Print Series 1 Mystery Print by DASH SHAW


Back in August, in a continuing effort to promote print and cartooning, we announced our first ever poster subscription service. Print Series 1 is the first set of a limited edition collection of curated posters. Every month a new poster is released, each one designed by an established or up-and-coming cartoonist. 6 posters per series, 2 series per year.


All posters will be between 3-5 colors and hand-screenprinted by Nakatomi, Inc. in Austin, Texas. All prints measure 18in. x 24in. Usually signed, always numbered. Limited runs of 50. 


Eleanor Davis -  August

Louis Roskosch - September

Jack Teagle - October 

Lale Westvind - November 

DASH SHAW (SPECIAL MYSTERY ARTIST) - December - SUBSCRIBERS ONLY                            

Lilli Carre - January (COMING SOON)

Posters will be available individually for $45, or as a series subscription (5 posters + subscriber-exclusive mystery print) for $200 $150!!! (when you enter code: CHRISTMAS)


You can purchase here.


C’est une photo de June, le créateur de Pierre Feuille Ciseaux.  J’écris ce que j’ai à dire en Anglais parce qu’il y a déjà beaucoup de choses d’écrites sur PFC en Français, mais chez les anglophones c’est tout nouveau, tout chaud.

This is a picture of June, the creator of Pierre Feuille Ciseaux (Rock Paper Scissors), if you ever meet him in real life you’ll discover quickly that he is so sweet your heart will ache.  June’s project has already had three editions in France, but I had the opportunity to participate to the first installment on North American soil.

I still feel a bit rattled by the events which took place from August 10th to 18th 2013 in Minneapolis.  The entire time I would look around the room in disbelief at who was there, the fact that all of us were in this same studio classroom, with our favorite authors and our favorite drawing tools brought from home, was beyond surreal.  To add to the weirdness, we were live on camera, which we kept forgetting whenever a bunch of people would leave the room. Bringing a group of people who are introverts (for a living) together to work and experiment around a single table is no small feat.  As a sometimes festival organizer I could not even begin to imagine the sort of logistical planning which would go behind this type of puzzle: most of us flew on planes to get there, we were hosted in the dorms, we were fed, for one week.

Comics are nerdy.  I feel unapologetic about that.  While some folks feel cool telling the world they are big geeks I want to underline that comic book authors are a different breed.  This is lonely work and it doesn’t pay well.  This is nothing but a labor of love.  If you don’t like spending thousands of hours drawing the same thing over and over, you don’t get it. This occupation is extremely time consuming and the rewards are not always obvious.  I often feel like we share more in common with monks than with musicians.  While some cartoonists can be social and rowdy, most of the ones I was surrounded with last week were quiet.  I am not a people person, but I think I was probably the one who spoke the most the entire time.

Jaime Hernandez wrote on the internet that we were heroes for “destroying comics forever”.  What a crazy compliment.  I am not even sure that we did anything super innovative, I just feel like the single gathering of all these artists (outside of the usual comic convention context) was in itself groundbreaking.  I have described it many times as camp.  It was so much like camp.  There were lots of emotions in the air, we vented, we fawned over one another’s work, we expressed various insecurities.  A common theme was a cartoonist telling another cartoonist about how much they felt the other had their shit together “I am a mess! My life is a mess!" and the other cartoonist would reply "What? Me? I don’t have my shit together at all! I AM A MESS!”.  This type of back and forth got silly, but was absolutely necessary.  When you work alone all day long every day the monologues in your head get too loud and you lose touch with reality.  An outsider’s perspective is appreciated.

These cartoonists have each other’s back.  We are that much stronger for it.  I am home now, and trying to start my next project.  I feel like I was part of something special which may never happen again, something that will go down in history as the insane gathering of the best cartoonists of my generation.  Thank you so much everybody!

Offical AUTOPTIC 2013 Poster by Anders Nilsen.

Though we’ve been working hard for the last two months getting AUTOPTIC into proper shape, it has been a while since we’ve had something to share with you. Well, that is all about to change! We’re going to be making some really exciting announcements next week.

But, in the mean time, we thought that we’d get you primed for all the good news by sharing Anders Nilsen’s amazing AUTOPTIC Poster, which sneaks in a few guest announcements of its own…

We hope you love the poster as much as we do. And, if that happens to be the case, then we should also let you know that there will be limited edition prints of the poster for sale at AUTOPTIC on August 18th.

See you then!

One of my pages from Unnatural Comics, the comics anthology I co-edited and contributed to, which Carl Thompson and Scotty Gillmer recently sold at Autoptic. It’s a book of autobio, historical fiction, detournement, surrealism, biology, parody and insanity playing with the boundaries of the comics medium, with contributions from eleven talented writers, artists and poets from around the country. Check it out, reblog, buy it - it will be for sale online soon.

I’m making a new comic for some upcoming festivals! This sample page will have to do for now, but the plan is to have copies for Autoptic here in Minneapolis next week and SPX in September for the Tumblr meet-up. I’ll probably post the whole comic after SPX.

Zak Sally sent over some samples of his new comic in his Eisner-nominated series, RECIDIVIST Vol. IV, an experiment in comics. It’s a gorgeous work of art following/not following a man, a place, a time, a house. The comic also comes with a great soundtrack to read to, it is most akin to a genre of ambient terror music (if that exists) and works smashingly well with reading the book. Like I mentioned, this comic is an experience, not your literal and linear reading experience but something to absorb—maybe not even read front to back. It is well worth the price of admission and just a gorgeous object to hold and feel.

You can buy a copy here for $20 smackaroos. There’s also a preview flip through of the book. Recidivist vol. IV has 56 pages, on a couple different paper stocks, printed in 8 colors on the Risograph, and then metallic silver on the offset press. It is all written, drawn, printed, recorded, hand collated, stapled, and assembled by THE Zak Sally. There was also a sweet print that is not included but worth totally showing off! 

Zak continues to make comics with his micropress, Le Mano, in Minneapolis and is one of the organizes behind the hot show Autoptic, coming up in August 2015. You can find other Zak Sally work here on our site.   

Autoptic Festival

I’ll be at this comics festival all day tomorrow! IT’S FREE.

105 N. 1st St. in Minneapolis

I’ll be at TABLE #19 with Domitille Collardey. We’ll both be painting silly portraits for cheapsies!

Here’s my schedule:
11:30am-1pm PORTRAITS AT TABLE #19

1:30-2:30pm “Animals as People” - a panel with Zak Sally and Anders Nilsen (programming area 2 - Alliance Francaise)

2:30-3:30: Signing at the Magers & Quinn table (with Anders Nilsen)

4-5pm “Jaime Hernandez and Lisa Hanawalt in Conversation” (programming area 1 - ARIA)



I also just spent a week making experimental comics for PFC #4 in a room full of my favorite cartoonists. I’ll post more about that later, but for now here’s some cheese art.


This is my latest comic with Scotty Gillmer.  It will be published in a collection of our collaborative work called My Snobbery is Killing Me.  The zine will make it’s debut at Autoptic, an independent culture festival in Minneapolis, on August 18th.

Originally published with the amazing folks at:

Also check out:

Wanna see a larger version with other selections from My Snobbery is Killing Me?