autumn is here and i guess i'm still in love with you

가을이긴 한가 봐
종현 (JONGHYUN) , 고영배 (Go Young Bae)
가을이긴 한가 봐

It Must be Autumn

It must be autumn
To be excited for nothing
It’s probably a greeting that
Doesn’t really mean anything to you

It must be autumn
To be upset for nothing
It’s probably a phone call you made
At a sudden thought of me
while having trouble sleeping

To fall apart so easily
At a phone call that rang quietly
I guess autumn is coloured to its peak
Maybe it came deeply into my heart

To fall apart so easily
At your greeting of how I’m doing
I think my heart is coloured to its peak too
Maybe you came deeply into my heart

I look really stupid, right
I know it won’t ring for a while now
But at the thought of just making sure
I blankly hold onto my phone

Your heart probably has turned into green by now
It’s probably dazzling, its probably glowing
But for me, even after many years
It’s an autumn after an autumn again

To fall apart so easily
At a phone call that rang quietly
I guess autumn is coloured to its peak
Maybe it came deeply into my heart

To fall apart so easily
At your greeting of how I’m doing
I think my heart is coloured to its peak too
Maybe you came deeply into my heart

I know I said it acting like I was okay
I said it like it’s all in the past
But I’m still standing here all day long even today

To fall apart so easily
At a phone call that rang quietly
I guess autumn is coloured to its peak
Maybe it came deeply into my heart

To fall apart so easily
At your greeting of how I’m doing
I think my heart is coloured to its peak too
Maybe you came deeply into my heart

Woo woo (Yeah)
Woo woo


GerCan -- the fire and the flood

After much asking, arguing, and then outright pleading, Ludwig managed to get at least what province Matthew was in from Alfred. It was only after he menaced a young secretary in Matthew’s office about what might happen if her nation was alone for too long or if something happened to him on his holiday, that Ludwig found out where exactly Matthew was hiding in Newfoundland and Labrador.

He would feel guilty, about many things, not least the way the young woman’s face went white and her fingers stilled on her typewriter, for his dishonesty, but Ludwig had already thought of all the ways Matthew could hurt himself—physically, mentally, emotionally—so he really could only feel relief by her worry.

As Ludwig drove along the island’s dramatic coastline, up and down across hills, he added ‘flung himself into the ocean’ onto that list. It was exactly the sort of thing Matthew would threaten to do and actually do. Alfred had scoffed, but he was inclined to think of Matthew in a kinder, sweeter light.

Ludwig had met Matthew on the battlefield, in trenches, and even underground. He had danced with him during peacetime. He had fucked him then, too, and later in the war.

And Matthew, when it was all over, had smashed a bottle of wine on the floor and stormed out.

Ludwig would never have any illusions about what Matthew would do in any given circumstance.

So he wasn’t surprised when Arthur cornered him after a NATO meeting and requested he find Matthew and “tell him to get his act together. This is getting embarrassing.”

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jointhefight  asked:

New fan here!! I'm absolutely, fully in love with your writing! Do you think you could write a ticket with prompts #17 and #21? Thank you!!

A/N: Okay so I was gonna post angst today but I’ve had this in my inbox for a while so I thought ‘Why not?’ Y’all are probably gonna get that angst either later in the evening or on Tuesday 👍 (Send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

“I need to leave.” / “Don’t laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. This is not funny.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you stammer that much, mon ami.”

“Oh my God, Laf. Shut up.”

“I know that English is not your first language, but don’t you pride yourself in your near fluency?” Laf was grinning. He had had to drop by the debate club to drag Alex home. This was a weekly occurrence; it was just fortunate that French club and debate club were both on Friday, or else Alex may never come home. Laf had a feeling that dinner was going to be cold again. But he didn’t mind so much today, since he had dropped by in time to witness a rather interesting exchange between Alexander and his worse enemy, Thomas Jefferson.

They were in the middle of a heated debate when Laf slipped in quietly, not wanting to disrupt the club. The students who caught him sliding in looked relieved; the sight of Laf usually meant that Alex was leaving, and that meant everyone else could go home. Alexander was a strong debater and he rarely stumbled over his words, as if a speech was already prepared in his mind. But something was different about him: He was sweating, his face was red, and he was nearly out of breath. Laf wondered how long he had been talking, but Jefferson didn’t look as exhausted. Then again, Jefferson was very composed and hardly overexerted himself. Though, he did look annoyed with his arms crossed and his lips set in a scowl. He probably wanted to go home too. It was getting pretty late.

