autumn leaves by ed sheeran


(fall)ing in love at a coffee shop

1. tenerife sea - ed sheeran / 2. northern wind - city and colour / 3. someone new - hozier / 4. can’t help falling in love (cover) - haley reinhart / 5. eyes - rogue wave / 6. you already know - bombay bicycle club / 7. autumn leaves - ed sheeran / 8. just you - amy stroup / 9. falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg / 10. georgia - vance joy / 11. heart like yours - willamette stone / 12. warm foothills - alt-j / 13. you and i - wilco / 14. only love - ben howard / 15. big jet plane (acoustic) - angus and julia stone / 16. stubborn love - the lumineers / 17. toothpaste kisses - the maccabees / 18. no one’s gonna love you (acoustic) - band of horses / 19. favorite girl - the icarus account / 20. can’t help falling in love - fleet foxes / 21. cherry wine - hozier / 22. heartbeats - jose gonzales / 23. first day of my life - bright eyes / 24. tip of my tongue - the civil wars / 25. love and some verses - iron and wine / 26. the luckiest - ben folds / 27. who you love - john mayer ft. katy perry / 28. dear true love - sleeping at last / 29. XO (cover) - john mayer / 30. resolution - matt corby / 31. tee shirt -birdy

BTS Reacts To You Writing A Song For The Baby You Lost

Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran 

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When he heard your soft voice from the living room he got out of bed and tiptoed to the door. 

“And you’re miles away
And yesterday you were here with me.” You sang out, your voice cracking with the tears that were flowing down your face.

Tae walked to your shaking body and hugged you. 

“We’ll be okay Y/n.. I promise we’ll be okay.”

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He went to the studio and was surprised to see that you were there. You hadn’t been out of bed since the incident and he thought he’d never see you do the thing you love, sing.

“Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you? “ Your voice cracked as you placed a hand on your stomach. 

J got up from his seat, tears streaming down his face, and engulfed your body in the most heartfelt hug.

“I’m sure they have the best view of all the stars, jagi.”

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He had been watching you crying and singing for over 10 minutes now.

“Float down
Like autumn leaves..” You sang out. 

He broke down, walking to the patio of your house and looked over the railing to see all the different colored leaves falling down around him. 

You walked up and hugged him from behind. 

There was no need for words.

Just you, Jimin, and the autumn leaves.

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He knew you were upset but he didn’t know it was this bad. 

“Ooh how I miss you
And I, I miss you and I wish you’d stay..” You cried out.

Jin let a tear slip before walking up behind your and hugging you. 

“They’re in a better place now, jagiya..”

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You remembered how Jungkook would wake you up early in the summer morning when you were pregnant and make you come outside and listen to all the birds singing, it was the most calming feeling ever.

“ Is it that it’s over or do birds still sing for you…?” You sang out and then broke down. 

Jungkook fell to his knees beside you and cried with you while holding you.

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He watched as you sang up on stage about what happened.

He was upset that you would make something so private everyone’s business.

“My symphony played the song that carried you out..” You whispered in the mic before shedding a tear.


When it was time for BTS to perform, Yoongi was completely out of it. That was the first time he’d heard the finished song and he was distraught.

It was time for his part and he went to lift the mic to his mouth but couldn’t do it. He just let the backing instrumental play.

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Rap Monster:

He watched you as your performed your song, rooting you on in his head.

“Touch down
Like a seven four seven
Stay out and we’ll live forever now…” You brokenly sang out.

Namjoon’s heart stopped. 

747 was the flight you two had first met on, if it wasn’t for that flight you guys may have never even spoken to each other.

He couldn’t cry, he wouldn’t. He knew you needed someone to be strong and he wasn’t going to let you down.

Once you got off stage he ran to you and held your body against his. 

“We’ll live forever now..” He whispered before kissing the top of your hair.

my new autumnal / fall / chill / relax playlist just went live here

.*~ cough syrup - darren criss (glee) / youth - daughter / hannah hunt - vampire weekend / autumn leaves - ed sheeran / overjoyed - bastille / fallingforyou - the 1975 / dancing in the moonlight - alt j / i forget where we were - ben howard / favourite colour - carly rae jepsen / all of the stars - ed sheeran / oblivion - bastille / i will take you home - ed sheeran / a drop in the ocean - ron pope / angels - the xx / conrad - ben howard / don’t let me go - harry styles / state of grace (acoustic) - taylor swift / 18 - one direction / human - daughter / she will be loved - maroon 5 / the fall - imagine dragons / let her go - birdy / medicine - the 1975 / kennedy curse - the maine / fireproof - one direction / sweater weather - the neighbourhood  ~*.

