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You’re not alone. Stay alive.

U n f o r g e t t a b l e

Min Yoongi x Reader x Park Jimin

Pt 1 - 5 Stages of Grief

Pt 2 - Repentance

Summary: You loved him and he loved you but you were forced to marry him

A/n: Thanks everyone for following through with the series! This was definetely difficult to write with all the emotions and angst :’) Let me know what you think!

You turned on your heel and smiled.

“Welcome! You can take the seat right here.” Smiling towards your warm customers, you directed them to a free table as they stripped themselves off of their autumn clothing, allowing the scent of fallen leaves and cinnamon to infiltrate their senses. Noticing the small smiles on their faces, you gently placed a flimsy piece of paper in front of them and greeted them with more smiles. “I’ll come in a few moments to get your orders. Have a nice day.”

Your customers nodded in response as they focused their eyes on the menu. You paced around the cafe to treat the customers, the sweet melodic, jazzy music penetrating the room as it created some sort of safe haven for you, free from the stresses of the outside world. The bass of the jazz mixed in with the saxophone evidently led to the aesthetic feel to your season cafe. Since it was autumn, the whole cafe let out an autumn vibe ranging from decorations to drinks. Right in the middle of your favorite part of the song, it suddenly changed.

“Fall, everything. Fall, everything-”

You widened your eyes and all of a sudden, the sanctuary you called your cafe suddenly became a house of unwanted memories as the song continued to play. Hitching your breath, you quickly walked over to where the music was located in order to switch the music - switch the music before he started rapping.

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