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dead leaves will always be my fave bts song. just the amount of lines jin has???? like he even has the first verse??? & yoongis husky rapping and the fact he produced that song himself?? & how easily jungkooks and jimins voices flow into one another and their smooth harmonies &namjoons gasp and “woohoo” and how u can visually see him rap his part & how tae’s low vocals fit so well in this song….and i cant forget abt hobs iconic rap verse and how its the perfect transition to the climax of the song where the beats all escalate perfectly with vocal lines high notes and then the music fades and all u can hear is the piano and just tae whispering never never fall and then it ends and u feel almost empty but like mellow at the same time????? god i love dead leaves

Days until... June 19th 2017

Summer 2 days ☀️
Halfway to Christmas 5 days🎄
Independence day 15 days 🎆🇺🇸
Christmas in July 36 days🎄
September 74 days 🍁🍂
Autumn 96 days 🍁🍂
October 104 days 🦇
Halloween 134 days 🎃
November 135 days 🦌🍃
Thanksgiving 157 days🦃
Black Friday 158 days 💳🏷️
December 165 days ❄️
Winter 186 days ❄️🌧️🌨️
Christmas eve 188 days 🎅🤶🦌
Christmas 189 days 🎄🎁


September 2007, Willow Creek: Louisiana 

Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile 🍂🌆🌰  Part 1

Eyes Are Mosaics - A mix of dream pop old & new

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This mix features songs containing elements of or similar to the original themes of dream pop/’ethereal’ music (e.g. effect laden voices; manipulated guitar; emphasis on overall immersive atmosphere and (optionally) electronic, gothic and/or ambient elements). The phrase ‘dream pop’ has become a bit overused and loose recently, and on occasion made it too easy to forget the heights the music actually fitting the phrase has reached. Thus with this mix I wanted to channel the enveloping, lush sounds dream pop and it’s related styles were initially associated with. In addition to some 80s favorites, I included plenty of modern interpreters.

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You turned to me,
Hair glinting silver in the moonlight,
Lips parted,
Eyes twinkling
And I’m reminded of every one of our nights;
The winter ones in front of the fireplace, curled up together with a mug of hot cocoa,
The spring ones lying in the dewy grass, hands clasped, tracing constellations,
The summer ones spent sitting on a picnic blanket, crumbs scattered around the empty basket,
The autumn ones raking leaves, listening to crickets chirping between our laughter.

“Shall we go?”
You held your hand out,
And I think I nodded,
I probably did,
At that moment,
I would’ve agreed to anything,
Anything as long as it included you.


For my beautiful autumn-loving friends. Listen to this when it’s late summer and you’ve had enough of the heat and just want the leaves to fall and the air to cool. 

the signs as fall
  • Aries: The last of the summer sun's rays warm your skin as you sit in a hidden corner of an apple orchard. The sour smell of rotting apples hits your nose as wasps buzz around. It's bittersweet.
  • Taurus: Sweaters and boots come out of their hiding places, filling your closet as fuzzy socks find their way onto your feet. Scarves curl around your neck and hats nestle themselves down over your ears, you've no excuses to be cold!
  • Gemini: You light up a bonfire one last time. You and your friends huddle close, watching the flames reach out into the air for a final goodbye. Days later your hair and clothes still smell like smoke and you smile.
  • Cancer: Rainy evenings call for you to stay inside, wrapped up in blankets on the living room couch. The television screen glows, lighting up your face. Both you and the rain have no intention of leaving and you don't mind.
  • Leo: Town and state fairs and carnivals roll around, people scream on rides that glow and flash vibrantly against the dimming sky. The smell of petting zoos, popcorn, and cotton candy meld with the sounds of laughter and metal thunder of each ride in a feeling of happiness.
  • Virgo: The gray of the morning sky blends into the same gray of the mid-afternoon as you drive out of town. The trees on far away hills burn in bright reds, oranges, and yellows, lighting up the earth more vibrantly than the sun.
  • Libra: Days become shorter as nights grow longer. The sun sets in deep shades of orange and rich purples. The leaves shake on the trees as the air turns crisp. You feel the earth turn beneath your feet as you try to take it all in.
  • Scorpio: Early mornings drowned in fog and draped with a blanket of wet leaves. Drops of water run down, streaking the fogged car window, giving you glimpses into all of the quiet neighborhoods you drive by.
  • Sagittarius: Birds fly south overhead as you make your way home. Your house is warmer, your bed softer, your blankets softer than you remember. You lay awake in bed with your dog nestled at your feet, you haven't been this cozy in months.
  • Capricorn: Books stack themselves around you as empty cups and mugs of coffee work their way into what free space is left on your desk. The smell of said books fills the air as a cat purrs on your bed, sometimes it's good to get lost in another world.
  • Aquarius: The cool air bites your cheeks and sweeps your hair out of your face as you ride your bike through the dark, streetlamp lit evening streets. You breeze through neighborhood after neighborhood, clearing your mind, alone and at peace with it.
  • Pisces: Halloween rolls around and the opportunity for disguise arises. There's no telling who you will or won't be and just who you are, and that's only half the joy.

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Little Do You Know
Alex & Sierra

So, here’s me singing a cover of Little Do You Know. I know, I’m sorry. I would once again like to thank @abbirae99 for helping me choose the song and @pretttypadalecki for helping me get back in the mood for singing! And a special thanks to @coast965 because she’s the best person on the planet. That is all. Love you guys!