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Small worlds.

I keep seeing this photo pop up on my feed. One of my favorite photos, and was always curious about the location. So i googled the inscription.. and what i found.. was amazing and spooky! I want to visit. This is what i found.. Grant Park (Seven bridges) in Milwaukee: Grant Park, located along the shores of Lake Michigan, contains 381 acres and is the second largest park in the County’s park system. In the early 1900s, Frederick C. Wulff, the first Superintendent of Horticulture for the park system, developed paths which served as the foundation of the Seven Bridges Trail. As you enter the park, you cross under a covered bridge that bears the inscription, “Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature.” Several people through out the parks’s existence have committed suicide by jumping or hanging themselves from the main entrance bridge and by other means. When standing on the main bridge looking down into the ravine, often times it looks  as  though  the air is filled  with sparkles and shimmerd, and has a very  strong  “feel”.  Many  people have reported seeing colorful glowing lights dancing amongst the trees, and have heard voices and footsteps when there was (seemingly) no one around. At night, you can sometimes hear a strange (and not pleasant) scream/screech coming from  deep in the woods. There have been also been reported sightings of odd human-sized creatures that bear a striking resemblance to a praying mantis..    

Happy International Day of Happiness 😜

Here are a few things that make me happy. What makes you smile?

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I had a dream concerning prenatal life (who knows why:) - something about the angels who impose the oblivion to the children before they are in the world … what remains of this weird experience is this  sect of Atropuses - the priests of autumn …

by David Chance Fragale

Son of the High Lord of Autumn