types of people - fall drinks

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pumpkin spice latte - mysteriously always on trend, dreams of going to Paris, secretive whispering, chronically stressed, fancy headphones, watching the rain with a friend, seems innocent but isn’t, binge watching halloween movies

chai tea - cobblestone streets, rainfalls at night, buys fresh flowers, long gazes, practices their handwriting, heavy perfume, reads literature classics, old architecture, plays old vinyl records, the feel of flannel against skin

apple cider - crafty, actually works out, unique music taste, feels like they have too much to do, goes to indie festivals, wears patterned socks, changing hair colors, infectious laughter, can’t let their happy facade down, cookies and milk

cappuccino - kind of overworked, the feel of cold fingers around a hot mug, oversized shirts, talkative, exhilarating adrenaline rushes, befriending the barista, foggy mornings, desperately tries to be organized, tears at 2 am

hot chocolate - a hugger, not taking any bullshit, fiercely loyal, singing in the shower, oversized sweaters, rich colors, difficult to read, wants a Vespa, bonfire nights, polaroids, soft spoken, has a thousand nicknames, introverted