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Comfy Autumn Cardigan - 45 Colors

I’m in the mood for fall, so I mixed up a new Autumn Color Palette :) Enjoy my first recolor set from it, one of my favorite in game classics! 45 colors ranging from jewel tones to fall pastels to neutrals. Please tag #Ashaife if you use it in photos so I can reblog them!


Unknowingly Yours, Jack Gilinsky Part 3

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Chapter 3:

I woke up extremely groggily with a migraine, a bloody nose, a blank memory, and a crowd in front of me that consisted of 2… 4… 6 very attractive and extremely familiar guy’s faces.

“Shit guys, I think she’s waking up.”

“You sure? God her nose is like a fountain right now.”

“Hey do you guys think now would be a good time to make a vine… or?”

They all chorused, “Shut up Nash!”

Nash. Nash Grier. Oh right, the face I saw before I blacked out and thumped onto the ground.

Suddenly what had happened finally began to process in my brain. Nash Grier hit me with a football. Right now, I’m living many sixteen year old girl’s dreams. Unfortunately, this was my nightmare.

“Um, hi… Where am I?” I noticed the warm wooden bench, heated from the sun that I was sitting on while the guys were surrounding me.

“Oh, sorry. We brought you to our house since we didn’t know where you lived.” A guy I figured was Nash’s brother spoke.

“Hey, aren’t you that Autumn chick? Like the new girl on vine?”

I winced. Damn, now they know who I am. Fantastic.

“Y-Yeah.” Stuttering? Really Autumn? Keep your cool you nerd!

I suddenly came to the realisation that all the guys were from Vine. There’s Nash, and Hayes, Carter Reynolds, Taylor - what’s his last name again? Oh right, Caniff. And Aaron Carpenter, and Shawn Mendes… Shawn Mendes! Fangirl mode activated! Okay Autumn don’t be a dork. Who else was there? I think a few guys are missing.

“You guys are from vine too, right?” I talked slowly and smiled, attempting to not start speaking at hyperspeed.

 They all chimed in a quick “yeah” or something along the lines of that, while also introducing themselves. So they were all who I thought they were! *Mental self five*

“Listen Autumn, I’m really sorry I hit you in the face. The good news is, my throws pretty badass.” I managed to let out a giggle, while still attempting to stifle the pain from my throbbing nose. It seemed to put a smile on all the guys faces. Weird. “So are you okay?”

 “I think I’ll live. But can I get a cloth or bandage or something for the blood? I’m starting to resemble a tampon.”

The guys all chuckled, which was surprising since my strange sense of humour usually just gets disapproving glares. I think I’ve found my people.

After almost completely stopping the Niagara Falls coming out of my nose, the guys asked me to hang with them. Of course on the inside I was like “yaaaaaas bitch yaaaaas” but I kept my cool with a simple “ya, sure”. Super classy.

 They all had penny boards, (of course, as they are a staple for any privileged white kid) so we decided to go to menchies. Hell to the yes.

When we got there, I realised I didn’t have any money on me.

 “Shit guys, I don’t think I can get anything. I didn’t bring any cash with me.” I said it with a small frown.

The guys all looked to each other, and laughed.

 “Autumn, chill we’ll pay for yours.” Shawn, you are a sweetheart with the pipes of god.

I was wearing a HUGE smile while getting my fro-yo on. These guys are really cool. I wasn’t sure how they’d be in real life, but I wasn’t expecting anything like this.

 While we were chilling on the curb outside of Menchie’s eating, Nash’s phone beeped.

“Ooooh, who’s that Nash, your girlfriend?” Taylor practically yelled.

 “Nah guys, it’s probably just his mom.” Hayes added, making the guys burst into laughter.

“It’s actually Jack and Jack, they’re coming in fifteen.”

 The guys all started talking about them. I hadn’t seen their vines, but from what I’ve heard they’re pretty hilarious.

Fifteen minutes went by, and the guys and I were in stitches laughing. We somehow made our way to Nash’s house, and were now on the floor of his basement. I don’t even remember what was so funny, but now I have tears of utter hilariousness rolling down my cheeks from it. My mascara was probably all over my face, and I bet I looked like Twisty from AHS. We then heard two loud hollers coming from the top of the staircase followed by footsteps.

As we started to calm down, I looked up. My eyes went wide as I saw the most attractive being I had ever seen. And I assumed his name was either Jack, or Jack.

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