CS AU Week 2016 Day 3 - Beloved Tropes: Coffee Shop AU

Hello, CS shipmates! For the third day of CS AU Week, I’m sharing screencaps of the responsive website I made for my web design course during the spring semester. We had to create a food/drink establishment and design its website with Home, About, Menu, and Gallery pages. Since fandoms own my life, I got permission to make one for Captain Swan, and so The Cygnus Café was born.

All four pages have the header image and footer information, though I don’t show that in these screenshots to make this post shorter. Also the picture in the header, the mantle picture on the About page, and the Gallery picture with the chairs, I took myself in my house, and I actually designed the logo with MS PowerPoint autoshapes. The other pictures are not mine because we had permission to use Google for educational purposes, and I’m not sure where I saved the document with the credits at the moment to post them here, but I will link them if/when I find it.

Another note: the two different screenshots of the gallery are there to show that the responsive nature of the site allows the layout to be modified when opened in smaller browsers. Our professor uploaded them to her own running website because she had the server space, but I’m not posting the link because she’s supposed to take them back down soon if she hasn’t done so already.

I hope you enjoy it, and there will be more to come this week. :)

anonymous asked:

Hi there - I want to start making comics but I always have problems with layout, and just finishing them in general :( Do you have any tips? Thank you!!!

oh boy……well i’ll certainly try! i’m by no means a pro and i just kinda wing it most of the time, but here’s roughly what i do in order to make a comic:

1. open up notepad, write out a brief summary including a beginning, middle, and end. then write the dialogue. this notepad doc becomes ur handy dandy reference.

this is a snip from my notepad, when i was planning this:

i like to have an idea where the panels will go so i kinda script it that way? might not work for everyone but it helps me.

2. use autoshape in paint to plan the panels out (i redo them in sai later, this is just to understand how it’s gonna look.)

3. HELL TIME aka drawing the comic. at this point i usually have a vague idea how i’m gonna draw it. sometimes i’ll make messy paint sketches during stages 1 + 2 if i had a cool idea and don’t want to forget it.

4. keep all of it in a folder and don’t be afraid to use subfolders.

i won’t go into how i draw/lineart/colour things as i think that was just asking how i plan it, and it’s by no means a professional process. i change stuff all the times, my notes can be sloppy af, i might ask a kind follower to beta read for me because i’ve looked at it so much i’m numb to errors etc. the most important thing is to actually enjoy doing it though. for as much as a bitch on about the comic drawing process, i wouldn’t be doing it if i didn’t like it.

that’s about it from me i guess. hope you find a system that works for you and have fun!