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“I’M IN THE MOON FOR LOVE” 🔁 @opi-products & “GRAPE SHIFTER” (glitter) 🔁 @sallyhansen

Decided to put together a list of nail polishes that I’m excited to wear this fall! What are some of your favorite fall nail colors? I’m always looking for new polishes, so let me know! 😊🍂 From left to right: Essie’s Off Tropic and Playing Koi, Deco Miami’s Tied Down, another Essie polish called Penny Talk, an unnamed brown polish, Maybelline’s Sapphire Siren, and Sally Hansen’s Yummy Yam.

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Carving pumpkins?

Carving Pumpkins: Do you have any unusual talents?

My dad taught me this cool whistling trick that you can do with your hands. You interlock them and blow into your thumbs and there is this high whistle that you can change the pitch of. I can’t really show you what I mean, for obvious reasons but maybe when I get this cast off and I’m in a quiet isolated space where no one will see or hear or anything…