[The albino crocodiles] are a wild science fiction fantasy at the end. I want the audience with me in wild fantasies, in something that illuminates them. If we were only fact based…the book of books in literature would be the Manhattan phone directory. 4 million entries and all of them correct. But it dusts out of my ears and I do not know, do they dream at night? Does Mr. Jonathan Smith cry into his pillow at night? We do not know anything when we check all the entries in the phone directory. I am not this kind of a filmmaker.
—  Werner Herzog (paraphrased from an Interview on the Colbert Report regarding The Cave of Forgotten Dreams)

Michael H. Profession: Director - Official Trailer

holy shit, this looks amazing, cannot fucking wait

Dead Man Coughing

Well in a case of poetic, if not poignant Justice “Want 2 B Dead Geezer ” who just after he gets a big no for his “ I Wanna Die!” High Court case.,- DIES! In a warped Future-Shock version Of Pneumonia! Like a junkie in a phone box at wintertime.
Like a 2000AD storyline he goes le morte, Requiem In Pace. I salute you sir, dead U may be but I was behind U all da way! Keep'emPeeled.

“a posse ad esse”

Begin forwarded message:

From: AstroNutter <>
Date: 23 August 2012 12:11:58 GMT+01:00
To: Me <>
Subject: Dead Man Coughing


Graphic Design: Now In Production

Ian Albinson

“great book about a great design exhibit”

Graphic design has broadened its reach dramatically over the past decade, expanding from a specialized profession to a widely deployed skill. The rise of user-generated content, new methods of publishing and systems of distribution, and the wide dissemination of creative software have opened up new opportunities for design. More designers are becoming producers–authors, publishers, instigators and entrepreneurs–actively employing their creative skills as makers of content and shapers of experiences. Featuring work produced since 2000, Graphic Design: Now in Production explores the worlds of design-driven magazines, newspapers, books and posters; the entrepreneurial spirit of designer-produced goods; the renaissance in digital typeface design; the storytelling potential of film and television titling sequences; and the transformation of raw data into compelling information narratives. The catalogue features important original essays by leading designers that tackle themes such as the changing roles of reading and writing within the context of new technologies and self-publishing; the nature of design labor and production, from blue-collar handcraft and making to white-collar design thinking and strategy; and the impact and influence design programs and schools have had on shaping the direction of contemporary graphic design. Co-organized by Walker Art Center and Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Graphic Design: Now in Production is conceived as a visual compendium in the spirit of the Whole Earth Catalogue. It features posters, info graphics, fonts, books, magazines, film titles, logos and more, interspersed with a variety of small texts delving into specific project details, excerpted artists’ statements, interviews and published manifestos, technical details, and new and old technologies and tools. (20120601)

Olympic Ultimate Michael Phelps Watch on Posterous Michael Phelps - The Ultimate Olympian ! Unlike the sneaky Chinese, The American Hero does it honestly. Yeah, we use fake footage & CGI! Phelps won another blob to add to his record pile of fake jewelry (honest, you get better stuff at The Pound Store). No DRUGS! U listening, Chinese? Brainwashing on a massive scale.See they didn’t check to look if the gender of the Chinese was accurate, that’s why they beat the test. Ladyboys can be hot! hey- get outta her! Keep'emPeeled.
Toulouse La Trek

Super - Scooter - Punk, 2mUch 2 Luz went on a souped-up moped version of Grand Theft Auto. 4 Real! A drive-by Shoot-Up near the Garrone river gave a whopping score( inside his reptilian, brain-limbic system to U & me ). Only he wasn’t on an PlayStation in his bedsit. He was in the real-world. Seemingly he thought he was in the Gestapo & wasting Tron type entities? Earlier he was blasting Paratroopers down. Arab Terror Lords are thought to be involved in the Infidel war using tactics including Brain-Washing through not-so subliminal images found in computer games. Anyone for some brie & baguettes, Mmmmm,.?