autor del quijote

I think in a year or so, I’ll combine the academic shelves and the regular shelves of my bookshelf. Now that I’ve graduated, it no longer makes quite as much sense to shelve them by class, except that they’re still connected that way in my mind, especially because they’re all also novels. But the one part of the shelf that will stay the same is the pile of the books that made up my senior thesis (there were a lot more of them—these are just the ones I own). Half of my thesis was on a few short stories from FICCIONES by Jorge Luis Borges (in Spanish), especially “Las ruinas circulares” and “Pierre Menard, autor del Quijote.” The other half was on the twisty, mind-breaking novel THE DICTIONARY OF THE KHAZARS by Milorad Pavić, a magical realist, speculative fiction tale that’s like a Borges story on steroids. To study these in their entirety, I pulled from criticism on the reader-writer relationship, the fantastic, postmodernism, and magical realism. I also pulled from Borges’s other works and essays, and THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS by Lewis Carroll, from which Borges pulls the epigraph for “Las ruinas circulares.” It was a long, twisty senior thesis that took tons of work and many tears, but it ended in honors and part of it getting published in an undergraduate journal, so I feel like the work was justified, and I was really proud of it in the end. Because of that, this stack will always remain the same on my bookshelf. ✨