anonymous asked:

Do you have a fall out boy playlist for bad days? Or just songs by them that you listen to when you're not feeling so great? x

(I personally just put all of my Fall Out Boy music on shuffle but I’ll make a special playlist just for you anon)

1) Grand Theft Autumn

2) Young Volcanoes

3) Fourth Of July

4) I Don’t Care

5) She’s My Winona

6) The (Shipped) Gold Standard

7) Hum Hallelujah

8) Golden

9) Lullabye

10) Pavlove

11) Snitches and Talkers…

12) Dance, Dance

13) Fame < Infamy

14) G.I.N.A.S.F.S.

15) Novocaine

16) Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC)

I hope this playlist makes you feel better ♥