oh my god

the new Bill Nye show is 

real bad


It’s like what you would do as a parody of a show.  We had to go look up who wrote the show after we watched like, a 3rd of the first show?  A Jimmy Fallon Show writer.  And seriously, it’s like the cringiest Jimmy Fallon skit level cringe.  It reeks of over production- some REAL out of touch people behind this show with too much money and nobody with enough power or instinct to tell them “this is a horrible idea”.  It’s the worst kind of THIS IS WHAT THE KIDS THINK IS COOL THESE DAYS RIGHT?   I mean maybe it’s a case of Bill himself trying to do something cooler or different but it doesn’t feel like it, it feels like he’s sort of trying to be his old self and do his old shtick but with a bunch of new forced jokes 

all being forcefully fake laughed at by a 


Yes, straight outta 1995, this show is filmed with a live studio audience that apparently has been instructed to sound as fake as possible.

And one of the worst aspects is the fact that it is all sort of done with the attitude of a PSA tumblr post, or “Umm, did u know” meme.  Like, it has this super ham fisted slant to everything- basically the EXACT OPPOSITE of Bill Nye’s old show and really the opposite of like, any other time I’ve seen him speak.  It’s hard to properly describe the childishness of some of the stuff we watched.  Like example- I’m fully on board ‘climate change is real and govt needs to actually do shit about it even though shit might be really fucked already’- I even joked at the very beginning of the show that “it’ll go all silent now and zoom way into his face, while he yells CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL into the camera for 30 minutes” and dude, I wish that had been what happened.  I wish they had just gone full angry old man with it, like Penn and Teller style or something. That, or actually be super objective and actually try and convince and TEACH people things.  They do not try to do this.  It’s meant for adults apparently but it’s the most childish take on trying to ‘teach’ that I’ve seen in idk how long.    

The least bad part that we saw was when we flipped forward to the segment with the Veritasium guy on it, when he and Bill sort of do the talk show segment.. but the thing is like, they’re not teaching you anything then, they’re just talking about filming the previous segment, which was Veritasium guy interviewing some super farmers markety looking people at a farmer’s market and asking them what they think of GMO’s while a bunch of horror music plays… like, you know, “OHHH THEY THINK FOOD IS SCARY XD OHHH IT’S SOooOOOooOo SCARY XDD”.  Like, literally the easiest joke to make……. and clearly they make the Veritasium guy also do this sarcasticy shit like, different from his actual show.  It soooo reeks of over-direction. Like some fucking autuer is behind this shit.

I recommend watching just to maybe experience the slow dread that my bf and I experienced.  WHY BILL, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

[The albino crocodiles] are a wild science fiction fantasy at the end. I want the audience with me in wild fantasies, in something that illuminates them. If we were only fact based…the book of books in literature would be the Manhattan phone directory. 4 million entries and all of them correct. But it dusts out of my ears and I do not know, do they dream at night? Does Mr. Jonathan Smith cry into his pillow at night? We do not know anything when we check all the entries in the phone directory. I am not this kind of a filmmaker.
—  Werner Herzog (paraphrased from an Interview on the Colbert Report regarding The Cave of Forgotten Dreams)

Michael H. Profession: Director - Official Trailer

holy shit, this looks amazing, cannot fucking wait