C 2/2 - Commission.

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Pairing: Jason/Percy
Rating: teen

The air in the room is cold, biting even, leaving the exposed skin of Jason’s cheek, nose and shoulder stinging and tingling a little. It keeps him from falling back asleep, although he isn’t quite awake yet and hovering in that strange place between dreaming and waking.
After a strangely mild autumn, winter has come fast, and with it a drop in temperature Jason hasn’t expected at all. Over the last week, it had been continuously getting colder, but yesterday must have been the coldest day yet. From the feel of it, things only got worse overnight. On top of that, the cheap student dorms Jason chooses to live in these days hardly have working heating or any sort of isolation which results in Jason shivering pretty much constantly, even now, buried under his blanket up to his nose.

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Guys….I just saw this in the grocery store.


It’s 95+ degrees out everyday, no pumpkin could fucking survive that shit.

Before we fucking know it the horns of the nearing skeleton army will sound. Good god….

I can already hear the collective sound of rattling bones…

Jackolanterns will rain from the sky as that cursed some echos through the streets. You know the one.

I thought we would all be safe for a little while longer but I was wrong….

So very very wrong….

Let autumn come early. Let my wounds suffer no longer.

As a  fig tree stubborn mixed with the skewy symbolism
of pomegranate, heron, maidenhead 

from the thrushes my nightmares warble
the aching sack of self disheveled , continues on blindly

Plot 153: Wish You Were Here (submitted by P.T.)

Muse A and Muse B have known each other since middle school. They were best friends then- secretly crushing on one another all the while. However, when the two began high school, Muse A went one way, and Muse B went another. Over the summer of their junior year, they reconnect, and as different as they are on the outside, they still feel the same on the inside. The biggest difference is that they are no longer afraid of their feelings for each other. There’s just one problem- Muse A will be moving out of state/country, come autumn. Despite the odds stacked against them, the two decide to make a long distance relationship work - for better or for worse. Will frequent phone conversations and video chat dates be enough to keep their love alive until they can see one another face-to-face again?