autumn crisp

This is for @uncannycookie since I asked if they wanted anything and they requested something about Mob going with Teruki to get his ears pierced, so here it is!

But then I also found I wanted to do the entire scene and I didn’t have time to draw it all so… I wrote fanfiction for the first time in my entire life. Writing is very much not my forte so I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes. I just thought it was a cute fluffy scene. Ummm, I hope you like it! *screaming over writing*

“You didn’t have to come you know,” Teruki said as he opened the door, a bell gently chiming above them. “It’s going to be fairly quick to get done.” He held the door open for Mob before shutting it behind them, leaving behind a crisp Autumn day and becoming encased in the warm, dark interior of the shop.

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“October is crisp days and cool nights, a time to curl up around the dancing flames and sink into a good book.” Snacking on an apple spice donut and writing in my journal, fall is such a good season. 🍎📔🍂 Instagram: kokokourtney


Gryffindors are summer, when it’s the best time of the year to stay outside all day, the cloudless skies, birds chirping and insects buzzing, hanging out with your friends, every refreshing wind blow and the short summer showers, bathing in the river, the adrenaline of doing sports and staying up all night to have parties and fireworks.

Slytherins are autumn, the crisp, but not freezing evenings, the fog that’s lying like a coat over the streets, the leaves that are turning from their usual colour to a flashing yellow and orange, the good smell of the forest after a long, soothing rainfall, being excited for Halloween and going trick-or-treating, even if you’re probably already to old for it.

Ravenclaws are winter, staying in your warm, cozy home, reading alone in front of a crackling fireplace, being wrapped in your favourite blanket, reading a good book and have a warming drink, the aesthetic feeling of making the first steps in fresh snow, the sharp, keen feeling of a cold breeze hitting your skin, the freezing nights with clear skies and sparkling stars.

Hufflepuffs are spring, watching the snow melting away, when the animals wake up from their winter sleep, plants and flowers grow and bloom, being playful, the air smells like earth and new life, the refreshing spring showers that remember you that you’re alive, the bright, warm sunlight tickling your skin after a way too long winter.

Luna is the kind of Ravenclaw who lives with paint smeared on her fingers, clothes coated in showers of glitter, the ends of her hair matted with brush cleaner and oil paints. 

She is the kind of Ravenclaw who always keeps a book by her side, who will spend hours and hours and hours reading leisurely outside under an apple tree in the crisp autumn air, who loves lending and borrowing and fixing tomes. 

She is the kind of Ravenclaw who will memorize as many bird types as she can, just so she can call to her companions by name. 

She is the kind of Ravenclaw who walks with her head in the clouds and her two feet firmly on the ground, sharp, quick mind processing facts and possibility in one impossible sweep. 

She is the kind of Ravenclaw who will survive torture and dungeons and pain, who will fill her room and life and time with those she loves, whose wisdom delves deep into the inexplicable beauty of life. 

She is a Ravenclaw not despite but because of her leaps in imagination, her unique thinking process, and her loving loyal heart.

Luna Lovegood is the kind of Ravenclaw that makes her house proud.

The signs as nice smells
  • Aries: bonfire smoke, salted caramel, leather
  • Taurus: pine cones, freshly cut grass, vanilla
  • Gemini: crayons, roses, peppermint gum
  • Cancer: lemon tea, lavender, bakery's
  • Leo: sunscreen, coconut, Chanel no5
  • Virgo: rain, freshly washed sheets, old books
  • Libra: painted walls, camelia tea, old attics
  • Scorpio: gasoline, melted dark chocolate, wet wood
  • Sagittarius: cinnamon, saw dust, crisp autumn air
  • Capricorn: coffee, news papers, cherry blossem
  • Aquarius: new denim, foggy winter days, nail polish
  • Pisces: salty air, wet sand, pineapples

Unconcealed: part one

Word count: 7.1k

Genre: smut, angst

This is for Taehyung’s birthday but i’m turing this into a series. I liked it too much :) 

You were walking into your shared apartment with your friend, Charlotte, after class. It was a crisp Autumn, Friday afternoon. She was relentlessly trying to get you to go to a party with her later on tonight. You two had been friends since high school. You weren’t fond of her at first but she grew on you. She was a short, shoulder length red head, with slight freckles and a loud laugh. “Come on, Y/N, please?” she asked as you closed the door and started walking down your small hallway into the living room.

“Why do you even want me to come?” you walked through the living room and into the other hallway to your bedroom. You dropped your backpack on your bed and sat at your desk chair, ready to get on your computer. Charlotte dropped her backpack in the hallway before jumping on your bed.

“Come on, you barely ever come out with me. Plus you could use a night to get laid or something, it’s been some months.” she pouted but told the truth. It was at Namjoon’s party with his friend Jin. That had been over the summer and it was now October. You were in need of some relief, you weren’t gonna lie.

“Yeah because you always make me end up watching after you, while you get piss drunk. It’s not exactly my idea of a good time.” You looked at your phone, you’d gotten a text from Namjoon when you were in class earlier.

“Rude,” she laughed. “Okay, i’ll try not to get too drunk.”

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