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Lockscreen Masterlist

5 Seconds of Summer
Airplanes [x]
Beside You [x]
Broken Home [x],[x]
Fly Away [x],[x]
Invisible [x
Jet Black Heart [x]
Social Casualty [x]
Vapor [x]
Wherever You Are [x]
WAYF [x]

A Day To Remember
Have Faith In Me [x]

Against The Current 
Chasing Ghost [x]
Forget Me Now [x]

Comedy of Errors [x]

Alessia Cara
I’m Yours [x]

All Time Low
Dancing With The Wolf [x]
If These Sheets were States [x]
Missing You [x]
Outlines [x]
Painting Flowers [x]
Somewhere in Neverland [x]
Therapy [x]

Amber Run
I Found [x]

Amos Lee
Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight [x]

Can’t Help It [x]

Andy Grammer
The Pocket [x]

Arctic Monkeys
Baby I’m Yours [x]
Do Me a Favour [x]
Leave Before the Lights Come On [x]
Only Ones Who Know [x]
R U Mine? [x]

Ariana Grande
Bad Decisions [x]
Dangerous Women [x],[x]

As It Is
Cheap Shots & Setbacks [x]

Half the World Away [x]

Axwell Λ Ingrosso
Sun Is Shining [x]

Poet [x]

Blink 182
Bored to Death [x]
I Miss You [x]

Bring Me The Horizon
Doomed [x],[x]
Happy Song [x]
Sleepwalking [x]

Catfish & The Bottleman
Soundcheck [x]

Charlie Puth
One Call Away [x]
See You Again [x]

Fix You [x]

Cold War Kids
Bitter Poem [x]
Broken Open [x]

Youth [x]

Dead Sara
Lemon Scent [x]

Ed Sheeran
Afire Love [x]
Autumn Leaves [x]
Grade 8 [x]
I’m a Mess [x]
Tenerife Sea [x]

Ella Eyre
Alone too [x]

Ellie Goulding
Guns and Horses [x]

Fall Out Boy
Alone Together [x
Favorite Record [x]
Immortals [x]
Young Volcanoes [x]

Fetty Wap
Jimmy Choo [x]

Fifth Harmony
No Way [x]

Florence+The Machine
St.Jude [x]

I’m Sorry [x]

Frank Sinatra
Fly Me to the Moon [x]

Tumblr Girls [x]

Get Scared
Don’t You Dare Forget the Sun [x]

Guns N’ Roses
Estranged [x]
Patience [x]

Dear Daughter [x]

Castle [x]
Colors [x],[x],[x]
Control [x],[x]
Drive [x],[x]
Ghost [x]
Is There Somewhere [x]
Roman Holiday [x]

Hayley Kiyoko
Girls Like Girls [x],[x]

Headphones [x],[x]

Hillsong UNITED
Touch the sky [x]

Hollywood Undead
Hear Me Now [x]

Imagine Dragons
Demons [x]

Jack & Jack
California [x]

Jack’s Mannequin
Dark Blue [x]

Jacob Tillberg
A Dream [x]

Jason Mraz
I Won’t Give Up [x]

Jaymes Young
Northern Lights [x]

Jessie J
Masterpiece [x]

Jukebox The Ghost
The Great Unknown [x]

Justin Bieber
Love Yourself [x]

Justin Timberlake
Can’t Stop The Feeling [x]

Katy Perry
Fireworks [x]

Kelly Clarkson
Stronger [x]

The One [x]

Lady Gaga
Born this Way [x]

Lana Del Rey
Ride [x]
Serial Killer [x]

Hurt Me [x]

Royals [x]

Lupe Fiasco
The Show Goes On [x]

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Same Love [x]

Marianas Trench
Wildfire [x]

Matchbox Twenty
Unwell [x]

Mayday Parade
Kids In Love [x]

She-wolf [x]

Melanie Martinez
Cry Baby [x]
Dollhouse [x]
Training Wheels [x]

Mike Posner
Please Don’t Go [x]

Motion City Soundtrack
My Favourite Accident [x]

My Chemical Romance
My Way Home is Through You [x]

Neck Deep
Rock Bottom [x]

Neon Hitch
Subtitles [x]

Never Shout Never
Hey! We Ok [x]
Lost at Sea [x]

New Politics
Pretend We’re In A Movie [x]

Nicole Dollanganger
Ugly [x]

Of Monsters and Men
King And Lionheart [x]

Oh Wonder
Lose It [x]

One Direction
18 [x]
Drag Me Down [x]
Home [x]
If I Could Fly [x]
Little Things [x]
Love You Goodbye [x]
Night Changes [x]
Perfect [x]
You and I [x]

Panic! At The Disco
Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time [x]
Hallelujah [x]
This is Gospel [x]

Papa Roach
No Matter What [x]

Grow Up [x]
The Only Exception [x]

Phil Collins
A Groovy Kind of Love [x]

Pierce The Veil
Bulls in The Bronx [x],[x]
Kissing In Cars [x]
Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed [x]
Props & Mayhem [x]

Where is My Mind [x]

Gangster [x]

Plain White Ts
Hey There Delilah [x]

