  • Wednesday  - 8.08 miles- 6 mile progression (9:19, 8:47, 8:30, 8:14, 7:59, 7:44) plus two cool down miles
  • Thursday - off, rest day (sick)
  • Friday - 4.00 mile easy run, 9:16 pace
  • Saturday - 3.01 mile easy run, 9:22 pace
  • Sunday - 18.03 mile long run- 5x1 min pickups (7:16 ave pace) starting at mile 12 with 5 min easy between, last mile at marathon pace (8:49)

Total: 37.13 miles

Can’t believe the marathon is only 7 weeks away now!

The Road Within: Complete Soundtrack
Ave Maria by Franz Schubert || Orchestra Suite No. 3 in D Major Bwv 1068 Ii. air by J.S. Bach || Toccata and Fugue in D Major by J.S. Bach || Symphony No. 7 In A Major Op.92 Ii. Allegretto by Beethoven || Get Away by Circa Waves || Killin’ Floor by Sawmill Joe || Get It Right by Oh Honey || Pere Lachaise by World War || Burning the Midnight Oil by Tim Wheatley || Yes, Yes, Yes by Tim Krekel || Gramofon (Waltz) by Eugen Doga || Enigma Variations Op.36 Nimrod by London Symphony Orchestra || Now That I’ve Found You (ft. Nikki Reed) by Paul McDonald || Pretty Girls by Ex Vivian || Believer by American Authors || Drive On by Mikey Wax