When Jefferson caught Laf in the corner of his eye, he held up a hand to silence Alexander, who surprisingly obliged. “As much as I’d love to refute your statement, I should remind you the rest of us have lives outside of debate club,” he drawled.

Alexander was breathing heavily through his nostrils, his face still red. “Sure. It’s not like you don’t have a counter, or anything,” he jabbed.

Jefferson furrowed his brows, reaching forward to tip Alexander’s chin up so they could look each other in the eye. “Do you really want to be embarrassed that badly, Hamilton? Believe me, I could destroy you.” His thumb slid over his lips and his eyes fell to them, softening.

Alex noticed and jerked his head away, his face burning though he’d blame it on dehydration. He had been talking almost the entire duration of the club. “Whatever. You’re just lucky that Laf’s here, or else I could go on all day.” Some of the other students groaned, knowing that that was the truth. Fortunately, he grabbed his bag and quickly ushered out of the class with Lafayette, who persisted in teasing him.

“Are you feeling alright, Alexander? Your face is quite red,” he noted.

“I’m tired, Laf,” he assured with a dismissive wave. “As soon as I get home, I’m chugging a gallon of water.” There was a cool autumn breeze accompanying them on their walk through the courtyard to the front of the school, and they were in no rush. Alex’s face should have faded back to its usual tan by now. So it was either that he was sick, or…

“Jefferson didn’t fluster you, did he?” Laf guessed. Alex tensed and the rosy color that had just began to fade from his cheeks returned like a blooming flower.

“No way! If anything, he annoys me! He infuriates me! He- Why are you looking at me like that?”

Laf was grinning from ear to ear. “I think that our little Alexander might have a crush, no?”

Alex was silent, his eyes growing wide, confirming Laf’s assumptions even though he tried to deny them as soon as his voice came back. “I don’t like him!” he blurted. “God, I don’t remotely like him, not in the slightest. How could you even say that? So what if he has nice hair and a pretty smile and a cute nose? So what if I get lost in his eyes while we’re debating? So what if I want to hold hands with him and wish that he would pick me up…” He realized he was rambling and snapped his mouth shut. Lafayette snickered, covering his face with his hand. Alex punched him in the shoulder. “Don’t laugh! Do not laugh! This isn’t funny!”

“I think it’s, how you say, hilarious,” Laf giggled, wiping away a tear of mirth. “You’ve really got it bad, Alexander.”

Alex groaned, burying his face in his hands. “Shut up! I know I do, okay? But what can I do about it? It’s not like he returns the feelings, I’m pretty sure he hates me and is planning to kill me! There’s no way he’d go out with me if I even dared to ask.”

Ahem.” They both turned around, Jefferson in all his glory standing behind him. Alex hid behind Laf, wanting to disappear. Maybe he’d catch on fire and the wind would blow his ashes far, far away. Jefferson approached them, and Laf stepped aside, grandly gesturing to Alexander. Alex glared at his adoptive brother, trying to focus on him instead of looking at Jefferson. In fact, he tried to ignore Jefferson completely. Jefferson rolled his eyes and grabbed his chin, turning his head.

Alex gulped. “I… I need to leave…”

Jefferson ignored him. “How do you possibly know how I’d feel about you? You’re not me.”

Alex hesitated, a buzz caught in his throat as the words pushed their way out of his mouth. “From the context of our previous interactions, I assumed you wouldn’t like me very much,” he said.

“Touche,” Jefferson said, tilting his chin up gently. His eyes fell to his lips, and Alex noticed, fixing his gaze on Thomas. “I thought the same about you. But I guess that just goes to show you can’t assume anything. Maybe this will change your mind?” He gently pressed his lips to Alex’s, giving him a brief second to pull away if he wanted to. But he didn’t want to. In fact, he instantly kissed back, letting his eyes flutter shut. He felt a crumpled paper being pressed into his palm before Jefferson pulled away, stroking his lips thoughtfully. “Me. You. Coffee. Text me.” He pointed to the paper in his hands before walking the opposite direction.

Alex unfurled the strip of paper, a messy scribble of numbers written out on it. Laf squealed, throwing his arms around Alex and holding him tightly. “Mon ami! You just got asked out on a date!”

