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hey. I found this blog through the Jokela tag. I'm an 18-year old student from Finland, currently at the same school where Pekka was and where the school shooting happened. Also someone asked whether he has any siblings and yes he does, an 18 year old boy named Olavi. He looks like Pekka's twin brother, they are soooo look-a-like it sometimes scares the fuck out of me. But first of all, I wanted to ask that why you are so interested about him? He was a psycho after all

Wow, thanks for the data, I didn’t know about the name! Olavi, sounds good and cute. I think ladymunaontheprowl asked that, did you do, girl? I can’t remember very well.

Well, I will be serious. I am so interested in the case because, after seeing all his tastes and thoughts, I am more or less identified with him. He’s like the kind of friend I would like to have. I also had bullying in school, for example, I also lost the faith in humanity, for example, and etc.

Look, I have something called empathy. My empathy is so huge. I don’t see Pekka as a monster, a devil, or whatever, I only see him as a human, a boy with problems, a human!

But my empathy gives me problems. I usually have episodes of sadness thinking about the massacre. I was 12 in that moment, you know, but I have to admit I always think I could have avoided that problem (relax, I’m not the only one. There are so many people feeling the same thing about Columbine, for example).

Just that. I feel identified with him, very identified. And empathy. I hope this helped you with your curiosity. And I hope, too, that this won’t make you think I am a crazy girl.

Well, I think it’s all. Have a good day and good luck in life. See ya.

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Hello! so I've been searching around for any kind of footage of pekka/his videos but for some reason I can't. Do you have any link for his videos or anything?? Thank you!

There is a profile in with some videos of Pekka. I don’t know how many videos Pekka did, and I am not sure if this channel has all his works.

Also, some months ago I found a page with some files about the information of the attack, his tastes and hates and the Manifesto. I can’t find that page, but there is another with the same shit.

Now in the last days, I am searching a photo of his grave. I found it, but I didn’t save it and I can’t find it again. If you find that, please, contact me. The same thing with the supposed photo of Pekka in the floor after the shooting.

Good luck and thanks for the time you spent to write me. Have a good day!

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No no no I don't think that you're crazy at all :) I just wanted to know why, just pure curiosity. I know his brother and many people who had to actually go through the school shooting. My psychology teacher, who was a teacher at our school back in 2007 too, has told us many stories about Pekka. I think it would be cool if someone who's actually interested about this from abroad would come to our school to listen to him omg

Thanks to the Heaven, I was so scared. There is so many people who tell us we are crazy bitches and all that shit. 

That thing you say is pretty cool, I would like to go to Finland and see a little more about the case, but in Argentina the things are very expensive, so a plane ticket would cost the Hell. But well, somedayyyyyyyy…