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It looks like there are threats of a school shooting/bombing in Australia sometime today, so be extra careful as we never know how serious they could be.


I have no idea if this little questionnaire is going to work but I decided it couldn’t hurt to give it a go. As an international student, which would you recommend: 

University of Wollongong or University of Tasmania? 

Is it better just to stay on the mainland? 

I ask only because I follow you guys on Tumblr and I’ve read all about your little incest jokes… 

Beautiful Australians, my fate rests in your hands!  


Australia fangirl 

how 2 name australian animals

where is it (normally like a compass thingy idk what its called)

what is looks like (normally a defining feature)

what is it


eastern blue tongue lizard, northern hairy nosed wombat, central bearded dragon, southern spotted quoll, eastern long neck turtle, southern cassowary (the defining feature is that they are a cassowary), eastern grey kangaroo, western grey kangaroo (some have very similar names with one different word)

a british guy and an autralian guy are staying at the same hotel and strike up a conversation in the lobby.

the british guy mumbles, “i came here,” sighs, gazes off into the distance, and continues, “to die.”

the australian guy slaps him on the back and says “oi mate, ah came here yes-tuh-dai!”