The Autosource Dallas 2012 Subaru STi. From stock to modded in just a few hours only using parts we had around the shop. This was a very fun challenge but now the real fun starts as it goes on the dyno!
93 oct and E85 tunes are happening tonight!
#allwheeldrivetuning #autosourcedallas (at AWDTuning)

Forged BOV for the Autosouce Dallas 2011 STi… And yes that is a Stock 2011 STi TMIC. There was not enough time to install a FMIC like we had hoped for. A proper install takes 4-6+ hours including cutting the bumper. So we will see what we can do on the stock TMIC with the ATP 3071 turbo!
#allwheeldrivetuning #awdtuning #autosourcedallas (at AWDTuning)