autumn colour


Plant of the Day

Friday 12 May 2017

On the woodland garden floor of Doddington Place, Kent, U.K., Convallaria majalis var. rosea (lily of the valley) was creeping through the front of a shady border. Here the pink version of the classic white lily of the valley carries little, pale pink, bell-shaped flowers on the top of straight stems through a spreading carpet of leaves.

Jill Raggett

“Autumn Vultures”

I looked out the window to see if the clouds had broke and it was still overcast, but I noticed a few turkey vultures flying around. I grabbed my camera and once I got out the door I saw that there were about 20 of them soaring in the wind, circling above the trees. I’ve seen them around a bunch of times, but never this many at one time.
This is just across the road from my neighbors house. (they own the horses) So there’s a few more reasons why I love this new location. Horses and vultures.


Plant of the Day
Friday 21 April 2017

A member of the Hamamelidaceae family Fothergilla major (mountain witch alder) forms a rounded deciduous shrub. Here it was lighting up an edge of woodland setting with spiky white flowers. This plant favours humus-rich, moist but well-drained acid soil in sun or partial shade. The ovate dark green leaves turn brilliant colours in autumn.

Jill Raggett


film/24 by Elizaveta Muravskaya