autumn transition

Radio Chaos (Pt. 1)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Racer!Jungkook

Word Count: 4,155

Warnings: Sexual content, drinking, swearing

Summary:  The dark hoodies and jackets they’re wearing hugging and touching their bodies in places every girl is dying to and you find yourself yearning for their warmth. While the unforgiving November wind creeps up your body, you wonder how soothing it would feel in the embrace of a notorious boy.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

A/N: So tell me if you want me to continue this story, as always, your opinion means a lot to me. I didn’t read it through, so there are probably some errors. Enjoy! :) NONE OF THESE PICTURES ARE MINE, CREDITS TO THE OWNERS

They’re already here.

You can see the cars as you’re approaching, and you can barely distinguish a couple of figures that are leaning on them.

You can hear them talking, a laugh slipping out here and there – it all sounds like a murmur of voices, boyish voices; deep and rough, but soft at the same time, playful in a way, beckoning you over. Sharply cut strands of hair playing with the wind, pierced ears – and you think to yourself that ‘earrings have never looked hotter on boys’.
The dark hoodies and jackets they’re wearing hugging and touching their bodies in places every girl is dying to and you find yourself yearning for their warmth. While the unforgiving November wind creeps up your body, you wonder how soothing it would feel in the embrace of a notorious boy.

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Goddesses and Wicca

Artemis - (Also known as Diana by the Romans). She is a virgin Greek goddess, beholden to no man. Known as the goddess of witches, she is represented by the bow & arrow, hare, the cat and the moon. She is best evoked for protection against unwanted male attention and to help you settle into your craft.

Gaia - hello Mother Earth. Best known for connections with nature and ecological issues. A globe or picture of the earth is best to represent her. You can look upon Gaia to help you with any ‘green issues’.

Demeter & Persephone - goddesses of the seasons. Demeter (represented by corn and poppies is the goddess of summer and the harvest (autumn/fall) and is the mother of Persephone who was captured by hades of the underworld and made queen. Legend says that Demeter was so upset by her daughter’s absence that land became barren. So Zeus ordered that Persephone be returned for six months of the year. So spring and summer are when the two are reunited and autumn and winter is the time when Persephone returns to the underworld. You can call upon Persephone for protection against unwanted male attention, independence and Demeter can be invoked for abundance rituals. Call upon them both for any family issues.

Athena - goddess of wisdom and the arts. Her symbol is the owl. A virgin and war goddess, she can be called upon in times when you need to 'feel the fear and do it anyway’. If you are faced with adversity call upon Athena for her help and wisdom.

Hecate - you may have heard her mentioned in such TV series as buddy the vampire slayer. She is strongly linked to witchcraft and the mysteries of the universe. Can’t help thinking she has something to do with cosmic law or karma if you will. She is the spinner of fate and destiny, in charge of life and death. She is symbolised by the cauldron. She is depicted as riding a chariot pulled by dragons. She is known as the queen of the night (sorry Whitney) and a powerful mistress of divination. She can be called upon for protection of any kind, especially discrimination. Hecate will protect you from harm whilst you improve your skills in the craft.

Aphrodite - a Greek goddess (or in Rome she is called Venus). She is known for love and beauty, represented by honey bees, frogs and honey pots. Consider calling upon her for love spells or help with any relationship in general. Legend has it she was born from the foam of the sea so if you are drawn to mermaids or sea shells, you could also feel a strong connection with her. She may also be able to give you a boost if you’re looking to feel sexy and attractive towards a certain crush?

Isis - unfortunately as we know, lately her name is being used and in my opinion not in a good way. THE REAL ISIS resembles all that is good about being a woman and she is our Egyptian goddess. This is a goddess of life, death and rebirth. Her symbol is the serpent and can be used for any spells involving women’s issues. She is a great guide if you feel a connection to Egyptology.

Guinevere - a goddess of independence and free spirit. She is a strong woman that connects us to our home soil and feminine wiles! You can invoke her if you are in a troubled relationship and need the courage to break free. She can also help with finding new love. She comes with an important message to be true to yourself - something we all must learn in our lives. She was lancelot’s love.

