autumn makes edits


yuzuru hanyu: favorite moments from the medal ceremony | aci 2017


I can’t see Albus willingly walking into Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, even for Scorpius, so instead I like to think he stole his brother’s invisibility cloak and whisked Scorpius away on a late night date to the lake. It included a picnic (which was 100% sweets and cakes) and stargazing, because sometimes the most magical moments require no magic at all ♥︎


happy 300 days with ASTRO!


So, since it is autumn now I thought I could make an autumn themed edit. This time I drew trees with A and Aro-spec tops. I made the stem the lgbt+ flag to show how we stand on that foundation and are part of the community. I also included an edit where A and Aro-spec leaves are falling out of an Asexual and Aromantic tree to show that these orientations belong to the Ace and Aro spectrum. Each of the trees are transparent so you are more than welcome to use them as icons if you would like (You can also use the first two as banners if you like)! Just be sure to credit me ^^.