autumn winter rules!

tagged by @lukerook​ <3 

five things you’ll find in my bag: 

  1. yuri on ice
  2. merlin
  3. harry potter 
  4. cats 
  5. overly personal posts

five things you’ll find in my bedroom: 

  1. fucking d u s t 
  2. computer
  3. fairy lights
  4. a l o t of paper 
  5. glitter

five things i’m currently into: 

  1. yuri on ice 
  2. uh
  3. yeah
  4. i. i’m p hyperfixated on yoi rn 
  5. i don’t know how to have multiple interests

five things i’ve always wanted to do: 

  1. meet my friend beth
  2. travel somewhere i can see all the stars at night
  3. move out
  4. lose weight
  5. live somewhere with a pool (lmao)

five things on my to do list: 

  1. finish business plan
  2. make vicky’s papercraft
  3. make the jjbella papercraft 
  4. plan/make birthday things for my grandparents? 
  5. clean bedroom

five things that make me happy: 

  1. sleep
  2. cats
  3. being in the same space as my friends, esp when it’s quiet
  4. fairy lights 
  5. autumn/winter 

rules: list the top ten songs you are listening to nowadays and tag ten mutuals.

im… cheating and using my most played stuff on itunes

  1. death of a bachelor - panic at the disco
  2. history maker - dean fujioka 
    1. (also all the rest of the yoi sountrack)
  3. night driver - busted 
  4. god rest ye merry gentlemen - annie lennox (the video…. is my entire aesthetic goals, guys) 
  5. you got me - ingrid michaelson
  6. thirsty - daya
  7. coming home - busted
  8. there’s too much love - belle & sebastian 
  9. somewhere over the rainbow - israel kamakawiwo'ole
  10. no secrets - missy higgins 
  11. (bonus, because i REALLY like this version) meet you there (abbey road session) - busted 

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