autumn herah

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You really don't like how your body looks in that left picture?

ok, let me just get that out there, body confidence week is not about shaming my body nor was today about things I “dislike” about my body. It was things “you are least confident in”. Now do not get me wrong, I am actively working on toning my body and part of my new years resolution has been to be more fit. I would love to slim down both my hips and thighs, not because I think I am fat, but because I have put on extra weight and I know with the right amount of healthy eating and physical activity I can tighten that all up again. Going from a very toned body from hours of sailing practice a day, to practically doing nothing all day, my body reflects that. You can even see the ghost of some abs on my stomach. I am well aware I have wide hips, and my hips will always be very wide (as to accommodate my incredibly massive booty) and I never wish to rid my body of them, but the fat on top of them can go. As for my face, well I am probably not ever getting any sort of surgery, so there aint to fixing that.. haha. I am not completely unhappy with the way I look, nor do I hate my body/face/chin/whatever, but when it comes down to it, I am always very careful at the angle I show myself online and in phots, and the clothing I wear in my day to day life is generally flattering to my other areas and I do not accentuate those less liked areas (eg: my hips, thighs, etc.), because I am self-conscious about them.

That being said, not that I was actively searching for any response from anyone that follows me regarding any photos I have been posting, but I am COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY with the positive feedback I have been getting. It is absolutely incredible how kind, caring, and generous so many people can be and I love every single one of you, from the bottom of my heart. Everyone participating in Body Confidence Week, either by posting, liking, or commenting is a truly wonderful, beautiful person, inside and out.