autumn leilani


It’s that time of year again! My FAVORITE season! It’s Fall!

Thus prompts me to do my annual “girls in hoodies/sweaters” collection. This time I spiced it up a bit by doing a combination of hoodies, sweaters, AND coats. My goal was 12 characters, just like last year, but this time I put more effort into them.

Characters listed (according to the first image):

(PS: a few characters have gotten slight design tweaks)

Name: Leilani Alamar

Age: 22

City/Country: Imperial City of Spirits, Candela

Occupation: Clerk. Sells at a little shop that sells like, ink, old books, new books, feather pens, parchment paper, wax stamps and seals, candles, envelopes… lots of things old fashioned… 

Follows: The Muses, mostly the muses of epic poetry and tragedies.

Likes: Books, poetry, tragedies, parchment, writing with feather pens, writing in general, old books, the smell of fresh baked cookies, and autumn.

Personality: Leilani is gentle and level-headed. She always appears calm and happy despite not feeling like herself. However, her kindness is often her weakness as she often lets other people walk all over her and get her to do some of their work. She is loyal, sometimes naïve, and trusting.

Bio: Leilani has had troubles in the family growing up. Her father was always gone and her mother was never really supportive. In fact, she worked most of the time too and would brush her daughter off to the side if she needed anything. It was Leilani’s neighbor who had watched her and supported her the most when she was just a child; through school, through emotional changes and through physical changes.

She then moved in with the neighbor temporarily, who was a mother herself of two young boys. They were rowdy, but she always got along with them despite how much they may have ruined her things. At 15, she began looking for work and found an elderly couple who was in need of help of running their store. She agreed to work for them and spent most of her time in the shop rather than home.

On her 16th birthday, the elderly couple clearly “adopted” Leilani into their family and allowed her to live in their home a floor above their shop. The teen didn’t complain of the change, and rather accepted it with eagerness. She was also gifted a book about the Muses and several scripts of tragedies and poetry.

Having spent the entire day reading, she began to have faith in the Muses and the Gods or Goddesses who are connected with them. However, for many years there has never been a Guardian who was connected with the Muses or more specifically, the one of tragedies and the one of epic poetry. Leilani never gave up and became loyal to the Gods and Goddesses, offering them sweet treats for the years to come.

At 17, Leilani was requested to be seen before the Queen. The moment she knelt before her, the Queen asked if she wanted to become a Guardian, for she had the potential. Leilani instantly refused and said she is but a loyal servant to the Gods/Goddesses. Disgusted with her choice, the Queen threatened to take her into custody; however the young woman pleaded to do something in return for the Queen for her refusal.

The Queen had grinned and requested Leilani return on her 25th birthday for a special treat of immortality (and puppetry). With that, she was dismissed. A couple of years pass and Leilani is often wondering what the Queen had in mind for her. However, Jasper approached her and warned her to avoid the Queen, even at her 25th birthday.

The young woman understood and did her best to avoid the Queen, going about her daily duties with the store… Yet, one thought still haunts her.

Would she meet the very person to protect her? That very Muse she so yearns…?