“Wha- No way! He probably wants to talk about… politics, or something,” he mumbled. He glanced at the paper in his hand again, memorizing the number in case he lost it. No matter how much he tried to dishearten himself, Laf was right: This was a date.

anonymous asked:

(1 of 2) I do question is Sam is playing his fans like a fiddle. I shipped them and still might yet again. And I haven't acted "like he murdered someone". From a shippers perspective though, which I know you are not, SamCait have been acting in love for a while now. That paired with Sam not keeping the fap material private and continuing the conversation even after monkeys started jacking to it and fans expressed their disapproval (which I'm not saying was right for them to do in the first place

(2 of 2) ) and then going around appeasing shippers on Twitter makes him look less than genuine. And it’s very confusing. It makes me question if he’s the honest guy we thought or a people pleaser who at the age of 35 still cannot manage to control his horniness enough to keep it out of view for the whole world to see. Sam’s a master at SM so idk why he wantes us to see that. I’m sorry that you hate shippers who feel that confusion, it’s our faults for getting too emotionally invested in shipping

Hi Anon, I hesitated to respond, but since you messaged again, I know you really wanted my take on this. It might just come out as a bunch of rambling, but here goes…

I could definitely see how this whole thing would make you feel like Sam is disingenuous. I guess my take is (and has been all along) that social media activity isn’t necessarily indicative of a star’s true personality. Also, he’s an actor, and a damn fine one. He’s also definitely a people pleaser who acts like a cheeseball and an excited puppy most of the time. I could see how this is disappointing and confusing. I certainly felt that way after last fall and Sam’s time in LA. I thought he’d gotten a handle on it, but Autumn seems to be the season when his Social Media Herpes flares up. 

The only reason I’m disappointed is because it appears after two years of being in the life and getting a new publicist Sam hasn’t realized he should create private accounts for these sorts of side interests. Or that he spends his time encouraging this obvious thirst from women like this. And I’d just like to point out this wasn’t like jumping onto Sam’s usual Twitter convo or seeing one of his Twitter faves. Fans saw he started following this chick, went to her profile and actually had to find the specific photo Sam was commenting on (it wasn’t the first one). That’s like an extra three levels. People can certainly correct me if I’m wrong. But I don’t believe you can see someone is commenting on a photo you’re following the profile as well. Not excusing anything, just pointing it out.

Anyways, TBH, I think Sam’s a drive-by SM user. This is how I picture Sam on social media. 

I don’t think he logs on and says, “OK, time to fuck with fans!” I really don’t know that we can say with any certainty that Sam realizes or believes he did anything wrong, even with those cringeworthy fans calling him out. (People thinking he should apologize, I personally don’t think he does and more important, I doubt he will.) I’m not entirely sure he takes it as seriously while he’s doing it as we take the aftermath—because boy do people take it verra seriously. While we’re on here overanalyzing one of his favorites and its meaning, Sam’s already signed off, cracked open the Laphroaig, and moved on with his day. I wouldn’t necessarily call his two faves of my tweets about Caitriona today his way of appeasing or apologizing to shippers. Someone tweeted him about Cait not going to RingCon and I jumped in and I think his faves were affirming that he doesn’t have a say in whether she goes but that he does care.

I’m sorry that you hate shippers who feel that confusion, it’s our faults for getting too emotionally invested in shipping

I don’t hate shippers who feel that confusion, trust me. I get it. I sort of felt some slight confusion following his behavior last fall. I get that you’re invested in this. For me, things got increasingly more difficult to keep track of and weren’t adding up to me. And then I realized I didn’t really care, I guess. Not for, not against, just indifferent. I just wanted to enjoy the cuteness and I still can. I also realized social media and public appearances only tell about 1/10th of the story. So I take everything with a grain of salt. I’ve also been really busy trolling Starz. Really eats up my time. LOL.

Sam’s been nothing but pleasant with and giving of his time to fans. And yes, I know he gets paid well to play Jamie. No I’m not coddling him. No I’m not making excuses. I’m just saying everyone who has interviewed him, the cast, the crew members say he’s a sweetheart. I don’t think being a hornball detracts from that. It’s actually quite normal for a man his age and men in general. He just needs to keep that shit on lockdown. For real.

Sorry if this is disjointed or doesn’t answer your question! You asked, so I tried! ;-D