Empty [x]
My House [x]
Smoke [x],[x]

“İşim gücüm budur benim gökyüzünü boyarım her sabah.“ [x]
“İkimiz birden sevinebiliriz göğe bakalım” [x]
“I kissed a girl with a cross around her neck Her lips didn’t taste like church But her hips felt like God" [x]
“maybe I’m just a false creation” [x]

F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D [x]
Repeating Days [x]
One Last Dance [x]
Smile [x]

Rachel Platten
Fight Song [x]
Lone Ranger [x]

Rascal Flatts
What Hurts The Most [x]

Red Hot Chilli Pepper
Californication [x]

Rise Against
Make It Stop [x]
People Live Here [x]

Lay It All On Me [x]

Ruth B
Lost Boy [x]

Shawn Mendes
Aftertaste [x]
Running Low [x]
Show You [x]
Treat You Better [x]

Let Me Down Easy [x]

Bird Set Free [x]

Sleeping at Last
Venus [x]

Sleeping With Sirens
If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn [x]
Save Me A Spark [x]
The Slays [x]

Calm the Storm [x]

My Demons [x]

Taylor Swift
This Love [x]
Wildest Dreams [x]

The 1975
Fallingforyou [x]
Medicine [x]

The All-American Rejects
Move Along [x]

The Amity Affliction
Chasing Ghost [x]
Death’s Hand [x]
Farewell [x]

The Cab
These are the lies [x]

The Civil Wars
Talking In Your Sleep [x]

The Eden Project
Kairos [x]

The Front Bottoms
Twin Size Mattress [x]

The Rocket Summer
Walls [x]

The Vamps
Somebody to You [x]

Tori Kelly 
All In My Head [x]
Should’ve Been Us [x]

Tove Lo
Scars [x]

Troye Sivan
Fools [x]
Suburbia [x]
Youth [x],[x]

Twenty One Pilots
Car Radio [x],[x]
Friend, please [x
Heathens [x]
Holding On to You [x]
Polarize [x]
Stressed Out [x]
Tear In My Heart [x]
Truce [x]
We Don’t Believe What’s On T.V. [x]

Us the Duo
No Matter Where You Are [x]

Wiz Khalifa
See You Again [x]

X Ambassadors
Unsteady [x]

Ocean Avenue [x]

Zara Larsson
Never Forget You [x]

BoRdErZ [x]
Pillowtalk [x]
rEaR vIeW [x],[x]
wRoNg [x]

Clarity [x]


Colors - Halsey // Flaws - Bastille // Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran // Hotel Ceiling - Rixton // Can’t Help Falling in Love -  Twenty One Pilots // Things We Lost in The Fire - Bastille // Madness - Sleeping With Sirens // Breathe Me - Sia // She Keeps Me Warm -  Mary Lambert // Autumn Leaves -  Ed Sheeran // Sex - The 1975 // Hold Me Down - Halsey // Beside You - 5 Seconds of Summer // Don’t Let Me Go - Harry Styles //

"In my mind" playlist

Lovely -twenty one pilots
Cake- Melanie Martinez
A model citizen of doubt- sleeping at last
About Sophie- keaton henson
Colors- Halsey
No lies just love- bright eyes
Stay- Lewis Watson
Camisado- panic!at the disco
Woodland- the paper kites
Glowing eyes- twenty one pilots
Play date- Melanie Martinez
Anathema- twenty one pilots
I don’t mind- zayn Malik
Guns for hands- twenty one pilots
Heart out- the 1975
Sedated- hozier
Falling slowly- Glen hansard
Maps- yeah yeah yeahs
Never let me go- Florence + the machine
Run and go- twenty one pilots
Out of my league- fitz and the tantrums
Your kisses- daughter
Car radio- twenty one pilots
Smother- daughter
Blindsided- Bon iver
The wolves- Bon iver
17- youth lagoon
Almost everything- wakey!wakey!
Afraid- the neighbourhood
Friends- Ed sheeran
Numb- marina and the diamonds
Teen idle- marina and the diamonds
Naive- the kooks
Shake it out- Florence + the machine
Westside- the kooks
Autumn leaves- Ed sheeran
Jackie and Wilson- hozier
What a catch, donnie- fall out boy
Drown- front porch step
Nothing like you and I- the perished
Iris- the goo goo dolls
The cave- Mumford and sons
First date- blink 182
Liar- Mumford and sons
Stacks- Bon iver
Skinny love- Bon iver
There is a light that never goes out- the smiths
Twin sized mattress- the front bottoms
Roslyn- Bon iver and St. Vincent
Text me in the morning- neon trees
Stomach tied in knots- sleeping with sirens
Never think- Robert pattinson
River flows in you- yiruma
Kiss the grass- the paper kites
Kiss the rain- yiruma
Kitchen sink- twenty one pilots
Forest- twenty one pilots
Slowtown- twenty one pilots
Youth- daughter
Medicine- daughter