autumn armor

Another Swordcraft Quest week has come to an end. Each Quest the event becomes a day longer, and this is the first time I have LARPed for a whole week, Sunday to Sunday. It was an incredible week of roleplay and combat. I made countless new friends both in character and out. Melodia has become very dear to my heart, and being able to do her justice this week was excellent beyond words. I’m still in the Quest recovery stages and feel like I’m lacking in brain power, but I wouldn’t trade this week for a thing.
This photo was taken during the closing proceedings after the final battle, which we won. Ours is now the first faction to achieve back to back victories at Swordcraft quest.

Now get ready for the influx of photos and videos!

Photo by Portrait Photography, Melbourne.
Swordcraft Autumn Quest, 2017.

Cam Buckland (aka Camulus Aroon Buckland), a Human Cleric played by Chris Trott of High Rollers and the Yogscast and Hat Films!

Cam has been an absolute ride on the High Rollers adventure. Every time I think I have him figured out, something new comes up or he has a moment of authenticity that I wasn’t ready for. I was going to put him in his Autumn Spire armor, but I felt like I’d stick to Nina’s design for the first time.

I can only hope to play a detailed and hilarious character like this one day.

~7hours on Medibang Paint Pro with Huion H420

Since I’ve seen a lot of people’s designs for Autumn Leafman armor, I thought I’d do an edit of it. It’s not perfect, but I gotta say, making this made me desperate for a sequel that takes place in Fall.

I plan on making some gifs too (once I get the movie file back on my computer that is)!


UNP Viking Armors 3.0

First Raid armor
Settlement dresses (spring, autumn and summer)
Porunn armor variations
Inventory Items

Includes brown version of the pirate shirt from zzjay wardrobe and 2 more pants from the same mods, here are some combinations but it´s up to you.

Download at the original post here


I’ve been a little very out of sorts these last few weeks, between a computer reset and some personal mental health things. I haven’t quite gotten around to starting back up on some of my major projects and some setbacks have me down, so I decided to do something I knew would work to cheer myself up. It helped, a little.


(images from here have been adjusted in pshop for clarity/brightness)

This will only edit the base/starting armor for Merrill. This does not edit her romance armor, mainly because I prefer the shape + colors from the Autumnal romance armor over the canon offering… I tend to take Seb and Merrill out a lot, and having one shining beacon of targetnation is bad enough, you two I:

Also unashamed I was inspired to go poking through my WIPs folder due to the Merrill Autumnal Romance Armor by quenched-steel-modding, which I am loving rn. Please download + endorse that one, it’s lovely.


This hair is absolutely in a testing stage. I’ve just had a few requests from friends/others for the hair itself. I’m still working on it + getting the boning down among my other mesh exportation projects, I’m just not v smart and it’s gonna take a bit :’D

If you’re using this hair feel free to submit pictures (to the nexus page) of your funky slippage and clipping, if only for a laugh.


Feel free to leave any alteration requests here in my inbox, or on the mod page. Happy modding! ╰(◕ᗜ◕)╯