autum art


Garden of Autumn by tez guitar


Interstellar (2014) by Christopher Nolan

Book title: The Big Nowhere (1988) by James Ellroy; Charlotte’s Web (1952) by Elwyn Brooks White; a Sherlock Holmes book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Lindberg (1998) by A. Scott Berg; The Art of Fielding (2011) by Chad Harbach; Wonderstruck (2011) by Brian Selznick; Drums of Autumn (1996) by Diana Gabaldon

I drew this AGES ago for a Halloween thing and I didn’t post it until now because I made a video with it and hadn’t finished making that until yesterday, sooo it’s a little late.

If you want to watch the video here it is! I talk a little bit about grapheme-color synesthesia (even though I don’t want to say I have that for sure)  and have a fun time drawing so please check it out!


At the end of autumn by tez guitar
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東福寺 通天橋