Morgan Le fay - as you know both Guinevere and Morgan le fay are both connected with Camelot and the Knights of the round table. I believe people call it 'Arthurian times’. She is a very strong presence in witchcraft and originally portrait as evil but she was only a follower of the 'old ways’ and a priestess in her own right. She is the one who wanted things to be kept as they were and not embark on the Christianity train. So when she did not adhere to the new rules she was deemed an evil sorceress and that’s she is depicted today. She was Arthur’s half sister. She is connected with night and winter. Call upon her for justice, retribution and protection. She is a strong source of power so do not invoke her if you are fly by night or experimenting with the craft on a whim.

I have now explained all aspects of goddess but they are all as one. Goddess is multi faceted.

The triple goddess - this means the three aspects of goddess and the three phases of the moon. There are also three phases of a woman’s life

Maiden - new and waxing moons
Mother - full moon
Crone - waning and dark moons.

All goddesses represent one of these aspects. Eg. Hecate and morgan le fay would be crime as they fall under the dark side. Isis and Gaia are mother goddesses, while Artemis and Persephone are maiden goddesses.

Altogether they are the triple goddess.

The maiden (new and waxing moons) - youth, new beginnings, dawn. The colour is white for purity

The mother (full moon) - summer, full moon magic, Mother Nature. The colour is red for fertility and blood of life.

The crime (waning and dark moons) - the night, death and transition, autumn and winter. The colour is black and purple which symbolises protection and rest. She is the strongest, known for wisdom and release, prophecy and the guardian of all witches.

We all have power inside us as women and the goddess lives in All of us too. We all have a spark of magical power we can tap into. We are strong, nurturing and alive!

The quiet transition from autumn to winter is not a bad time at all. It’s a time for protecting and securing things and for making sure you’ve got in as many supplies as you can. It’s nice to gather together everything you possess as close to you as possible, to store up your warmth and your thoughts and burrow yourself into a deep hole inside, a core of safety where you can defend what is important and precious and your very own. Then the cold and the storms and the darkness can do their worst. They can grope their way up the walls looking for a way in, but they won’t find one, everything is shut, and you sit inside, laughing in your warmth and your solitude, for you have had foresight.
—  Tove Jansson (Moominvalley in November)
Changing Seasons At The Army Base

Character: Sooyoung (SNSD)
Word count: 2023
Summary: While volunteering for the army, Sooyoung finds herself drawn to a lonely soldier | #fluff

a/n: I hope this is what you were looking for! And I chose Sooyoung since there’s not enough Sooyoung around :/

Originally posted by girl-groups

Though the winter had been long, the first signs of the season changing began to bloom, the days getting longer, air less bitter, flowers beginning to sprout. Spring was coming. And this was a Spring unlike any other that Sooyoung had experienced, as it was the season when Sooyoung met you.

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Astrology & The Seasons

The Signs are associated with the Season in which they occur. The entire Tropical (Western) Astrology system is constructed around the seasons. Aries begins when the Sun crosses the Vernal Equinox Line and Spring begins.

The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of Cancer, the Winter Solstice marks the start of Capricorn, and the Autumnal Equinox signifies the beginning of Libra. It is from those Cardinal points that the 30° divisions are drawn.

The Cardinal Signs are the signs of initiation - and they mark the beginning of a Season. The Fixed Signs are the signs of sustainability - and they occur when a Season is at its most stable, 30° after the beginning of the Cardinal Sign that preceded them. The Mutable Signs are the signs of adaptability - and they take up the time period when Seasons are changing, 30° after the beginning of the Fixed Sign that preceded them, and 30° before the Cardinal Sign that succeeds them.

Aries is the beginning of Spring, Taurus is full-fledged Spring, Gemini is the transition from Spring to Summer, Cancer is the beginning of Summer, Leo is Summer at its hottest, Virgo is the transition from Summer to Fall, Libra is the beginning of Fall, Scorpio is full-fledged Fall, Sagittarius is the transition from Fall to Winter, Capricorn is the beginning of Winter, Aquarius is Winter at its coldest, and Pisces is the transition from Winter to Spring.

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if the ask box is closed, i'm sorry!! but if not, may i ask for some Akaashi Keiji daily life headcanons? like what he does on his free time, how his grades are at school and how his personal life is basically :-)

Hello hello! I hope you’re having an amazing day!

Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for headcanons :’)

Life/General Headcanons

  • Akaashi is an amazing student and even takes time to tutor the other members of his class/grade to help them with tests and overbearing homework. Sometimes he’s even sought out by third years who struggle in a particular subject. He’s always surprised because it doesn’t happen often, but inwardly it makes him feel proud.
  • Akaashi’s favorite season would have to be Autumn, though the transition from Summer to Autumn has to be his favorite. When the summer nights finally cool off and he’s able to lay in his bed listening to music with his window open, it makes him very happy, and these are the days he wakes up with a smile on his face.
  • The neighborhood animals actually adore him. He sometimes come home from school or practice and will stop by the small convenience stores to buy food for the stray animals living around. There are times where the animals will even follow him. He finds it cute,even though he knows he can’t take them all home and take care of them.
  • His morning routine is a bit interesting, because his body hasn’t fully woken up before it’s time to go to school, everything he does, he has to move around. You’ll see him pace around the house quite a few times while brushing his teeth, and he won’t even bother changing out of his pajamas until he’s eaten something and has his bag packed for the day. His routine goes as shows: Wake up, Eat, Brush teeth, Answer Bokuto-san’s texts, Pack bag for school, Shower, Get Dressed, Download any new songs or games to help him get through the day, leave for school after stealing another bite to eat.
  • Akaashi is a very family oriented person and spends a lot of his free time with his family. Whether it be going out to visit other people, or going shopping with his parents, he’s a regular at certain spots and sometimes he even gets discounts on items for being such a regular customer.
  • When he isn’t by himself or with his family, he loves hanging out with his friends, even if all they do is sit in silence. Akaashi is an introverted person and prefers staying within the city he lives in, but if he ever goes on a trip he always seems to enjoy himself. sometimes if he’s spending the day out by himself around town and he runs into someone he knows or a close friend he’ll spend the rest of the day with them, telling stories of their week at school and their various activities.
  • Akaashi’s mom is incredibly friendly, and always welcomes Akaashi’s friends and classmates with open arms. She’s always got snacks and other activities planned at the ready whenever her son brings someone home with him. Seeing her son enjoy himself and be more open and excitable makes her a happy little muffin. Also! Akaashi is a bit taller than his mom! His dad is still taller than him, but is much more soft spoken than his mother.
  • On his days where he spends them alone, he sleeps quite a bit and likes to stay in his room. He’ll leave his room to eat and of course to go use the bathroom when needed, but other than that you can find him in bed reading, watching volleyball matches or movies, or listening to music, his favorite thing to do.

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110: "it's a hobby of mine to prove you wrong" with Barba please x

A/N: Here is some sexy high roller Rafael for my dear readers. Enjoy!

Prompt 110 - It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong 

Rafael had asked you to accompany him to an art gallery opening and auction held by an old friend of his, a talented and well known photographer. The opening was very high profile and lavish, held in a converted warehouse just outside Manhattan. There were several people walking across the white floors, sipping drinks and admiring the photographs that were blown up onto large canvases and hung up on brick walls. You couldn’t help but feel out of place as you stood quietly near Rafael, who chatted with wealthy socialites and other successful lawyers such as himself. You smiled and chuckled when necessary, the conversation often political and venom-laced. You had excused yourself from the group, trying to ignore Rafael’s look of concern as you wandered into a quiet hallway for a moment of peace to yourself. You brought your champagne flute to your lips, taking a welcomed sip.

Your gaze lands on a medium-sized photograph in front of you. It was a picture of the mall, Central Park’s most famous walkway. The photo was breathtaking, the trees that cascaded over the walkway appeared to be newly transitioned into autumn with bright vibrant yellow and orange leaves. You begin to imagine what the photograph would look like framed over a fireplace mantel, if you could ever afford it that is.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” It was Rafael.

You spun around, gasping as he had startled you.

“Are you feeling alright, Mi vida?” Your partner was quickly at your side, placing a protective hand on the small of your back.

You nod, blush rising in your cheeks.

“I’m fine, Rafi.” You adjust his bow tie, smoothing down the front of his suit jacket. Stepping forward, you place a smooth kiss on the corner of his mouth. Lingering for a second, you breath him in, then step back. He is still frowning, unconvinced you’re telling the truth.

