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Agosto fue el que vio algo? *Se dirije a el* Viste algo?

Agosto: *Amarrado en el suelo, envuelto en cinta* A-a-auxi-

Octubre: *le cubre la boca con cinta* shhhhh.

Noviembre: *lo termina de momificar* No el no sabe.

Introducing yourself in French/Dutch

Je m’appelle [nom]/ Ik heet [naam]

my name is [name]

J’ai [âge] ans/ Ik ben [leeftijd] jaar (oud)

I am [age] years old

Je joue à [sport/instrument]/ Ik speel [sport/instrument]

! à+ le= au/ à+ les= aux

I play [sport/instrument]

Je suis de [pays]/ Ik kom uit [land]

I come from [country]

J’habite à [ville]/ Ik woon in [stad]

I live in [city]

J’aime…/Ik hou van…

! aimer+ definite article

I love…

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Name: Auxi.

Nickname: Hellcat or just Hell.

Gender: Female

Star sign: Sagittarius

Height: 160 cm

Sexuality: Bisexual

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Favorite animal: Panther

Average hours of sleep: 5-7 hours

Current time: 8:52 pm

Dog or cat person: Actually a love cats, but I have a little dog.

Blankets I sleep with: Many, I love to be comfy and warm.

Dream trip: Hmm Ireland and EEUU

Dream job: Writer

When I made my blog: I don’t know, two or four years ago.

Followers: 140, and I have no idea where they come from XD

Why I made a Tumblr: I can’t remember. Latest I use it more because I do graphics, crackships and weird stuff.

Reason for my URL: Is my nickname plus 221B because I love Sherlock Holmes.

Okay, english not my first language so… I apologize for the possible mistakes.

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