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Rhen is bae <3

Her avatars leave much confusion, though. The title screen depicts her with shoulder length lilac hair with a bluer tinge near the bottom, the faceset has her with short light blue hair, and then her sprite has lilac hair put into a long braid. So I drew her from the faceset, title screen, and then my own little hybrid which is a mix of the sprite and title screen which I felt would be the most accurate portrayal. Either way she looks super cute <3

Detalle del vestíbulo de entrada, Edificio de Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. (hoy edificio One Woodward), 1 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan, EE. UU. 1963

Arq. Minoru Yamasaki & Associates

Foto. Balthazar Korab

Detail of the entrance lobby, Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. building (now One Woodward building), 1 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan, USA 1963