“I can call us a cab-”

“Really, Rafael. I’m okay. Can we stay for the auction?” You ask softly. “Please?”

He sighs, grinning as you pout your lip and give your best puppy dog look.

“Okay, Carino.” He says, defeated.

“Sold! To number 19 for eleven thousand dollars!” The auctioneer declares with a whack of his gavel. A beautiful large monochrome portrait of a nude woman in a bed of roses is removed from the easel and replaced with another photograph. The room erupts in applause and you shift in your seat. You look over at Rafael, who has been watching you intently the whole time. His hand is suddenly on your thigh, giving it a small squeeze and the muscles deep in your belly respond. The crowd claps again, as the next piece sells for almost fifteen thousand dollars. You watch as your Central Park photo is placed on the easel to sell and pout in disappointment when the auctioneer informs the room of the ten thousand dollar starting price. A man in front of you bids ten thousand and very few counter, reaching over seventeen thousand dollars.

“Seventeen thousand going once, going twice,” the auctioneer calls. Suddenly, you hear Rafael’s voice beside you.

“Twenty-five thousand dollars.”

You look at him, speechless.

“Twenty-five thousand going once, going twice. Sold for twenty-five thousand dollars!” The auctioneer declares victoriously.

Rafael lowers his auction paddle, leaning in to whisper in your ear.

“That’s the photograph you wanted, right?” He teases, his smile playful.

“Rafael, are you insane?!”

He tilts his head, looking at you affectionately.

“Not insane mi amor, just un hombre in love.”

Your mouth goes dry. Holy shit. Your subconscious nods with satisfaction.

“When I thought I couldn’t get any luckier, you proved me wrong.” You gaze at him. His expression serious, sincere. You lean over and kiss him gently.

“Well, It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.” He teases as a small smile plays at the corners of his lips, his eyes darken, burning into yours. He looks back towards the front of the room, his hand lovingly placed on your upper thigh.

Butterflies erupt in your stomach at the thought of Rafael later that night, declaring his love for you -

over and over again.

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That scene in episode 4 where Shin picks up Eun Tak from school and he gets out of the car in slow motion with the music swelling in the background kills me e-v-e-r-y time. He's just getting out of the car! Why is it so dramatic? Why does he look like a supermodel? I freaking love it.

Anon… HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENES OF KIM SHIN (aka. GONG YOO)!!! :O *coughs* That’s why his gorgeous face is my icon… >.> Yes… let’s talk about that car pick up scene!

I love it how she’s in the middle of her ghost friend squad while they’re gloating over how they got revenge on the bully… damn, how I wish I was with them to join in on the fun!! The talk between grandma ghost and that screaming lady ghost always cracks me up every time I watch it: 

“Hey, why didn’t you haunt one of them? You whine about how lonely you are.” “Hah, as if! I’d rather die and –”… “You did die.”… “I wouldn’t, even if I could come back to life for it!” 

HOWEVER… IT’S SO FUCKIN HILARIOUS HOW SHIN DRIVES UP AND HER GHOST FRIENDS GET SCARED!! LMAO xD And the look on Eun-tak’s face is priceless… when she saw the car… WE KNOW WHO IT IS… SHE KNOWS WHO IT IS!! Ugh…why is it dramatic? Well… cue “Stuck In Love” while Shin came out of that car in slow motion in those sunglasses… HOW CAN THIS MAN GET ANY HOTTER?! OML!! And Eun-tak’s little lip curl… GIRL I KNOW YOU WANT TO SMILE! But her pride was in the way or else she would’ve smiled the most brightest and shiniest grin that would’ve blinded the entire human race and burn holes through Shin’s sunglasses. 

OMG…Why does he look like a supermodel? Just look at the way how Shin stood there with his hands in his pockets like a boss… he was probably thinking, “Look at me Ji Eun-tak, I can drive a car and look fuckin hot at the same time.” And does angles not apply to this man? He looks friggin gorgeous at every and any possible angle you can think of. AHHH!! IF IT WAS ME, I WOULD HAVE RAN TO HIM AND HUG THE LIFE OUT OF HIM!! But of course, remember what happened before this? Eun-tak was sad and lonely because Shin was avoiding her after finding out she was really his bride. So even after Shin’s drunk escapade… I don’t blame her for trying not to boost his ego when he came to pick her up (but it definitely made her happy or why else she was trying so hard not to grin, lmao). But what I love even more after this scene… was when Shin realized he was IN LOVE!!! 

