autumn cannibalism

Beautiful comic idea by ter0rr : “Will and Hannibal spooning in bed. Hannibal dreams of Dali’s Autumnal Cannibalism, but it’s him and Will who are melting and eating together. Will dreams of a boat in a stormy sea with two fishermen paddling strongly onward together, both are Will and Hannibal.Their dreams could merge as they cuddle closer while they sleep. <3 U3U x”


Whoops Apocalypse: Autumn Cannibalism [S01, E02; Aired 21/03/1982]

Rik’s guest scene as singer/songwriter, Biff.

If I ever had a sizable string of horses I would name them after Dali paintings

Crepuscular Old Man
The Spectral Cow
The Great Masturbator
Paranoiac Woman-Horse
Fossil Cloud
Autumn Cannibalism
Cosmic Madonna
Diurnal Fantasies
Flesh Aeroplane
Soft Watches
Sugar Sphinx

Then ofc Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing A Grand Piano

Saving that for my most tasteful dressage pony