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Swisher, Iowa
Population: 879

“Swisher, Iowa had its beginnings on the old Benjamin Swisher homestead by Swisher Creek about 15 miles north of Iowa City, Iowa. Benjamin Swisher had established his farm there in 1841 and added more property as time went by until he had acquired about 600 acres of good land. He first built a log cabin, then a second joined by an entry between them. A barn was built in 1861 and the Forest Oak house around 1862. Benjamin retired from farming in the 1880’s and moved in 1884 with his daughter Catherine (Kate) and her husband Eugene Ballard to Minneapolis, Kansas. Benjamin died in 1885. It is unknown whether anyone in the family worked the farm after Benjamin’s death, but we do know that in 1903 it was decided among his living sons Abram E., Lovell and Stephen that the farm would be platted form the town of Swisher.”

We are very excited to announce that our dear friend/amazing piercer @adamrichins is returning to Vaughn Body Arts.

Adam will be piercing full time again at VBA starting Sunday, January 17th.
Welcome back, Adam. We missed you!
(photo by Autumn Swisher) 

Monterey, CA