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Fall colors and Halloween decorations on Mt. Vernon Street in Prescott, AZ. Mt. Vernon Street has a great collection of old Victorian homes and is locally famous for attracting thousands of trick-or-treaters for Halloween.

AH Origins: Gavin

AH Origins explores how the Fake AH Crew came together. Their heists, their origins and their rise to power.

The first story is Gavin’s origin.

America wasn’t as glamorous as it had looked in the movies. Gavin might even go as far as to say it was a let-down. Still, there was a pulse here. He liked that. There was movement, and people, and the city never slept. Los Santos was different to Oxfordshire in every way, and that at least was an improvement.

It was 3 am on the east side of Los Santos. Gavin sat at the bar in O’Reilley’s, sitting on the same stool he’d been on since 10pm.

One more drink. That was it. He flipped a coin in to his beer.

‘God save the queen,’ he muttered.

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July 13th - TheMadOldBaggage is right: I’m being unduly pessimistic about autumn and the passage of summer. It’s still gorgeous, and there’s loads of stuff still to come into flower.

Today, I was delighted to spot these gorgeous wild sweat peas. Just how lovely are they? You can’t fail to see these and not be lifted.

Autumn? Not yet you don’t, matey. 

HOF Ontario 2015 - Teen solo results
  • 1st Overall - Talia Seitel (Winter’s Song) - MDP - 296.5
  • 2nd Overall - Lauren Shaw (Passage) - WCSA, Autumn Miller (Last love song) - MDC - 295.5
  • 3rd Overall - Taylor Nunez (Not about angels) - WCSA, Audrey Lee (Darling) - MDC - 295
  • 4th Overall - Aaliya Zolina (Find a way) - WCSA - 294.5
  • 5th Overall - Mackenzie Auger (Home) - OCPAA - 294 
  • 6th Overall - Malia Asahino (Go) - WCSA, Rheanna Tumang (Tomorrow) - OCPAA, Sarina Jassy (Back to me) - Danceology - 293.5
  • 7th Overall - Michelle Siemienowski (Elephants) - Danceology - 293
  • 8th Overall - Victoria Frank (Total Eclipse) - MDP, Ariana McClure (Drifting) - Danceology, Kayla Murray (I’ll be your Clown) - JPD - 292.5
  • 9th Overall - Caitlyn Guntle (Breaking Sound) - OCPAA, Caitlyn Feddock (Blower’s Daughter) - SDDC, Jessalyn Ward (Beautifully Unfinished) - MDC - 292
  • 10th Overall - Alex Gonzalez (Hypnotic) - MDP, Chaeli Kim (Must have been love) - Dancers Edge, Delanee Inman (Be my little baby) - JPD, Alli Chu (Pure Imagination) - OCPAA - 291.5

There were 21 solos in the Top 10, with 6 ties!