autumn hayes

Works Of Art Paying Tribute To Trayvon Martin

Art by Shepard Fairey for Ebony Magazine.

Graffiti artists Carmelo “Snow” Sigona, “Mr. Mustart,” and Ray “Demer” Llopez of Fly Dragon Studio.

“A Tale Of Two Hoodies”. Art by Michael D’Antuono.

“Reasonable Doubt”. Art by Pocketeers.

RIP Trayvon by BDawg9.

“Stand Your Ground”. Art by Lady Red Darkness.

“Justice For Trayvon Martin”. Art by Autumn Hayes.

“Trayvon”. Art by Darriel Jenkins.

“Never Forget Emmett Till, Always Remember Trayvon Martin”. Art by Dáreece Jordan Walker.

“Stand Our Ground”. Art by Tes One.

RP Meme: 6/10 of your own characters

Autumn Hayes

When you lose a parent, your world tilts on it’s side. Losing both is like knocking it off it’s axis. Everything in Autumn’s life was great until her eleventh birthday. Driving to her soccer game, both Hayes parents passed away leaving Autumn feeling terrified and broken. Her brother came home from traveling to be her guardian, and nothing was the same after that day. Being a teenager is a difficult transition, and doing so without her mom or dad made life hard for the young girl. After five years, the pain dulled to a noticeable ache as Autumn forced herself to move on from the loss. Her grades were so-so, basically because she had the attention span of a toddler and would often be doodling in her notebook or counting the number of scuff marks on the floor than actually doing her assignment. Autumn is a spitfire, and when she puts her mind to something, there’s nothing she can’t accomplish. She petitioned the school and town to allow her to try out for the boy’s swim team since she claimed the girl’s swim team was pathetic. When her brother disappeared abruptly, Autumn had no choice but to step up and act more like an adult than she’d ever had to before. Taking over his waiter job at the Mystic Grille, she managed to work enough to keep up the mortgage and utilities without accepting money from anyone. One day, walking home from work, she was attacked and brutally injured by a hybrid. After he shoved a bloodied wrist into her mouth, he vanished leaving her shaking and traumatized. Her brother returned to find a very different girl; mute, dull eyes, hollow voice. Put on anxiety medication, she was labeled as a freak and became some what of an outcast. It was only after her brother sat her down and told her about the supernatural did she realize what had happened that night. With her best friend being a werewolf, she quickly familiarized herself with the scary realm, while insisting her brother train her to hunt and fight so she wouldn’t ever feel weak and powerless again. Living in Mystic Falls was hell on earth for Autumn, and when the time came to take her SAT’s, she passed with a phenomenal score and was offered a scholarship to a summer course at Georgetown and an early acceptance despite only being a junior. Seizing the opportunity to escape the town, she brought her best friend over to help her pack, made love under strong promises and love that was never explored, and the next day she drove off in the direction of Washington DC. Years later, she returned to Mystic Falls with a husband and a baby; visiting her parents’ graves to show them that her life was in her hands now, no matter what.