JUST LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL SCENERY!! What’s symbolic about Shin realizing his first love in the season of Autumn is that Autumn symbolizes change or transition. This moment was life-changing for Shin because it was his first love and the reason why he started to enjoy life! Also, realize how the scenery is a vibrant orange-yellow hue? This color symbolizes joy, sunshine, attraction, and happiness, which are aspects that Eun-tak has brought into Shin’s life. Plus, Shin just read The Physics of Love which describe how Eun-tak attracts him more and more before realizing that he’s already fallen in love:

Mass is not proportional to volume. 

A girl as small as a violet. 

A girl who moves like a flower petal is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass. 

Just then, like Newton’s apple, I rolled toward her without stopping until I fell on her, with a thump. 

With a thump. 

My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground. 

It was my first love.

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The quiet transition from autumn to winter is not a bad time at all. It’s a time for protecting and securing things and for making sure you’ve got in as many supplies as you can. It’s nice to gather together everything you possess as close to you as possible, to store up your warmth and your thoughts and burrow yourself into a deep hole inside, a core of safety where you can defend what is important and precious and your very own. Then the cold and the storms and the darkness can do their worst. They can grope their way up the walls looking for a way in, but they won’t find one, everything is shut, and you sit inside, laughing in your warmth and your solitude, for you have had foresight.
—  Tove Jansson, Moominvalley in November
hopeless hearts just passing through

for: beka @alienharrry
by: jessica @nightingiall 
a story about Shakespearean plays, an unlikely pair of high school teachers, a fake date to a real wedding, and the magic of romance (for a hopeless romantic).
word count: 14,319
warnings: sexual content, language
main pairing: niall/harry

Summer’s transition into autumn is always a strange one, Harry thinks as he tugs his warm jumper up and over his head with a huff. He’s been hauling boxes from the truck downstairs up to his new fifth floor flat throughout the course of what started as a morning with a crisp but biting breeze to a humid and muggy afternoon that has sticky droplets of sweat rolling down the back of his neck.

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with that pokemon variation thing happening, I wanted to try soooo much with deerling. different flowers for different seasons, etc, but I decided to stick with roses.

autumn: primarily orange with trims of gold or vice-versa. some may still have hints of green or yellow-green pigments left from summer. yellow fade on the legs is a characteristic for both summer and fall, or roughly half the year.

winter: transitioning from autumn, the yellow deerling’s legs fades to white and most of its fur fades to a light brown. the roses on its body also brighten to a beautiful white with a green trim. it’s not uncommon for the whiteness of the rose to linger after winter. however, a permanent white rose paired with a lighter coat suggests you’ve stumbled upon a shiny.

spring: after winter melts away, deerling’s fur brightens to welcome spring. various fur and rose colors include pink, lavender, or salmon. yellow pigments may emerge in early anticipation for summer.

summer: when the temperature rises, it is welcomed with bright green and gold fur. depending on the environment, its fur gains or loses brightness, and may even have brown pigments. this is true in dryer climates, while areas that receive more rain are heavily populated with brightly-colored deerling.

Happy Libra Season ♡♎

Libra season starts today and I wish all Libras a happy birthday!

This has to be my favorite season of the year, along with the Taurus season. Which makes sense, because both those signs are ruled by Venus so they’re naturally the most beautiful.

September and October marks the transition into autumn, where the wheather cools off without being too cold and you can start layering clothes and taking hot baths and watch the leaves change colors!!
Honestly, when I think of libras I always just think of preppy law students walking around with their group of friends on a beautiful campus in fall.

Libra is the scales and the symbol is often interpreted as such
Others say that it depicts a sunset. Libra is balance, harmony.  When the hot glowing sun is drowned in a cool, blue ocean, the balance between two opposites is reached. Libra season is definetly the time of the year with the most beautiful, dramatic and colorful sunsets.
In the whole of nature we can see this balance, actually. It’s not summer anymore, not yet cold and wintery.
Just like actual libra people, this season thrives from creating beauty and harmony.Enjoy this time of the year!!!