Find a Mechanic Nearby

Break Down Lane by CarTalk makes it easy to find a mechanic when you find yourself in a new city and car starts acting funny. Purchase the app for  $1.99 in the iTunes store, and never be forced to call an expensive tow truck again.

This app will pull up a map of your location with all of the closest mechanic shops. Each location has a short summary of the shop and the ability to call within the app.

As an added bonus, the app has roadside tips, including how to properly change a tire.

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Avoiding Road Rage

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La Habra Collision’s top three ways to avoid road rage are simple mindsets that we often forget about. Taking a couple of seconds to breathe and change your mindset can result in saving hundreds of dollars in deductibles and insurance rates and, even, saving  your life. 

  1. You are not a target. Remember, these other drivers are not targeting you. Their actions and mistakes may be the result of less experience or an unavoidable distraction, like arguing children.

  2. Use restaurant etiquette. We found this fact on Edmunds, and had to include it. If someone cuts in line at a restaurant or is rude to you, chances are you’re not going to start following them around yelling obscenities. 
  3. Relax. Calming your breath and focusing on safety will calm the adrenaline coursing through your veins. Keep water in the car and take a couple of sips to help your body calm faster.