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Piracy AU

Wanda Maximoff was a village girl Pietro Lehnsherr fell in love with when they were young. But upon finding his son was in love with someone well below his stature, Governor Lehnsherr arranged for the girl to be taken to a different colony, well away from his son, who was intended to join the Royal Navy. 

Years later, Pietro’s ship is ambushed by a pirate ship, captained by the young woman Pietro fell in love with years earlier. 

clairethegatr-blog  asked:

What kind of EVIIIIIL!!! deeds dose AUWaldo make the AURegi's do?

The AU!Trio is more or less AU!Waldo’s group of bodyguards/watchmen! Anyone they would see as a potential threat to their “father” is immediately disposed of. They also keep constant watch over the prostitutes in AU!Waldo’s business in case one of them tries to escape.

As a result of ultimately losing their humanity, they’ve become much more feral and mindless and are not above killing the women if they attempted to escape. Makes for a good reminder that you don’t mess with this trio!