autumn johnson

So I know I have already written a couple of vague posts relating the Copley Shooting. But I felt the need to make a more.. detailed explanation of what happened/my relation to one of the victims. 

On Sunday morning around 11 am in a average neighborhood in Copley, Ohio, a man got into an argument with his girlfriend and shot her. She is currently in the hospital and is expected to live. He then proceeded to go down the street with his gun in hand. He went into the Johnson’s home and shot and killed the grandparents and the father of Autumn, and then her and her friend. He then went to kill anyone else who saw the people being killed and shot a father and chased down an eleven year old boy down the street and into another home until his life was taken as well. When police arrived, the shooter was shot and killed as well. 

I don’t know about you, but after hearing of this, which is only ten minutes where I live, barely anything has been able to filter through my mind. I can not stop thinking of the victims and their friends and family. Autumn, who was my coworker at Pacsun was one of the sweetest, most lovable girls. When I first met her, she was working in the back at the changing rooms with me and we were laughing at pretty much everything that seemed the tiniest bit of humorous. We spent the first day pretty much side by side to avoid the crazy people getting their last minute Christmas shopping finished. The next time I saw her, she was trying to hook me up with her friend Aaron, who she said thought I was “beautiful.” I laughed and never really responded to him. But after the shooting, all I want to do is talk to him so I have someone to relate to about Autumn. 

Life can be gone in one second no matter where you are or what time it is. I’m sure Sunday was thought to be a normal day when those of who were killed woke up that morning. I wish I knew what was going through that man’s mind to give him the need to take away seven lives of innocent people, including grandparents and children. What the fuck is going on in this world. 

This makes me want to make a difference so badly. I want to do something to help, just incase I do die in some unusual circumstance, at least I would have done something positive to influence someone’s life.