Ansco Autoset CdS

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A 70’s model Ansco Camera that was the successor to the Minolta HiMatic/Ansco Autoset. The Minolta was the famed first civilian camera in space. After the HiMatic/Autoset partnership ended, Ansco updated the camera with an Ansco Lens and a CdS meter.

This unique camera is a zone-focus camera, and does not function like a traditional rangefinder. It is also unique in that it has no true manual mode, but instead an Auto mode, which shoots at 1/125s and selects the aperture for you, or an Aperture Priority mode in which you can select the aperture and the camera shoots at 1/30s instead.

Found this for $5, including the case and a bulb flash, at a flea market in Binghamton NY, former home of Agfa/Ansco USA. The meter does not work, but I’m working up the nerve to pull apart the top plate and adjust the CdS cell.

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