autum season

I was tagged by @my-secret-sketchpad, thanks for that! (even though I just ended up letting of some steam again doing this)

Name: Ela

Nicknames: Starzig, Brohomo 2, person

Zodiac Sign:

Height: about sixty meters from sea level

Orientation: very good, take me to the forests and I won’t come out (except as pansexual ba-dumpts)

Ethnicity: something between alien and goblin (looks to both shoulders) or are you asking if I’m Finnish?

Favourite Fruit:

Favourite Season: winter (autum’s good too, they all have the moments that make me get pissed at how beautiful everything is)

Favourite Book: Go Rin No Sho

Favourite Comic (this is a setup, do not copy unless you’d like to): well there is this magazine called Flight that published visual short stories from all over the world from various artists and it’s-. just. !!! (so touching, colourful, versatile and creative)

Favourite manga/manwha (again): Chrono Crusade, Hamster Diary, Case Closed, The Bride of the Water God and B***k b***

Favourite Flower:

Favourite tree (I planted this): just… everything… Bamboos, pines, spruces, cherry trees, apple trees, oaks and those with heart shaped leaves that are called lehmus in Finnish.

Favourite scent: spices and warm food

Favourite Colour: bright red

Favourite Animal: wolf

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: all mixed together in one giant böwl

Average Sleep Hours: I wake up at four p.m. (if I do) and write at nights (like I’m doing now - oh wait it’s morning)

Cat or Dog Person?: I fear cat claws, but both animals are extraordinarily enlivening. Sidenote: why is it always cat or a dog? Why not are you a Venuses flower basket (a kind of sponge) or an arthropod person? First off those are beautiful (and, completely unrelated, given as wedding gifts in Japan because the shrimp that live in them symbolize loyalty) and most animals on Earth are arthropods. Doesn’t anyone like like bees or shrimps or ants or butterflies or [insert infinite species] or if you’re going to be bias towards chordate, could it be are you a hippo or a  Gracile capuchin monkey person in the very utmost least!

Favourite Fictional Character: Sherlock. Cheshire Cat. The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp edition). Alice Kingsleigh. Rabbit, Spine & Little Steve. Rosette from Chrono Crusade.. There must be loads of characters I fancy, but at this late hour can’t come up with them.

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2 ½

Dream trip: Australia, or just driving/rowing anywhere with a reliable car/boat exploring cultures and architecture. Japan. Ireland would be quite nice, Scotland, Wales. Even England.

Blog Created: two months ago

I pass the tag on to @sienipeikko, @kotochi and @soturitoukka, if there is something you have yet to share (and be as kind to tell me if I wrote gibberish so I can delete/correct it if/when I wake up) 🙏🙌